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  1. The Six Ps (Prior Planning Prevents P_ss Poor Performance) does not appear to be part of the DOI philosophy.
  2. Can some financial expert please explain to a simple old man how completing a reconstruction many months early and with major reductions in the original specification, not to mention the absence of giant voids, can result in the project probably ending up well over budget ?
  3. Cypman

    easy jet

    They are selling tickets for this month but are they going to operate ?
  4. Cypman

    easy jet

    I would like to believe you are right but I am of the view that their major route selection after lock down will be a completely new product and we will be less likely to fit into the gaps.
  5. Cypman

    easy jet

    I believe we are also exempt, outbound to U.K. anyway.
  6. Cypman

    easy jet

    Looking to the reopening of air services for the island I have come to the conclusion that EasyJet are likely to concentrate on their “fatter” routes and not provide us with the service we have come to enjoy. Consequently, with a distinct lack of other airlines available I believe that we need to take the lead in establishing an island based operation for ourselves. I don’t consider a government run airline to be a viable solution as costs would undoubtedly be prohibitive . However, there is currently an airline sitting in the wings with the right aircraft, IOM operating experience, and a maintenance facility nearby, namely Stobart Aviation. Now is the time for our government to negotiate a deal with them. If they provide an island operating base we would protect their routes and offer other incentives to them, even possibly some subsidies. This would ensure the we get the service the island needs, with times and destinations best suited to the travellers and not just aircraft spare availability. Finally, I have no connections with Stobart Aviation and have thoroughly enjoyed the EasyJet budget experience, Sadly I just don’t see it being on their priority list !
  7. It would be interesting to know how many ventilators the island has already, and how many more are being obtained ?
  8. With now so few air arrivals and two or less boat arrivals daily why are we not screening all arriving passengers regarding their journey origins. Surely this would considerably reduce the likelihood of an early Coronavirus case on the island.
  9. If, as currently being discussed on Twitter, a rescue plan has been sorted, I apologise for being a doubter and take my hat off to all those who have negotiated the deal.
  10. With the Coronavirus situation there is currently much spare capacity in the aviation industry going a begging. We must be able to get something, even to provide a lifeline service in the interim.
  11. I wonder how much, if any, effort was made to address this issue by IOM Government prior to last night’s sad demise of Flybe. It’s not like we didn’t see it coming, it was ‘when’ not ‘if’. The Six Ps applies here ( Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!!)
  12. No comment yet from IOM Government or the airport. Were they aware ?.
  13. Last aircraft just landed at Exeter, website closed, looks like the end. My thoughts go out to all the wonderful Flybe crews and staff, hope you get new employment soonest.
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