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  1. Not at all, you're the one wants the TT banned, I don't, nor any other sport, nor activity, nor type of work (fishing for example has an incredibly high death toll). It's very simple, you do, it's not something you like or approve of, yet has no effect on you at all. You won't explain reasoning other than people occasionally die doing it, which occurs doing other things you don't want banned. I'm simply asking for an explanation of this contradiction.
  2. Cool. So, do you want other sports where people die banned too? I know it's taken hours and hours to get here, but that was my initial question, so if you could answer this first time without stupid "everest" & "bingo" comments, that would be just erchie
  3. Do you want motorcycles banned? People die in football, why are you not wanting it banned?
  4. You keep avoiding this every time. What sports do you approve of?
  5. Irrelevant with respect to your argument. You want to stop something you don't approve of, you have yet to clarify what sort of sports you are happy with, and which you want banned, and what non-sporting activities should also be banned on your "everest" scale
  6. ...except if it's something you approve of doing, like driving a car?
  7. Nope. Do you go mountain climbing? Hill walking? Swimming? Boxing? Rugby?
  8. Do you guys sit at home in the dark, doing nothing? Doing things is dangerous, some moreso than others. So no sports of any kind is your idea? No roads, wouldn't want cars going around eh? Nor horses, lot of people killed by/falling off horses. How about walking? Easy to trip, bang your head, and bingo!
  9. For people involved, absolutely, for people not involved and with no interest, not in the least I'd have thought?
  10. I'd have thought nothing surely? People enjoy the races, the racers know the risks. If you don't enjoy them go do your thing instead.
  11. Aye this. Anyone know why the previous trio have been replaced?
  12. fatshaft


    It's most obvious in Scotland, the Dundee episode was where it reached it's nadir, when there was scarcely a Scottish accent on the show, never mind local. And of the five big cities Dundee is by far the one with the least immigration of English. Yet full of Tories, NO voters (Dundee/Angus has always been the most SNP area in Scotland) and leavers. Then there's the UKIP chap from Glasgow who has on two separate occasions in the last couple of years, not just made it into the studio, but been able to ask questions also. Good on him you'd say, except most of us try and fail to even
  13. Two things. The Daily Mail headline was the very next day after their "bullying" headline of the previous day. It's got to be stopped, now that Tories are being targetted. Was fine though when it was judges, Gina Miller, SNP MPs/MSPs, or Labour politicians.
  14. Last night it was voting down amendment 158 of the Scotland Act Today it's Mayhem's brexit nuttery getting voted down. I refer the forum to post #1
  15. I don't know, do you? I assume breakeven means exactly that. If they mean break even on wages and costs then yes you'd be right. But is that the case, I suspect you don't know that any more than I do.
  16. No, if they were getting food at less than break even, it's subsidised, if it's running at break even then by definition it clearly isn't subsidised, it's just cheap in comparison to open market values
  17. Have to say of all the documentaries and theories there's been, this one was the most convincing, especially as it finally made sense regarding the way pieces of JFK flew off his person.
  18. and this.... https://www.thecanary.co/2017/05/25/31-seconds-footage-come-back-haunt-theresa-may-manchester-bombing-video/
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