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  1. Cypman

    Steam Packet to be sold

    “San Francisco” is a SeaCat that operates between Montevideo and Buenos Aires at 58 kts, maybe we could have one of those?
  2. Cypman

    Rob Callister

    And It only costs us circa £1,000 per week !!!
  3. Cypman

    Flybe nosedives on profits warning

    Twenty years ago we paid over £300 ( £500+ at today’s rate) to get to Heathrow. Would we pay those sort of prices now, and could we fill a 150+ seater aircraft three times daily ? Unfortunately, the world changes.
  4. Cypman

    Rob Callister

    Is an MHK’s routine political surgery really a newsworthy item?
  5. Cypman

    Prince Philip in car crash.

    Can I have his new car then ?
  6. Cypman

    Ramsey Marina

    M A is spot on. The financial benefits don’t just relate to the mooring fees. Aside from the eating and drinking needs, accommodation, taxis, provisions, souvenirs, boat bits etc, etc will be sourced locally. For permanently moored boats there will be a need for boat, sail and engine maintainers, not to mention expertise in IT, telecommunications and electronics. Modern craft are very complex beasts and many owners want their boat maintained by others so they can just pitch up and go to sea. They are happy to pay well for this service, but it must be first class.
  7. Cypman

    Ramsey Marina

    All the 24 hour access marinas around the North Irish Sea are at or near full capacity. The Isle of Man desperately needs one and it would bring huge financial benefits to the community. This new and imaginative proposal seems to be a positive move forward and appears to make financial sense. Hopefully, a positive attitude will be displayed by all !!
  8. Cypman

    Ramsey Marina

    Cruising from somewhere like Whitehaven to Bangor is not seen as a short hop by your average family cruising sailor. On a 30 ft yacht one would expect an average speed of circa 6 knots, thus taking some 12 + hours for the trip. Much better to do two 6 hour legs with an overnight stop in the Isle of Man.
  9. Cypman

    Ramsey Marina

    I don’t believe the issue is about sailing overnight. Many boats are family operated and they want to be able to moor and go ashore on arrival at a port. To arrive at Peel or Douglas half an hour after the flapgate has been raised is not acceptable to many skippers when planning a trip, so they go elsewhere. A marina with 24 hour access is therefore essential for the island. In addition, for boat owners on the island, the flapgate restrictions can regularly be a real inconvenience.
  10. Cypman

    Ramsey Marina

    I fully support this exciting proposal. The island desperately needs a 24 hour access marina, there are thousands of pleasure craft around the Irish Sea that will visit us when we have all States of tide refuge. We must not repeat what happened at Port St Mary many years ago.
  11. Cypman


    This morning on the radio Minister Boot said the cost was £200-250 per person. I wish I could arrange flights to, accommodation and meals in the Channel Islands for that price.
  12. Cypman

    Prince Philip in car crash.

    Although a royal supporter, I do believe they should have displayed less arrogance by not immediately providing the Duke with a replacement vehicle and then letting him drive without a seatbelt or bodyguard. Maybe “One rule for the rich.......” ??
  13. Cypman

    Ronaldsway Airport

    I wonder how much the DOI Minister’s “proposed” drone security system for Ronaldsway is going to cost us.
  14. Cypman

    Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    Do we assume Arrow is out on charter as we haven’t seen her ?
  15. Cypman

    £6m spent on new bus fleet

    If this £6M was expended on just the new mini buses, how much was spent on the large bus fleet purchases over the previous ten years ??