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  1. Unfortunately, we can’t manage the weather in the Irish Sea but we could have made things better for poor visibility operations. Retention of some Approach Lighting allied to Runway Visual Range (RVR) equipment would almost certainly improve landing success rates. Indeed, had we gone with an Arrestor Bed solution for the RESA at 26 end back in circa 2000 we could have retained the lighting gantry. It’s all history now and urgently needs an operationally and commercially astute new Director to get the airport back to operating more effectively for the Island.
  2. If I remember correctly Heathrow was over £300 return.
  3. Ronaldsway will never be like other airports with long dwell times for holiday flights combined with huge commercial shopping complexes. It is an essential island transport hub and should be operated as such. We must accept that ultra-cheap fares and frequency of service are not mutually compatible, realistically we need to find an airline or airlines that will provide a compromise. Twenty five years ago, with the demise of Manx Airlines, I was suggesting just such an option, with return fares of circa £200 and I still feel the same approach is necessary to give us what we need. EasyJet would probably not provide a guarantee of an assured service in the future, much as though I utilise and enjoy their present offerings. There are no easy solutions, let us hope that the new management recognises the needs of the island and focuses on the apparently neglected core issues.
  4. With a bit of focused attention, and obviously some more ATCOs, the airport is more than capable of coping with the current and future passenger numbers; after all, we are only talking about up to one million passengers per annum. It just needs a more proactive management to effectively oversee the daily operations and future planning requirements at the airport.
  5. This really is a sorry state of affairs. I don’t blame the Controllers, they have to follow the mandatory regulations. When will someone in charge realise that the sole aim of an airport is to enable the transport of passengers and freight by air in a safe, customer friendly and expeditions manner.
  6. In the mid 90s on race days the whole of the south side of the airfield used to be full of parked light aircraft. There was a constant stream of arrivals from the time the airport opened in the morning. Great times so what has gone wrong ?
  7. I wonder if the 16,000 number is the actual number of passenger booked to come ashore at Douglas or the maximum passenger capacity on all the ships arriving here ?
  8. You really don’t want to talk up a war in Europe, it would end up very messy for all of us.
  9. I am greatly saddened by this whole saga. Whatever the attributes or otherwise of the recently departed management duo it has been hugely disappointing to witness the slow decline in services at Ronaldsway, for whatever reason. This is not a reflection on many of the very good people employed at the airport but, I believe, rather reflects on the culmination of many changes in the organisation. I remember back twenty or so years ago we had a welcoming friendly airport where it was a joy to travel to and from. Whilst I accept that we cannot return to the days of Manx Airlines and their large network, albeit at prices that we would probably complain about today, we need to do something urgently to sort out the current failings in our essential air services and at the airport. Let us hope the new management team can find solutions.
  10. Cypman

    TT 2022 ??

    Why are we planning to spend many millions on a bespoke item designed to include Boy Scouts and look like it’s 100 year old predecessor, when for much less money we could probably have a much more effective state of the art system off the shelf ? IOM Government going for another ill-designed platinum plated solution that will probably never function effectively. Ronaldsway Radar comes to mind.
  11. Sorry, twice daily only to the end of October.
  12. EasyJet have just uploaded their schedules until February 22, on an initial scan they appear to be providing morning and evening flights each weekday from April. I will investigate further.
  13. I thought the role was Airport Operations Manager, with the additional role of stand-in for the Airport Director in his/her absence ?
  14. In my day senior management covered 24/7, each doing a seven day “on call” stint every two or three weeks. Many a night spent freezing by the runway overseeing anti icing, de-icing, snow clearing operations.
  15. How can we fail to successfully negotiate this absolutely essential London service ? Was it airport management, DOI hierarchy or treasury (not) doing the business.
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