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  1. 6 hours ago, woolley said:

    I will have to defer to your greater knowledge of Swinson. Aside from her vainglorious pronouncements of impending Prime Ministership, I have taken little notice of her. So what is she "like" and why then did they choose her as leader? She should be used to losing the seat because she did so in 2015 too, didn't she?

    I suppose I can understand a request for a recount. It was a bit tight. Sturgeon didn't cover herself in stateswoman like glory with her celebration either.

    She's like exactly what you've now seen. Arrogant, tin eared, nae too smart, and basically a Tory as was shown by her refusal to work with Corbyn even temporarily to get her own party's policy of a delay in Brexit through, but at no time ruled out working with Bojo if he won. She's learned nothing from her previous time in coalition. 

  2. 21 hours ago, woolley said:

    What of Swinson, the putative PM in waiting, with her "Article 50 revocation in the first 24 hours" policy? She'll be working in the local pub next week. Politics is one unforgiving business. A shame for some good MPs, Brexiteers, who got caught up in the melee, such as Caroline Flint.

    I understood those in England not knowing Swinson, and mistakenly thinking she'd be a decent leader, but surely the membership should have known what she was like? We did in Scotland, she was always going to be horrific, i was shocked when Davy lost to her.

    What's also really funny is their subsequent bawling at Sturgeon's reaction to Amy Callaghan winning the seat off her, buried in all this was the delay to the result was a massive tantrum Swinson threw because the returning officer refused her a recount, toys out the pram, threatening legal action. FAF. 


  3. 2 hours ago, Max Power said:

    Thanks Dilli but people are entitled to their views I guess. It would help if some of them thought it through before posting.

    I assume I'm being nosey, but who are you? If you're a former TTer who had a big one, Milky? 

  4. 40 minutes ago, On The Bus said:

    You're missing the point, chum. Everest has fuck all to do with the TT. Everest doesn't need road closures and 500+ Hi-vis Hitlers to make it happen. It's a big Mountain that's been there for years people will climb it whatever. The TT is an organised death sport where the government goes out of it's way to make it happen. Think you may need to think about that again Chum.

    He's now clarified, seems I understood and you didn't chum.  No apology necessary though :thumbsup:

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  5. 1 hour ago, On The Bus said:

    Wow, using world wars to justify acceptance of TT deaths is a new one... that's  above and beyond the expected 'but what about Everest?' lines. 

    Think you need to read that again chum, he says the opposite.

    The "everest" argument is rather valid this year isn't it? Can you imagine if there were the same number of casualties at a TT? 


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  6. On 12/26/2018 at 8:08 PM, Chris C said:

    The thing is the other things that can kill you don't close the roads, so are seen as more acceptable. 

    Many football games close roads in vicinity, some golf tournaments require roads in area closed, parks commandeered for parking etc. I could go on, but those two are the sports I know most about so will stick on solid ground.

    Yes the TT is fairly unique (apart from rallying, running, cycling) in that it closes roads for actual event use, rather than ancilliary use, but being against it because it closes roads is no argument at all.

    As a one time comeover, I found the whole TT week fantastic, closed roads and all. But if you don't like it, let out your house for the week/fortnight, you'll more than pay for your foreign holiday. What's not to like. 


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  7. Deary me. Everything can kill you, many with a higher chance than motorbike racing. If you don't like it, there's a boa.........oh wait, boats can capsize. Hmmm, well there's always air.....oh ffs :wacko:

  8. On 6/8/2018 at 4:59 PM, yootalkin2me said:

    For what it's worth the TT effects everyone on the island to varying degrees. Just the increase in volume of traffic makes it more likely to be involved in a crash. Even if someone was to remain inside their house for the whole duration the TT still effects them by them choosing to stay inside their home.

    So you also would like things that are inconvenient to you banned? Should the island do nothing at all? 

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  9. 7 hours ago, gettafa said:

    Two temporary beer tents doing well and raking it in.

    The weather helps of course.

    But pubs...losing out apparently. They need at least a coupla days pissing down rain and the occasional race cancellation/postponement.

    You can't please everyone all of the time.

    Surely only in relative terms, they'll still be coining it in over a normal week. 

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  10. On 6/6/2018 at 9:47 AM, RIchard Britten said:

    Sigh (again).

    You seemed fixated on "banning" things and comparing things that aren't related.

    Chase your own tail.  I am done trying to reason with the unreasonable.

    Not at all, you're the one wants the TT banned, I don't, nor any other sport, nor activity, nor type of work (fishing for example has an incredibly high death toll).


    It's very simple, you do, it's not something you like or approve of, yet has no effect on you at all. You won't explain reasoning other than people occasionally die doing it, which occurs doing other things you don't want banned.


    I'm simply asking for an explanation of this contradiction. 

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  11. 30 minutes ago, RIchard Britten said:

    Sigh, you are new to TT threads on MF, aren't you?

    No, I don't want motorcycles banned (your strawman).  I want the TT to end (which is not the same thing as "banned") because of the continued and senseless loss of life and limb.

    Yes, people die in all sorts of sports, events, every day life.  Using football as an example, when players die it is extremely rare (almost unheard of) and when it does happen it is invariably down to health conditions not related to playing football (genetic conditons).   But in the real world when there is a continued and seemingly unavoidable loss of life and life, steps are taken to mitigate that (hence you having to wear a seat belt when in a car).

    Cool. So, do you want other sports where people die banned too? I know it's taken hours and hours to get here, but that was my initial question, so if you could answer this first time without stupid "everest" & "bingo" comments, that would be just erchie 

  12. 1 minute ago, RIchard Britten said:

    Define "approve of".

    I don't approve of football (soccer) because I find it boring.  Do I want it "banned" (another emotive term with no relevance in the discussion), no.

    I am not avoiding anything.  You are trying to build a spurious argument based on dis-similar things (hence the apples and oranges you seem intent on ignoring).

    Do you want motorcycles banned?

    People die in football, why are you not wanting it banned?


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