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  1. I would say the loon is spot on. In fact with reference to your last paragraph in post #64, even for you, that is monumental garbage. Children shouldn't obey laws because they didn't choose to be born under them? Do you ever think before typing?
  2. Lxxx, you do remember Poker Million eh? At the time, due to the fact the poker boom hadn't taken off, it was ranked as the #2 tournament in the world. Before that every year there was the Manx classic, which was very well attended by the top British pros. Now, poker has taken off, there are major tournaments around the world just about every week. If it wasn't for the fact that Stars are island based, there is absolutely zero chance of any major tournament coming to the island again. Players simply wouldn't travel to a place that is so hard to get to (relative to its proximity to the UK), and so expensive, and with so little choice of decent accommodation. And accommodation is also a major factor that needs thinking about regarding dealers as well. The state or otherwise of the current casino has no bearing on hosting major tournaments, be thankful you have Poker Stars there, or you wouldn't be getting a major tourney.
  3. The delay to the Mount Murray plans comes in the form of a 6 letter word. Sefton. I'd have thought more likely, it would be suicide to open a second casino in the IoM, especially as seems suggested, out at Mount Murray. If you want to operate a casino in the island, then buy the one that is there, no room whatsoever for two. Why not? The one we've got is a joke. Surely another newer, larger, more modern one tied in with an upgraded hotel is exactly what we need if we're to capitalise on our very successful e-gaming market. Why should the island suffer just because the Sefton hasn't got the cash to upgrade the existing one to a 5 star hotel and casino complex? However the government has just got into bed with you-know-who, to grant a licence would be akin to shooting itself in the foot. I think we know how this one will play out. Lxxx, online gaming has no relevance - other than a small bump in card room attendances - to B&M gaming. The IoM is simply not big enough for a casino in all honesty, and only survives because of the slots operation. The gaming floor is a marginally profitable venture, that even then relies very much on the large boost of weekend traffic, and that comes from the late night boozing crowd spilling over into the casino when other venues are closing, something that a Mount Murray operation wouldn't gain from. I'm not saying that the current casino couldn't be improved on - it's years since i've been there so couldn't possibly comment - what I am saying is there is no room for two, and certainly making a larger gaming floor in a new venue would be utter stupidity.
  4. The delay to the Mount Murray plans comes in the form of a 6 letter word. Sefton. I'd have thought more likely, it would be suicide to open a second casino in the IoM, especially as seems suggested, out at Mount Murray. If you want to operate a casino in the island, then buy the one that is there, no room whatsoever for two.
  5. I imagine you just have to apply, or get invited at one of the local/casino games. Could be due to the aforementioned sats, there will be many trying to get into such short handed qualifiers, good move from the group imo. I shouldn't have owned up to no longer living in the IoM
  6. A professional player is someone who plays for a living, as in doesn't have another job. Yes, but the games aren't restricted to them, anyone can join in if the have the cash. I am aware of that Slim, I worked in poker, and indeed for a while was even a poker pro, but as xbones says, there are no such things as "professional only games". Anyone that has the cash can play any of the Villa events, and indeed Stars haver IoM resident only satellites running - join "isle of man Poker Scene" facebook page for more details. sadly, as an ex-resident, the lads on that page won't let me play, I'll have to try to qualify from the pleb sats instead.
  7. No there won't, there's no such thing as "professional games". Anyone can play if they have the money to buy in. It's nothing like golf at all, in fact the beauty of poker is that by entewring any tournament you can be sitting with and playing against the biggest names in the game.
  8. fatshaft


    Please do educate us. Upon reading this my first thought was that the additional s after the apostrophe was incorrect, but Ms Straus says that it is preferred. No she doesn't.
  9. fatshaft


    Do you think the DOT should be up there with heaters to melt the snow away? I think they should learn when to use apostrophes
  10. fatshaft


    Congrats John..... but DOT
  11. Aberdeen/Shire. loads of work, less rain than the west coast, and countryside that will remind you of IoM.
  12. ....or, better yet, just don't use the appalling "social media" device
  13. Sorry Last Buggering Moaner, but I can get car + me for £88 return. Pretty bloody good if ye ask me.
  14. PK has beaten me to it, but just a terrible reprise of history there. Do you know anything about the last 10 or 15 years at all?
  15. Great post PK, but I fear you have missed the point. You were meant to say - AmeriKa iz bAd
  16. Scratch that (if only ) Here's the full set http://rachaelclegg.com/prints
  17. http://www.fastbikesmag.com/2012/04/12/fantastic-isle-of-man-tt-themed-calendar/ Some more here
  18. Wasn't it just barren land, or farm land, and they decided to build a golf course? When it was built (2001?) it actually looked like it could be a good tough layout given time, though it was in shocking condition, with greens that were basically just mown bits of farmland. Interesting to see it's survived, I couldn't see where they were going to get the members from with its location. Will have to give it a whirl next time I'm over.
  19. http://www.isleofman.com/business/g/glentruan/ Rather amazed to see this still on the go, anyone played it recently?
  20. Aye cos with the hundreds of drilling rigs in the north sea, and the thousands of oil spills there's been, it's been a disaster for Aberdeen
  21. The BBC are certainly an anti-semitic propaganda organisation, which is why I don't pay a TV licence. Certainly? I don't think so. possibly, well you could argue that, I would wholeheartedly disagree with you, but 'certainly', no sir
  22. I would say, having travelled a fair bit around the UK, and stayed in various locations, that my home town (Aberdeen) is home to the worst of the worst on a day to day basis, with a solitary exception, yes the IoM. Appalling driving wherever you look, to such an extent that I can only surmise that the OP thought this thread would turn into a right manx back slapping contest. I'm afraid he's very very wrong. I think it's fuel, everywhere now you see very few speeders, regardless of speed cameras, which on most motorways are not that prevalent.
  23. Slightly belatedly and somewhat off topic now - but it was the Sefton Group that pulled out of their relationship with Hilton, not the other way around.
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