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  1. Why not stop the expenditure at Peel and fund the new marina at Ramsey?
  2. Wasn’t like that in my day !!!
  3. It’s on BBC North West Tonight 28 January, available on BBC replay.
  4. We should welcome all new routes but I suspect this one may not be a huge success.
  5. It’s an aircraft with a good safety record and gets me on and off the island with very short flying times, what more does one need ??
  6. Which will come first, direct flights from Ronaldsway to America or this ? Fantasy Island me thinks.
  7. We need an all tides marina, not another flapgate restricted one. PSM is still probably the best option.
  8. IPad ?? It was a Brillo Pad in my day .
  9. Whilst I have no objection to the Celtic League’s view on Saudi operations in the Gulf, it has little bearing on the use of Ronaldsway by RAF flying training aircraft. In an emergency situation when Valley runway becomes unavailable due to an aircraft incident there, any aircraft airborne at the time have to land at another airfield ( Crash Diversion Airfield). There are a distinct lack of suitable airfields in the area and Ronaldsway is one of the few available, hence its very occasional use for this purpose. In training for this very unlikely occurrence trainee pilots will on occasions practice an approach here whilst being accompanied by their instructor. They will routinely not land and just carry out a low overshoot before returning to Valley. These Hawk aircraft are training aircraft only and not capable of carrying any weapons.
  10. They have constructed a very high quality car park (for only circa 34 cars) in the small remaining space on the Summerland site. It has a new concrete entrance, electronic warning lights for the tram crossing and has been newly laid with tarmac and marked out However, the entrance remains gated, but I expect it will open this week in time for TT. I wonder where the Fairground accommodation caravans are going this year ? !!!
  11. 500 litres of white paint later and we have circa 25 new parking spaces on the promenade walkway opposite Summerland, complete with new access roadway. Doesn’t quite replace the hundreds lost on the rest of the prom due to the ongoing works. Never mind, the TT visitors and locals will fully understand as we are the experts in prior planning. Watch out if you use these spaces as the exit road view is very restricted !
  12. “San Francisco” is a SeaCat that operates between Montevideo and Buenos Aires at 58 kts, maybe we could have one of those?
  13. And It only costs us circa £1,000 per week !!!
  14. Twenty years ago we paid over £300 ( £500+ at today’s rate) to get to Heathrow. Would we pay those sort of prices now, and could we fill a 150+ seater aircraft three times daily ? Unfortunately, the world changes.
  15. Is an MHK’s routine political surgery really a newsworthy item?
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