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  1. The direction notices have been published as part of an FOI. Its reply number 1688549. The first one in March 2020 is supposed to have been for all workers but the wording of the notice itself implies that it only applies to non-residents. This is a recurring theme until the last one on 25.02.21. Sorry I can't link to FOI and the file is over the limit for posting on here as an attachment. The FOI is called Steam Packet Direction Notices and was dated 23.03.21. https://services.gov.im/freedom-of-information/search
  2. Perhaps they're dealing with sick people first.
  3. Howard's beaches! And I thought he was a misogynist.
  4. The report concluded that the purchase was a good one and that the price was fair. Am I missing something
  5. I get it @wrighty and @Gladys but using some simple logic Where did our first covid case come from? Travel. When we locked down in Jan where did the covid come from? Travel. The source of the current lockdown and Kent variant? Travel. It therefore screams at me that on a common sense basis, you don't travel unless absolutely necessary. Everyone has a reason for wanting to travel. Mostly these are pretty good reasons too. People are however making difficult sacrifices by choosing not to travel - notwithstanding that they are free to do so. This woman picking up a dog is
  6. Quite. What sort of selfish moron thinks that while the rest of the IOM is locked down, its OK to travel to buy a fucking dog. I agree with Gladys that the 111 admin appears to be lacking , but the fact that the public is paying for admin for this sort of shite is equally as shocking.
  7. HQ's wording from Thrusday makes no mention of the airbridge https://covid19.gov.im/news-releases-statements/chief-ministers-statement-on-covid-19-08-april-2021/ The subject of an airbridge was brought up in the journo questions and all he said was that he would like to see it restored. He made no reference to a policy or aim to establish airbridges with anyone, he was just answering a question.
  8. You've lost me finlo. His work is his work. His work for the corpy is unpaid.
  9. One mans self serving, pompous, arrogant arse is another mans unpaid volunteer trying his best for the people he represents
  10. As firm believers in transparency, it'll show on their website Albert
  11. To be fair and with my sexist head on, she did have her good points.
  12. Skool is inportant but jetskis are inportanter.
  13. Jesus, the IOM should join the pacific trade group. Not only do we have the bloody English over here trying to make us look more like England, the fecking Australians are wanting us to join Australia. I know where this is going, down the "dunny".
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