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  1. AJ Butchers pies and stuff are good. Their jumbo sausage roll is a meal in itself and gives you pork sweats.
  2. Georgina was a spunky girl. Lashings of ginger beer. Still gives me a childish giggle.
  3. Grumble

    Isle of Pride

    No, the culprits are criminals who believe they deserve other people's stuff. Most poor people don't go on the rob.
  4. I see Dr G is now tweeting that Paul Moulton's new channel is effectively paid-for Government propoganda, but without the (sorry) health warning about not being impartial.
  5. Maybe because English clearly isn't your first language? Inaccreate? Baggers?
  6. It should be on your bucket list if you've never been in a helicopter and can afford it. VTOL is a blast.
  7. So your 'career' statement to Manx Radio's election form is a lie? 'He's a part-time cleaner, graphic designer and illustrator and has two dogs.'
  8. Meanwhile, Mrs Scrunge cut herself today peeling spuds. They should ban all sharp implements too.
  9. Very interesting. I might take WB's wager. Great to see McLaren back in the chase too.
  10. I took mine at primary school to see if I was smart enough to go to a grammar school.
  11. Given the title of the thread, it should be 'Manx Radio IS no better'.
  12. Some people are nice. I was going to ask if you could maybe eat the animals....
  13. Strange. I'm 66 and haven't even had a letter, never mind an appointment.
  14. It's AfriKa now if you're woke. Apparently the 'c' was a European modification and colonial white supremacy toxic male blah blah thingummy.
  15. One thing is for sure, the vast overspend and under delivery won't ever be the fault of the politicians or the civil service, it'll be the contractors (see Richmond Hill for modus operandi).
  16. Grumble

    Next CM

    Lovely hair, Barber...I sense a link!
  17. I envy your global compassion but don't share it. Should the Manx taxpayer also be filling potholes in Africa because the governments there bought AK47's for their kids rather than bitumen for their roads? Perhaps more aid to India so they can build more nuclear weapons? Taxes raised from IOM taxpayers should only be used on IOM services, until all IOM services are properly funded. When there are no homeless or hungry, or pensioners just about scraping by, or failing infrastructure, or a health service with insufferable (for some) waiting lists, then maybe the public (rather than preening MHK's and MLC's) could give some surplus funds to global causes (the rest should be saved for rainy days like these). Anyone disagreeing is welcome to send their own money to Malawi or wherever, but please don't tell me where you want mine spent.
  18. Overseas aid to places we have no real connection with is fine and dandy, but only when IOM residents - especially pensioners - don't have to choose between eating and heating. Where you don't have to wait years for NHS treatment or services because of vague waiting lists and prioritised service delivery. I willingly pay taxes to fund IOM services, but despair at the amount wasted on a bloated bureaucracy or gifted to strangers in the name of compassion - however warm that may make our politicians feel. The rebates from HMRC aren't a gift, they reflect the amount of taxes paid in the UK by Manx residents who can't individually claim them back.
  19. Oh, so THAT'S what tongue in cheek means. I hoped you were suggesting something carnal...
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