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  1. piebaps

    is the mountain road shut?

    http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=45128&headline=Mountain Closed with the first snow of the season
  2. piebaps

    Third Worlds Safest City

    1. The report doesn't say he was working so whether the work permit rules are weak or strong is irrelevant. 2. He may have been released on bail because he's already spent sufficient time locked up on remand to exceed any likely sentence. 3. In certain circumstances he may be excluded from the Island but why should his family if they weren't involved in this assault. 4. We have no control over who enters the IOM. We never have. Once inside the UK border, anyone can come here at any time. This is reciprocal for IOM resident inside the common travel area.
  3. piebaps

    Steam Packet to be sold

    Agreed there. The concept etc works for obtaining and developing a sustainable sea transport system for us. Where it'll fall down is when Mabel from Onchan needs a cheap trip to visit a sick relative around 7 June and she finds that there are no sailings available or they want £150 one was as a foot pax. Then she'll be onto one of those Onchan fuckwits who'll be trying to introduce some kind of discounted fare for old wimmin with sick rellies. Once one group has a reduction, then every other fecker will want one too and the whole plat goes South.
  4. piebaps

    Manx Radio

    I disagree. Its a radio station. Updated items are broadcast. A website's no use to someone driving or working. I could easily log onto IOM Newspapers and slag them off about their lack of broadcast content too.
  5. piebaps

    Manx Radio

    Spotted this on bbc today "The savage feud between the gangs resulted in father-of-five Massey being shot at 18 times. Five bullets hit him and he died on his doorstop" Just to show that spelling and grammar errors aren't unique.
  6. piebaps

    Manx Radio

    Totally agree. Plus of course our education system doesn't pull people up for spelling and grammar errors.
  7. piebaps

    Lack Of Road Safety Strategy...

    The roads would be a helluva lot quieter without smart arsed English feckers coming over here telling us how to drive.
  8. piebaps

    Manx Radio

    Sorry Andy but there's loads of IOM content on the BBC website. You can even tailor your view so it comes up https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/localnews/im1-im1/0 The undercurrent from the troll here is that Ewan is not doing a real job but instead is getting a wedge of cash cause is Dad is Phil Gawne. I don't know Ewan or his background. I'll wager however that he has appropriate academic qualifications and is working a full week and he's not getting a handout due to his Dad's background (which is fairly questionable in any case). Obviously if anyone has a single shred of evidence which proves that young Ewan is getting a free lunch then no doubt he will produce it for us to see. I've seen no objective criticism of Ewan's content or delivery. All I'm seeing is people whining that he's Phil Gawne's son. Former politicians have children. They get jobs. Some are in the public service. Get over it. Criticize him objectively and professionally. Saying he only got the job coz of his dad is typical of the childish nonsense that's prevalent on here these days.
  9. piebaps

    Manx Radio

    Perhaps this helps https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/more-bbc-staff-planned-for-island/ The money's not being given either. He works for it. You're an especially bitter troll too.
  10. piebaps

    Clearly Not

    Awash with sick them buses
  11. piebaps

    Disconnect between young voters and MHKS

    Promise a 16 year old a skate park and a place where he can hang out with his mates and he'll vote for you. Its easier than granny farming.
  12. piebaps

    New Years Honours 2018

    Ahhh the annual whining about honours thread. Couldn't the op just read earlier versions for the same old shite about establishment etc etc
  13. piebaps

    So who is doing the TT commentry for 2019 ?

    Its due to go out to public tender at some stage in the near future. I'm sure the winner will no doubt announce the result with fanfares etc.
  14. piebaps

    Manx Radio ads, We are Crowe ?

    Why is this news? Honest question
  15. piebaps

    I'll check if it's daylight !

    Yup,sod all. Apart from the museums, bowling alley, ape man, laserblast, fishing, hiking, swimming pools, beaches, trams, trains, venture centre, wild life park (just off the top of my head)