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  1. Grumble

    Next CM

    Lovely hair, Barber...I sense a link!
  2. So he knew the answer to a question and was right? How very DARE he be?
  3. I envy your global compassion but don't share it. Should the Manx taxpayer also be filling potholes in Africa because the governments there bought AK47's for their kids rather than bitumen for their roads? Perhaps more aid to India so they can build more nuclear weapons? Taxes raised from IOM taxpayers should only be used on IOM services, until all IOM services are properly funded. When there are no homeless or hungry, or pensioners just about scraping by, or failing infrastructure, or a health service with insufferable (for some) waiting lists, then maybe the public (rather than preening
  4. Overseas aid to places we have no real connection with is fine and dandy, but only when IOM residents - especially pensioners - don't have to choose between eating and heating. Where you don't have to wait years for NHS treatment or services because of vague waiting lists and prioritised service delivery. I willingly pay taxes to fund IOM services, but despair at the amount wasted on a bloated bureaucracy or gifted to strangers in the name of compassion - however warm that may make our politicians feel. The rebates from HMRC aren't a gift, they reflect the amount of taxes paid in the UK by Man
  5. Oh, so THAT'S what tongue in cheek means. I hoped you were suggesting something carnal...
  6. Can Dilli make frothy coffee?
  7. Amazing what you can find on YouTube! Blues Club
  8. Grumble

    Flu jabs

    I've had a flu jab, a pneumonia jab and a blood test today. I've had more pricks in me than Stormy Daniels.
  9. There's nothing stopping women standing already, so clearly most don't want a career in politics. Maybe they don't want to ask for votes, maybe they don't have any policies, maybe the thought of earning a quarter million quid for doing bugger all for five years doesn't appeal. One thing is for sure, positive discrimination - changing the rules or skewing the process to advantage one applicant over another - is immoral.
  10. Grumble


    Just a wild guess, but I wonder if the supplier refused to be bullied by some untouchable CS mandarin into putting right what had been incorrectly specified by the relevant department and so the taxpayer is having to pay to have a second set of slides manufactured using more carefully drawn plans?
  11. He tried but the powers that be decided LegCo needed more women. Including a couple of really useless ones.
  12. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/covid-19-testing-scientist-hits-out-at-government/
  13. Lots of science - and I'm no scientist but as an expert in bullshit detection see much of it as self-serving and spurious. 97% of scientists agreed there was climate change, not that it was caused by mankind. Look at the predictions made by Al Gore - nothing but scare tactics.
  14. Does it need saving though? It's just a changing climate, and we get that twice a year already. Sure, there will be some areas of the world where it's a problem and mankind will have to come up with further ways to adapt there (sea walls, air coolers etc). But other areas will benefit - Siberia could become the bread basket of the world and a place people actually want to move to. So forget about saving the planet. Mankind simply needs to adapt better to natural and cyclical changes. Ideally not by being conned into being taxed further trillions by politicians who will do nothing but come
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