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  1. We also have a low tolerance for dickheads
  2. Well its definitely not the Bronx. They has 1998 burglaries in 2019. we had half a dozen a few years back which caused widespread unrest, drew out vigilantes and still remain unsolved. The Bronx crime figures are here https://www1.nyc.gov/assets/nypd/downloads/pdf/crime_statistics/cs-en-us-pbbx.pdf Got a link to ours?
  3. Neil. Please don't derail the thread with a personal attack on another poster.
  4. I use them weekly and their service is good. There are occasional delays but that happens to any carrier and I've never understood this "flymaybe" bullshit which is often spouted. As a regular customer their demise would be difficult. Obviously for a bellend spouting insults on the internet, who doesn't actually use them, it would be much easier.
  5. The accounts are here - you could just look yourself https://www.manxutilities.im/about-us/annual-reports-financial-statements/annual-reports-financial-statements/
  6. LOL Almost misread that
  7. On the agenda for Tynwald this month http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/opqp/sittings/20182021/2019-PP-0158.pdf
  8. Sounds like someone was sending you a "boat in the morning" message
  9. Sorry Rog but its you that's being disingenuous. You have no idea who cleared up etc and have simply assumed it was Gov't staff. The FOI request is clearly from someone with an interest in Bungalow Bill as it was the second one. The first one asked; Please send me: A listing of all times that the Lieutenant Governor's Residence was used by individuals and/or non-Government organisations in August, September or October 2018. By "listing" I mean any calendar of events that summarise the listing of events in September 2018; By "Lieutenant Governor's Residence" I mean the property (including both the building and associated land) located at Government House, Onchan, IM3 1RR; By "used by individuals and/or non-Government organisations " I mean any events that were conducted at the property where the primary event organiser (in the common English understanding of the phrase) was not either the Lieutenant Governor or a Government department
  10. piebaps

    Manx Tunnel

    We could definitely open a felt museum if we had a tunnel.
  11. It's still there Rog - its called Demand Responsive Travel pilot results
  12. May your Nollicks be Ghennaly and your Noas Blein and Vie
  13. Boat.............morning
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