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  1. Ronaldsway is a relatively small regional airport that doesn’t handle a great number of commercial movements daily. Nonetheless, it is a totally essential part of the Island’s infrastructure. How can its effective functioning have got to the state it now appears to be in ? One would hope that achievable fixes are being urgently sought. Moreover, if true,I don’t believe that the rumoured complete rebuild in the hangar area is the required solution !!
  2. Let’s leave any civil v military politics out of this please, ANY temporary solution that is acceptable to the CAA powers that be must be pursued. The current state, however we got there, is untenable and needs to be resolved soonest.
  3. What was the Operations Manager, oh so sorry The Deputy Airport Director, doing ? This is the “meat” of a competent OMs job.
  4. RW 03 is most unlikely to be used for departures for three main reasons :- The runway has a considerable uphill gradient The ground continues to rise quite steeply beyond the runway end Gale force NNE winds are uncommon
  5. There are times when it is probably best to say nothing !
  6. Weighty thanks for the clarification.
  7. With modern software driven appointment booking systems and subsequent letter production how can such delays even be envisioned? Something would appear to be needed to be changed within the organisation.
  8. Unfortunately, we have come to expect cheap seats as the normal. I am sure there are now many people on the island who consider that anything over £40 each way is unacceptable and exploitation !! In order to gain the service the island needs we must accept a compromise. I feel an average ticket price circa £75 each way would allow for an effective and profitable service. Sadly, we cannot return to the heady days of Manx Airlines, Jersey European Airways etc, the emergence of Low Cost airlines have killed off these “quality” air services. Nonetheless, we have to develop an operation that suits the needs of both Island and Airline(s). If this means the end of “Open Skies” and possible government subsidies on essential services, so be it.
  9. Just to add a bit of historical information to the ex-military to civil ATCO path. Historically, it has always been difficult for military ATCOs to retrain and re-qualify as civil ATCOs, training courses were very expensive and few and far between. Nonetheless, many military controllers who had completed their, often short, career paths in the military, spent their gratuities and/or savings on the crossover training. Indeed, back in the 1980s and 1990s, when we still had many military airfields, there were a considerable number of ex-military controllers who crossed over each year. More recently, with the huge reduction in the military infrastructure and personnel numbers, added to a reduction in available re-training opportunities, this flow has hugely reduced. Indeed, many would say that this state of affairs has had a considerable impact on the current Civil ATCO shortage being experienced throughout the UK. Filling the shortfall is not going to be easy.
  10. Kipper99, just to put your mind at rest, all Civil (CAA) ATCOs, whether they be ex-military or not, are trained and qualified to the same exacting standards. Ex-military controllers cannot just go to work at a commercial airfield without completing full CAA training. This does not detract from the fact that there are many extremely competent ex-military ATCOs employed at commercial airports.
  11. How long has it been since the RW21 upgrade was completed, and how long would it have taken for a Deputy Airport Director/ Operations Manager to import a copy of another airport’s procedures and modify as necessary ? I am sure there is a new Airport Consultancy in London that will tell you they can do it !!!
  12. Is anyone “in the know” going to tell us why RW21 cannot be used ???
  13. Do we, in fact, know how much it currently costs to run the airport ? Didn’t the independent review of the airport, published a few years ago, determine that it was impossible to unravel the true costs from within the Ports and Department budgets ? As a consequence, how can the way ahead be effectively managed financially without this figure and can any subsequental savings figure be accurately determined ?
  14. Is the Operations Manager vacancy still waiting to be filled ?
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