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  1. As above, you're quite entitled to state how much you are against it, to claim it's morally wrong is laughable. The UK is one of the biggest gambling countries in the world. Clearly, morally, we find nothing wrong with gambling.
  2. Correct, I think it's pretty great, my opinion. YOU however are claiming it's morally wrong. ..."as a whole, an activity that should not be put into a positive light in society" Utter pish. It may be against your morals, but as pointed out earlier, more than 3 in 4 actively gamble. I imagine the percentage of society who have a moral objection would therefore be in the single digits percentage wise. Pu tit another way, far far smaller than the percentage who morally object to gay marraige. What's your thoughts on that eh?
  3. We can't take your word for that. Sins? Erm...nope. Nobody mentioned sins. It's not that some elements are insalubrious. It is that gambling as a whole is a human behaviour that should have no promotion whether directly or indirectly because it is, as a whole, an activity that should not be put into a positive light in society. When the factors of elements of addiction, uncertainty over gains (i.e. the nature of gambling), poor rational judgement, and economic background of target service users are combined the gambling business is a pretty nasty business. They should have the freedom to operate. But not to promote themselves in any form. IN. YOUR. OPINION.
  4. I don't think you are so naive that you actually believe that some kind of corporate altruism is the sole reason that Pokerstars are holding these events on the Isle of Man. We have been over the reasons why companies engage in this kind of marketing, and why it is especially important for gambling companies. Part of this marketing is directed at the wider community and governments and is intended to: allay fears about the social impact of gambling by hosting community events present an acceptable face of an industry which is often rightly regarded as insalubrious demonstrate the benefits to the local economy all of which above are intended to improve relations with governments and society in order to ensure continued support of the industry This is why these events are being held on the Isle of Man. These are fundamental principles of marketing, which you do not appear to understand. I don't think you'd be much good in business! I think you mean Public relations, which I understand perfectly. This is largely a PR event for Poker Stars, as Josem stated in his OP. You and LDV are going on and on about the sins of gambling and marketing. If they want to maximise their marketing, they have no need to be doing anything on the island. Stars have no need of the extra hassle involved in hosting an event on the island, believe me, as someone involved in Poker million, hosting any large event that involves having to temporarily recruit and house large numbers of off island staff, as well as attract mostly off island players to your event, is an enormous task, far far more so than doing something similar in the UK. If you think this is all about marketing, you have no understanding of the online poker market. Just as an aside, but as both of you seem intent on pointing out how some elements of the gaming industry are thought of as "unsalubrious" - it is fair to say, as someone with no connection to Stars, that they are largely held up as the most highly thought of gambling organisation in the world, both among their players, and amongst their competitors. the fact they are domiciled on the island, does the island far more good than vice versa.
  5. Oh God.... we've been over this. I don't think the games should be banned at all. But what is immoral is the promotion around them whether that be company promotion or game promotion. Promotion that leads you to offer Pokerstars gratitude for arranging this event. Promotion that portrays the company in a positive light when what it offers is not something that should be put in a positive light given that it is gambling. How many more times do I need to say this before it is understood? IN. YOUR. OPINION. Seeing as 73% (based on the 2010 figure) of the adult population gamble, and no doubt plenty of the other 27% don't have a problem with it, then I'd say it is not seen by very many as immoral at all, or something that shouldn't be seen in a positive light. PokerStars are bringing a leg of the highly popular UKIPT back to the IoM - despite there being no chance whatsoever of it doing anything other than costing them money - purely because they are based here. They are NOT doing this for any sneaky back door gambling promotion means (in this instance) because the IoM is a tiny minute insignificant backwater in gaming terms. They could just as easily hold this leg in Cardiff, or Aberdeen, or Glasgow (where there is no UKIPT leg) and not only actually make money from the event - and therefore self finance what is a promotional activity for them - but gain far more publicity for so doing. What they ARE doing here, is bringing a highly POPULAR event onto the doorstep of the island that they are domiciled in, for no other reason than to give something back to the local community and staff that has, as far as I can tell, supported their relocation to the rock enthusiastically. They should be applauded for that, in an era when so many want to run down any business (often I grant you justifiably) just because it's a business, when one is genuinely being philanthropic, an attitude like yours I find abhorrent, and indeed immoral.
  6. Tell that to little Johnny whose parents are divorcing. Is he betting on the winner like?
  7. I think you need to read the report. First off the figure quoted for "problem gambler" (which certainly does not ally with your definition of "someone who has a problem with gambling" in the way you're putting it across here) was 0.9% with an accuracy prediction of 95%, so not potentially underestimated at all, any more than it's potentially overestimated, and the likelihood, based on their scoring criteria of what constitutes a "problem gambler", is that 0.9% is very accurate. From reading how this is scored, it would be very easy to say you were a problem gambler, without in any way for example, gambling with excessive amounts of money, or money you couldn't afford. Ultimately, poker is a legal activity, just as going to church or being gay is. I wouldn't want to do either of those things, but if others feel that's their thing,. then crack on. I find it repugnant that some holier than thou shouty person thinks he should restrict what we can and can't do when it's perfectly legal to enjoy that activity. Have a word with yourself. .
  8. Huge congratulations to Stars for taking this back to the IoM again. I have no doubt whatsoever that this is a huge money loser for them, but they're happy to promote the IoM and their 'new' home. Good on 'em.
  9. Got to agree with that. Shame there's no name player survived, nor no locals? One staff member though. Final table now.
  10. Down to 16 players, live feed from the Villa http://www.pokerstars.tv/poker-video-5156-eptlive.html
  11. Hopefully the money saved will go on education. They can start with the difference between cutbacks and cut backs.
  12. I have to ask him, and hope he will reply, if the Met office closed, where would IoM forecasts come from?
  13. It's been horrendous in Aberdeen, though I imagine that's not what you were meaning
  14. You are right, I apologise, but like Terminal above, I just thought how could anybody at a job interview think this guy could be a DJ. Anyway, I only have one leg, and find your "shoes" comment offensive.
  15. For the first time in a while, I'm listening to Energy FM, and LOLing
  16. Full listing http://www.ukipt.com/tournaments/iom/ Omaha tourney noon Sunday.
  17. Josem, with a name like that, are you the 2+2 Josem?
  18. I'm trying to satellite in, but have to say Stars sat structure is horrible. If mental re-buys are your thing then good-oh, otherwise pretty poop. Sure there was a press release a few days ago listing which of their sponsored pros was coming over, sure Selbst was, and Liv Boree. not sure who else?
  19. Sats starting online today I believe
  20. Josem, when do the regular sats for IoM UKIPT start as you blighters won't allow me on the Manx ones? Also, congrats to Poker Stars for bringing a major tournament back to the island, it's been a long dozen years.
  21. Fair comment Lxxx. Like I say, many years since I've been there, and obviously Sefton group are skinto McGinto. Grosvenor group are running out of places to buy, so they may come in at some point, but I wouldn't be holding my breath.
  22. No, I don't live on the IoM. What's the relevance of that? Do you work for Mount Murray? What is your expertise in gaming? I've worked in live casinos, including for Stakis, Ladbrokes & Gala, I've worked for online casinos and poker rooms, and I've played poker professionally. Mount Murray would be a huge white elephant, I already asked you why they wouldn't just buy out the casino instead, because it will only ever cater to the local market, and the tourist market who are here to do something else, like the TT, or just a general holiday, so the casino - and again, there is room for only one - has to be in Douglas.
  23. Spot on. That's why Mount Murray are proposing an upgrade of their hotel to accompany the casino. Spending money to employ local labour to build a 5 star facility that the island currently doesn't have is apparently a bad idea, especially when taxpayers money is funding the competition. I'm afraid you've lost me? I'm spot on, so what I said is why mount Murray want a new casino? You won't get major tournaments other than a UKIP in the IoM now I'm afraid, those days are gone, and fyi, the casino still has the same director as it had when Ladbrokes staged Poker Million, so management havn't changed, indeed as Slim points out, there are now unprofitable poker tournaments and cash games being run weekly by the casino that were never seen before. Do you support these, or have you never been?
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