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  1. Struggles with travel sickness on busses at least. Seems to be OK with planes though.
  2. WTF - The road closed around 8.00pm following an RTC. No details of the incident but all emergency services were called and there was a big blue lightshow going up the mountain. They kept the road shut afterwards due to ice. Victory cafe had already closed so I'm not sure why they would moan.
  3. Luckily there are still places with weekly bin collections and mayoress' chains😂
  4. Come on, name names. If its true it can't be libel. Who handed over the envelope? Who received it? How much was in it?
  5. Nope - 2 courses plus two drinks is usually between £55 and £65. It varies between Vellika, Chingans, Royal India, Kurries & Steaks & Aura but ballpark is 55/65
  6. There was a consultation in 2020 https://consult.gov.im/treasury/workplace-pensions/
  7. Yes, but no. Relief is subject to a maximum of £5000 in interest and is given at 10%. This means the most anyone can reduce their tax bill by is £500. https://www.gov.im/categories/tax-vat-and-your-money/income-tax-and-national-insurance/individuals/residents/rates-and-allowances/
  8. Dr Ranson attempted to brief CoMin that the borders should be closed but was prevented from doing so (allegedly). Covid arrived on Sunday 15th. As I've already said on this thread, even if the Doc had given her advice and CoMin had agreed to close the borders, would they have done so by Sunday 15th? Not a chance. There were no regulations in place, nor were there any quarantine arrangements. No matter what Doc R said or did, covid got in on that Sunday. She was treated terribly thereafter but Moulton seems to be obsessed with the 13-15 weekend and just won't let it go. He's making himself look a right eejit.
  9. They're not proposing anything of the sort. They're already doing it and have been since April 2023 https://www.gov.im/categories/tax-vat-and-your-money/income-tax-and-national-insurance/individuals/residents/rates-and-allowances/
  10. piebaps

    Firm closing

    No. See the Assessors Guidance GN40 in the downloadable documents https://www.gov.im/categories/tax-vat-and-your-money/income-tax-and-national-insurance/employers/ Been exempt since at least 2007, but probably earlier.
  11. piebaps

    Firm closing

    That's not right. There are no levels for government only parking. Levels 7 8 and 9 are for contract parking which is available to anyone who wants it. https://www.gov.im/categories/travel-traffic-and-motoring/parking-and-parking-permits/car-parks/
  12. piebaps

    TT 2023

    That's not right. I've snipped this from the PSC disciplinary procedure which are on their website here https://hr.gov.im/media/1072/psc-disciplinary-procedure-september-2023-final-080923.pdf
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