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  1. AJ Butchers pies and stuff are good. Their jumbo sausage roll is a meal in itself and gives you pork sweats.
  2. Georgina was a spunky girl. Lashings of ginger beer. Still gives me a childish giggle.
  3. Grumble

    Isle of Pride

    No, the culprits are criminals who believe they deserve other people's stuff. Most poor people don't go on the rob.
  4. I see Dr G is now tweeting that Paul Moulton's new channel is effectively paid-for Government propoganda, but without the (sorry) health warning about not being impartial.
  5. Maybe because English clearly isn't your first language? Inaccreate? Baggers?
  6. It should be on your bucket list if you've never been in a helicopter and can afford it. VTOL is a blast.
  7. So your 'career' statement to Manx Radio's election form is a lie? 'He's a part-time cleaner, graphic designer and illustrator and has two dogs.'
  8. Meanwhile, Mrs Scrunge cut herself today peeling spuds. They should ban all sharp implements too.
  9. Very interesting. I might take WB's wager. Great to see McLaren back in the chase too.
  10. I took mine at primary school to see if I was smart enough to go to a grammar school.
  11. Given the title of the thread, it should be 'Manx Radio IS no better'.
  12. Some people are nice. I was going to ask if you could maybe eat the animals....
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