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  1. piebaps


    How about the 1970s cult classic Monkey? The variants can include pigsy, tripitaka etc etc At least we'll have monkey as the index virus.
  2. piebaps

    TT 2022 ??

    Full race commentary free on 1368mhz. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/radio-tt-returning-with-new-look-for-tt-2022/
  3. would it help if he oiled his hands?
  4. piebaps

    TT 2022 ??

    They could use the DOI Parking app so you could pre-pay your pee-pay. Use the old 1980s Nobles Park cottaging cams but equip them with APR (automatic parts recognition) tech. To register you have to send a picture of your herman gelmet to the newly created Department for Identifying Coochies and Knobs. As the name suggests, the scheme is unisex and ladies should send in a flap snap (wide angle for Peel girls obvs).
  5. All the TT threads for starters
  6. you didn't "have to" though did you? What you mean is that you turned onto sky news and found an IOM story which one local media outlet appears to be not reporting. The police don't publicise their raids and the story indicates they were discreet. I suspect Sky were tipped off here.
  7. Travelled through Ronaldsway this weekend to Dublin & back. Security were smiling and jovial and because there weren't three EZYs going at roughly the same time, we were through real quick. Dublin was busier on the return but we were through security screening in under ten minutes. Flight was delayed half an hour or so and the pilot explained this was due to staffing problems at Dublin Airport. Parking at IOM side was a bit of a free for all but other than that, a stress free trouble free trip. Can't grumble about anything really, which is frankly a little disappointing.
  8. I think he's fact now😂
  9. piebaps


    It's certainly hit the spot
  10. Get out of here with your damned facts. There's a peadopocalyse lynching in progress.
  11. The police didn't name him. He appeared in a public court.
  12. Ah ah. That sounded like a challenge. I quick search revealed this smoking gun. Looks like the entire Horse Tram debacle was a joint enterprise between DBC and "Gull" 🤣 I bet they worked together on the new (despite the fact that "spend a penny" is a well known slang term for wetting the lettuce) pay to pee policy too. Department buys horse tram stables Monday, 23 April 2018 The horse tram stables at Tramway Terrace have been bought by the Department of Infrastructure from Douglas Borough Council (DBC) for £600,000. This supports the Department’s plans for the regeneration of Douglas Promenade and the future operation of the horse trams. A key factor in buying the buildings is to allow the Summerland site to remain clear and a more attractive proposition for investors. A planning application to construct temporary horse tram facilities on the site was approved last year. However, after reviewing a number of options the Department considered that buying the existing building will prove more cost effective, as well as helping to retain part of the Island’s heritage infrastructure. Member for Public Transport Jason Moorhouse MHK said: Council Leader David Christian said:
  13. piebaps

    TT 2022 ??

    €50 in Dublin at the end of June. £65 here doesn't seem unreasonable.
  14. And C & A on your purple knickers
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