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  1. At least PM is local. Doubt any of the others are.
  2. I want to be in Gladys' gang. Although she's clearly a girl so can't realistically be in charge. She can be the gang's secretary though, and be responsible for getting the fizzy pop.
  3. What's a travellor Kopek? Has your screen got spit marks on it? Has the bottle run dry yet?
  4. This entire thread is full of people posting under pseudonyms because they're afraid of the consequences of posting under their real names. That's the point here. I have friends who have excellent points to make but won't post on Facebook for fear of the mob turning on them. I'm not prepared to take that chance, especially against the anarchists who hide behind anonymity and have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  5. Given the same cars, I think Verstappen would win every time. He has more raw talent and hunger than Hamilton.
  6. I took a raincheck but I can see you need me back, this site is on the skids. So I'm reaching out over the inter what not.
  7. I agree with Gilly in principle - but it's hardly new, is it? You could always have your child 'excused RE' and marked as an outsider...
  8. She's probably hibernating and will come up with a public health scare in around 4½ years.
  9. LOSE: Cannan - the ego has crash landed Malarkey - elected on LV ticket, didn't pay for it Corkish - did nothing, said nothing, a waste of tax CHOOSE: Gill - thinks for himself and unafraid of rocking the boat Gawne - the farm boy done good AND he's a nationalist Teare - does the jobs those looking for a safe seat wouldn't dare
  10. In that case, there's no problem then, is there. Or were KSF operating illegally all along?
  11. Grumble

    Radio Radio

    Being advertised now: Breakfast - Chris Williams Mornings - Chris Kinley Lunch - Stu Peters Afternoons - Alex Brindley Evenings - Bob Harrison
  12. Strange how nobody queries doctors and dentists salaries. Alright, some doctors save lives, but....shiny teeth?
  13. I don't recognise some of them, but that one Gladys makes me want to learn computer programming: 10 'Say it again' 11 "Cregneeeeeeeish" 12 Slap back of his head [hard] 13 Goto 10
  14. I agree entirely with Keyboarder. Gahhhhhh.....wibble, my mind must have disappeared while I was asleep.
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