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  1. Sefton is (or at least was) a PLC. My guess is that they simply looked at its last published accounts.
  2. piebaps

    Manx Radio

    Additionally its only a major sporting event in a very small niche market.
  3. Declan - if you read Hansard you'll see that this is nothing to do with Data Protection law. The tax office have the data but tax law doesn't allow them to release it.
  4. How many employees an employer has is none of Howard (or Moorehen's) business and its quite right they shouldn't know. Employers file tax records for their employees so the tax office will know this information - however it wasn't provided to them for Seagull's pointless questions and it is quite right that Howard has no access either.
  5. piebaps

    Ramsey marina meeting tonight

    Source please? Doc Ginge is a member of Ramsey Rowing Club which has one or two boats at most and are kept in a member's garage. The Sailing Club is a different set up all together. Are you perhaps a little confused by the two? The Doc is also a member of the rugby club and probably other sports clubs too. Its the sports club equivalent of granny farming. He does however do the rowing boat stuff as I've seen them in the Mooragh lake.
  6. piebaps

    CoMin Cosset Civil Service

    Julie's caused a postal strike.
  7. piebaps

    Manx Radio

    The facebook page IOM Panic might have used it with a caption about protesters marching on Tynwald to have marksies sandwiches airdropped in when the boat isn't sailing
  8. piebaps

    CoMin Cosset Civil Service

    What would be more of interest is the solutions this pair are proposing as an alternative. Its easy to say someone else's idea is shite.
  9. piebaps

    Year Of Our Island

    Douglas - chewing gum machine Ramsey - Courthouse Castletown - bollardgate The reason Mr Wolf is that local authorities spunk money away quicker than Vinnie Lynch at a kitchen window
  10. Who do you suggest? We already have loads https://www.gov.im/categories/tax-vat-and-your-money/income-tax-and-national-insurance/international-agreements/all-agreements/
  11. piebaps

    Manx Radio

    I'm not so sure. The timing is crap. The process starts just after MGP and the tender document would need to be drafted and signed off and then advertised for EOI. Bids would need to be considered (if more than one was made) and then the successful party would need to find all the kit and personnel they need and be ready to roll in late May. Probably too tight in timing rather than anything else. Who else has the infrastructure to do it? Let alone the frequencies? Berry and Turner won't have an am frequency available to them so would need FM. They then have to factor in the extent of their coverage and if necessary bring in additional transmission infrastructure. The only broadcasters capable would be those with masses of their own kit and the relevant frequencies to do it. That kinda narrows it to the BBC and they certainly won't be interested. The whole thing is a lame duck. If the event was worthwhile, the broadcaster would be paying to cover it not the other way around. A full tender in 2019 is unlikely to change anything. Remember the masses of interest in the ferry service? That was worth a lot more than this and despite the commonly held views that someone would come in and undercut the Packet, we got zilch. Putting TT commentary to tender is likely to achieve a similar result.
  12. piebaps

    Public sector pensions to undergo dramatic overhaul

    No - I was bored and read the report. It claimed that the average IOMG pension was in the region of £8500 which certainly doesn't indicate a workforce of long stayers. On the flipside however, the consultants who prepared the report were well versed in their field and no doubt have an eye on the design and sale of any future DC scheme.
  13. piebaps

    Public sector pensions to undergo dramatic overhaul

    A DC scheme is potentially more attractive to younger workers who won't be spending 30+ years with IOMG. It would allow flexibility with contributions and would be much more portable for a mobile workforce. The member of the scheme can also control how his or her funds are invested. To write it off as "shitter" as you so eloquently put it, it not correct. Its different.
  14. piebaps

    Man spied on woman having sex

    What a silly and grossly offensive thing to post.
  15. piebaps

    Parole Decisions - Mr Malarkey

    Applicants appointed by Bungalow Bill.