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  1. They do Andy but Rog said the pathway from MR was "often" when in fact "often" appears to mean once.
  2. How many is often? As far as I know there's only Marian Kenny in the Cabinet Office. Who are the others that make this "often" as you claim?
  3. Ahh the annual ice sign thread. A sure sign that Christmas is approaching
  4. The sooner the English leave the better. Everyone else is welcome, just the English to leave.
  5. well quilp, if the English occupiers don't like it here................................
  6. Well what a highbrow argument you put up. I can't fault that school of thought, your intellect and political reasoning are too far advanced for me.
  7. They did. Post#1 links to the Guardian.
  8. Get with the program willy, this was on MF over a week ago
  9. No real change. The Saturday session which they typically can't run due to lack of marshals has been moved to Sunday and there's a new qualifying session on the Friday afternoon.
  10. You're right there Neil. The blog does a good enough job.
  11. Lucky they didn't give you the job with your literacy skills being so poor!
  12. Its a public body under the terms of the FOI Act.
  13. It was free to get in and spectators were welcome. BBC streamed it live and it was plugged by MR and IOM newspapers. Take your pic.
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