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  1. I took a raincheck but I can see you need me back, this site is on the skids. So I'm reaching out over the inter what not.
  2. I agree with Gilly in principle - but it's hardly new, is it? You could always have your child 'excused RE' and marked as an outsider...
  3. She's probably hibernating and will come up with a public health scare in around 4½ years.
  4. LOSE: Cannan - the ego has crash landed Malarkey - elected on LV ticket, didn't pay for it Corkish - did nothing, said nothing, a waste of tax CHOOSE: Gill - thinks for himself and unafraid of rocking the boat Gawne - the farm boy done good AND he's a nationalist Teare - does the jobs those looking for a safe seat wouldn't dare
  5. In that case, there's no problem then, is there. Or were KSF operating illegally all along?
  6. Grumble

    Radio Radio

    Being advertised now: Breakfast - Chris Williams Mornings - Chris Kinley Lunch - Stu Peters Afternoons - Alex Brindley Evenings - Bob Harrison
  7. Strange how nobody queries doctors and dentists salaries. Alright, some doctors save lives, but....shiny teeth?
  8. I don't recognise some of them, but that one Gladys makes me want to learn computer programming: 10 'Say it again' 11 "Cregneeeeeeeish" 12 Slap back of his head [hard] 13 Goto 10
  9. I agree entirely with Keyboarder. Gahhhhhh.....wibble, my mind must have disappeared while I was asleep.
  10. Speak for yourself. There are plenty of us who would have no truck at all with a bunch of troublemakers who want to walk over someone's private property on the basis that they've not been told to cease and desist in the past, and take umbrage because the new owner of the land has asserted the basic human right to enjoy the fruits of his labour in peace. And it's not because of who he is (although I agree that he's a great ambassador for the Island), I'd feel the same if it was Ethel Scrote or Piers Bloody Morgan.
  11. Grumble

    Good News

    Yes, that was my understanding - although he recently commented on the appointment of the new breakfast jock as 'Energy FM Director'.
  12. Get in touch with Tango on here - he's brilliant at band videos
  13. Nicely filmed - and I thought TB came over pretty well.
  14. You called Mission..?? Can't believe it's taken this long for Cannan to tell the honourable members of PROWL that reciprocal rambling agreements would have to be given through THEIR gardens...which were also probably once rights of way. I'm sure the Clarksons would enjoy watching these fearless freedom fighters tuck into their muesli every morning.
  15. The question is: should a reporter give something of himself in an interview, or remain seemingly aloof from the subject and completely impartial. I suggest that the answer depends on the interviewer. Some are quite irritating with questions intended to show their mastery of the subject rather than reveal anything new, others are mostly entertaining, and as long as they allow fair balance I enjoy their 'take' on something and decide whether I agree with them or their opposition. At least (IMO) that's more honest than someone who affects impartiality, but their very tone and line of questioning reveals exactly which side of the issue they stand on. I like a bit of character - there's already too much bland in the world.
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