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  1. Cypman

    Prince Philip in car crash.

    Although a royal supporter, I do believe they should have displayed less arrogance by not immediately providing the Duke with a replacement vehicle and then letting him drive without a seatbelt or bodyguard. Maybe “One rule for the rich.......” ??
  2. Cypman

    Ronaldsway Airport

    I wonder how much the DOI Minister’s “proposed” drone security system for Ronaldsway is going to cost us.
  3. Cypman

    Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    Do we assume Arrow is out on charter as we haven’t seen her ?
  4. Cypman

    £6m spent on new bus fleet

    If this £6M was expended on just the new mini buses, how much was spent on the large bus fleet purchases over the previous ten years ??
  5. Cypman

    Steam Packet to be sold

    Whilst I have no objection to the island being in control of its seagoing transportation services, the haste in which this is being actioned makes me smell a giant long tail. Allied to the rushed harbour proposals I feel we must review the whole package before rushing out to spend circa £200M; indeed, Mark Woodward spoke earlier in the discussions about investing £120M in new ships whereas Mr Cannon talks about £60-80M, who is right ?
  6. Cypman

    flybe/Eastern axe Belfast service?

    Yes, bookings are still available but all flights after 11 June appear to route via Manchester.
  7. Cypman

    Reynoldsway part 2. £80 million to spend on ports

    Why is it that at every other airport I use the passenger preparation and X-Ray tray loading is managed by the search staff ,whereas at Ronaldsway it is a DIY nightmare!!
  8. Cypman

    MLC Election 12th March 2018 - The Peoples Poll

    Mr Peake voted really well, his five votes were for the five elected.
  9. Cypman

    Deepwater for Cruise Ships

    It also looks like the floating pontoons might possibly have ridden over the tops of the fixed piles due to the high spring tide and very large waves.
  10. Cypman

    Douglas Promenade Horse Tram Tracks

    Having moved to Onchan Head eighteen months ago I have "suffered" the inconvenience of being caught behind a bus, lorry ,van, incompetent car driver etc for the whole distance between the Villa Marina and Summer Hill (in both directions) whilst we are all trapped behind a horse tram. As a consequence, I hugely support the suggestion of a single track located at the edge of the road or promenade. I have heard rumours that the reason the existing location is being retained is due to the fact that any new route would have to incorporate all legislation and safety regulations relating to a new "railroad". Leaving it where it is would appear to avoid this issue as the task then is just a track refurbishment. May or may not be true.
  11. Cypman

    Ronaldsway Airport

    Thanks asitis.
  12. Cypman

    Ronaldsway Airport

    Are we talking airframe de-icer or runway de-icer??
  13. Cypman

    Deepwater for Cruise Ships

    I wonder what DED's Deep Water Report will reveal ? A cursory glance at Isle of Man nautical charts would indicate that the only two locations capable of coping with an eight metre draft ship and associated land access are outside Douglas Breakwater and alongside the old breakwater in Port Erin bay. Can I claim my giant consultancy fee now ???
  14. Cypman

    Weather- Flight Cancellation

    I think there are boat cancellations as well.
  15. Cypman

    Planners rule against ice rink

    It does seem to be a "jobsworth" decision. Not only is the tent well away from any local residents but it has been there for many years now. Moreover, we need all the activities we can get for our easily bored kids. And let us not forget the large donation to charity resulting from the event.