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  1. What is your criteria for "good area of the island"?
  2. Agreed. I'm no fan of any of them, and from what I've read she's probably pretty right wing, but she's certainly got more gravitas than all the other names in the frame.
  3. 1.30 downing street presser, she's toast, What a laughing stock
  4. It's not. Ferry journey is much longer than all except Shetlands, Skye is now accesible by bridge. The west coast of Scotland is absolutely stunning, and to a great extent "unpopulated", compared to a pretty heavily populated IoM, I loved my time on the island, and it felt like home, very Aberdeenshire in feel, but wst coast of Scotland is very different indeed But yes also very well marketed, the guys who invented the NC500 really hit the nail on the head
  5. She didn't even understand the £2500 energy "cap" isn't actually a maximum, what hope does she havbe with the economics of an entire country?
  6. Inflation isn't being driven by spending, it's being driven by excessive profiterring and rises caused by Brexit, raising interest rates will have no effect on this inflation cycle as people are short of money already
  7. Didn't take long to come to fruition eh?
  8. The only place a ball will never be played on a golf course, isn't on the golf course 😄
  9. Plus Peel designed by James Braid, and Castletown was originally an Old Tom Morris design, so the island hasn't wanted for big name architects in golf.
  10. 15 years now since I left, and at the time it was scruffy, F-L had just arrived, and I believe he did eventually spend quite a bit on the course, and the new bar above the pro-shop, so my opinion may be somewhat dated. Also note I did them a disservice, they're 65th in the top 100 UK courses
  11. It really isn't Derek. It's an OK course, but that's it. On the back of Ferguson-Lacey's money it got into <cough> the top 100 in the UK for a few years, right near the bottom, but totally unjustified, and I speak as a former member.
  12. She's like exactly what you've now seen. Arrogant, tin eared, nae too smart, and basically a Tory as was shown by her refusal to work with Corbyn even temporarily to get her own party's policy of a delay in Brexit through, but at no time ruled out working with Bojo if he won. She's learned nothing from her previous time in coalition.
  13. I understood those in England not knowing Swinson, and mistakenly thinking she'd be a decent leader, but surely the membership should have known what she was like? We did in Scotland, she was always going to be horrific, i was shocked when Davy lost to her. What's also really funny is their subsequent bawling at Sturgeon's reaction to Amy Callaghan winning the seat off her, buried in all this was the delay to the result was a massive tantrum Swinson threw because the returning officer refused her a recount, toys out the pram, threatening legal action. FAF.
  14. Goodbye UK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cw29NhJQYJg&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3kaR8u7jNqM-dqrjlH56NEpOAnP7xhspH8LyjWMRmU6xVeJBH2GS03Ziw
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