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  1. She will go via the North Channel and then direct.
  2. Bye, bye, thanks for visiting us.
  3. Yes, I guess she will soon be gone. Interestingly, she has not used her anchor, just held a GPS static position on her thrusters.
  4. Reason for visit ? a. Shelter b. Re-registration c. Financial business d. Meeting with Rob Collister ref Cruise visits e. Buy a tin of Manx Knobs f. Finish the Prom g. Other h. None of the above
  5. There are some very enlightening articles on the web about the design philosophy of this boat. Worth a google search whilst we are on lockdown.
  6. Won’t fit in the harbour 30 m longer than the Ben.
  7. It genuinely is called “A”, he also has a £300M motor yacht called the same. You can see it’s name on the stern from Onchan Head.
  8. Only £400M if you want it.
  9. Not just any big boat, A, the largest yacht in the world. Belongs to a fairly rich Russian. Maybe he’s come to buy the Island !!
  10. It’s not 1st April is it ?
  11. Based on the reasons for closure in the consultation document we could end up with all roads being closed to vehicular traffic. I might guess that it is easier to close than to maintain ? The Minister also states that a business case cannot be found to reinstate the road, however, a case has been found to replace the railway bridges on the old railway track !!
  12. I do wonder if rolled crushed stone is going to be strong enough in this harsh environment. After all, it is replacing concrete in most areas. Did our predecessors know something we don’t know ?
  13. 84 year old neighbour given a first jab date of 17th Feb, and that was yesterday morning.
  14. This is all quite worrying. If, as stated, the inoculation programme is planned to go on until the end of the year does it now mean that the “powers that be” do not expect the airport to become operational until then. Or is it just that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing?
  15. It would appear that that the vaccination programme has been designed to comfortably cope with our current supply of circa 1,000 doses per week. This would suggest that the full programme will take all year, let’s all be patient and continue to follow the “rules”.
  16. Give the guy a break, depression is a terrible and much misunderstood condition.
  17. How can a rail break when encapsulated in concrete and no rail traffic ?
  18. Having regularly reduced the scope of the project and delayed a large portion of the task until next September it is sad to see that the revised, revised target date will still not be met. I await with considerable interest to see the financial outcome of this shambles.
  19. Such simple basic errors, no doubt nobody will be held responsible and “lessons will have been learnt”.
  20. Don’t know what the arrangements are currently but in “the old days” either the Airport Director or Operations Manager were on duty standby and available on call 24/7.
  21. Whilst I fully accept that the MER is in need of essential maintenance, I look at the work being presently carried out on the tracks at Groudle and wonder if we are constructing the new east coast high speed railway ? In my humble opinion the specification is beyond “solid platinum” for what is, after all, to only be used by ultra slow speed lightweight rolling stock. Anybody else got any views?
  22. Has “accountability” been removed from the dictionary ?
  23. Today I see there is a big illuminated sign erected by the DOI at the north end of the promenade which says. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE. Is this an attempt to totally appease us or is it “rubbing salt in the wound” ?
  24. No doubt “lessons will have been learnt“.
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