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  1. Or any other large event! Try getting a hotel in Edinburgh when the frringe is on, or in Cardiff when Wales have a home rugby match. You see all the same profiteering.
  2. Not really, its always like that on here.
  3. Ahhh. It's pretty conclusive then. Anonymous person on internet has heard other people saying similar. We should roll him down Slieu Whallian without further ado.
  4. Errr we're not. Mon, Wed, Thur and Fri only. Skelly was speaking on Friday.
  5. I'd have thought KKK was more up your street.
  6. Yup OOTB that's the one. The 1936 Emergency Powers Act. The Governor issues a declaration that there's an emergency. This lasts 30 days and then has to be renewed. Here's how they renew it http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/opqp/opqp/2020-PP-0098s2.pdf Here's the declaration made by Gozzer http://www.tynwald.org.im/links/tls/SD/2020/2020-SD-0296.pdf If they don't renew, everything lapses.
  7. Errr, no. In fact totally the opposite. It was to enable appeals to move forward and be determined in writing rather than personal appearance and as JW has indicated was only a temporary measure anyway. I really can't see why he got his knickers in a twist. With a unanimous vote by Legco, it was doomed to failure anyway. There has to be something else and this was just his way of throwing the toys out. Perhaps as an IT solution was suggested and he was in charge of Gov's computing department he recognized that he was ultimate responsible for the failure. I was listening to the debate and couldn't believe why they were arguing for so long about a temporary planning measure. When John Moss said that CT had voted against the Government I assumed he's simply pressed the wrong button given that the subject matter was not really significant in the great scheme of things.
  8. Trying to avoid Van Helsing
  9. The meetings will at least be shorter.
  10. piebaps

    Fancy a pint?

    Ahhh right. I retired "when-I". That explains a lot.
  11. I agree. We probably have as many cases in the community now as we did just before lockdown, if not less.
  12. A simulated mock up will show whatever the author wants it to show - or am I being cynical? BTW what happened to southfolk? Banned or flounced?
  13. A fair bit of globetrotting is what he's done http://www.tynwald.org.im/memoff/member/Pages/WattersonJP.aspx
  14. Its in this tweet Holte. You need to read it all though!!
  15. Its South of "The Bridge"
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