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  1. Just seen on Facers that The driving range is away to open again, good luck to them, was a natural setting for a golf course.
  2. Many football games close roads in vicinity, some golf tournaments require roads in area closed, parks commandeered for parking etc. I could go on, but those two are the sports I know most about so will stick on solid ground. Yes the TT is fairly unique (apart from rallying, running, cycling) in that it closes roads for actual event use, rather than ancilliary use, but being against it because it closes roads is no argument at all. As a one time comeover, I found the whole TT week fantastic, closed roads and all. But if you don't like it, let out your house for the week/fortnight, you'll more than pay for your foreign holiday. What's not to like.
  3. Deary me. Everything can kill you, many with a higher chance than motorbike racing. If you don't like it, there's a boa.........oh wait, boats can capsize. Hmmm, well there's always air.....oh ffs
  4. 504 pages later, and we're back to my initial prediction "So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem"
  5. This was the point of this topic. The boundary commission now getting in on the act, it really is amazing the number of own goals the english govt keep scoring
  6. I don't need any more than this, you utter cunt
  7. I honestly don't think there's anything more to add, except, you're a complete fucking moron
  8. Doesn't bother me (unlike you it seems), it's just a non-topic of any interest
  9. Well, there's been little doubt for a long time that the Beeb were just the state propaganda arm, so I opened this expecting more of the same, or even an article pointing it out. I didn't expect an article on sport, nor a daily mail-esque type comment from the OP.
  10. Terrible shame. Dead in the water now? Golf course gone as well?
  11. You can never be too careful
  12. It's happening now This was also highly amusing today https://skwawkbox.org/2018/06/13/vid-touche-mays-johnsons-pmqs-faces-after-corbyns-trump-question-are-a-must-see/
  13. So you also would like things that are inconvenient to you banned? Should the island do nothing at all?
  14. Surely only in relative terms, they'll still be coining it in over a normal week.
  15. Not at all, you're the one wants the TT banned, I don't, nor any other sport, nor activity, nor type of work (fishing for example has an incredibly high death toll). It's very simple, you do, it's not something you like or approve of, yet has no effect on you at all. You won't explain reasoning other than people occasionally die doing it, which occurs doing other things you don't want banned. I'm simply asking for an explanation of this contradiction.
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