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  1. The ICU case is "recovering" too which is great news. On a lighter note, does Howard have a little thing for Jess @ IOM Newspapers? I'm sure I can hear a subtle change in his voice when he says "Hi Jess". It's not quite a Leslie Phillips "welllllll helllllllooo", but I'm certain there's a change in inflection. Does he want Howard's Way with her?
  2. Quite. On Saturday there were two drink driving arrests. Asking someone to blow is therefore perfectly reasonable and as failure to give a breath sample is an offence, its also perfectly reasonable to inform the driver of that. None of us, including the farmer, were there so precisely how that was communicated to the vet is not known. All essential workers should by now have their letter confirming their status (I have) so producing the letter and explaining that you're a vet on your way to an emergency should have been simple. A breath test as already mentioned shouldn't be an issue and certainly shouldn't have delayed anyone by "ages". The claims just don't stack up to me.
  3. We've already gone down it. The Governor made his Emergency Powers Declaration. From this point onwards the 1936 Act kicked in. Among it all were the Potentially Infectious Persons Regulations (see Tynwald agenda 24th March) Under these, we're all potentially infectious and are required to stay at home. That requirement can be varied arbitarily depending by DHSC on the circumstances of a case after weighing up the personal circumstances of the person concerned and there's a right of appeal to the Summary Court. Ashford is trying to adopt a broad brush approach by saying stay at home, but you can go out for various reasons and he's appealing for common sense to prevail. What the dickheads want is for hm to spell out exactly what they can and can't do in every possible circumstance. If he did that, he would just face an endless barrage of "what if" questions. Its a national emergency. Just be sensible. Its not that hard really.
  4. They didn't resume. They've been flying continuously. LRH is being used by BA instead of LCY which is totally closed. As someone else has said already, there's no restriction on leaving the IOM and there's a need for approved traffic coming the other way.
  5. How many arrests have there been for failing to follow advice?
  6. This may assist http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=54831&headline=Heathrow and Manchester flights resume&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2020
  7. I've advocated that the English all fuck off back to England too, but that ain't happening either.
  8. Sorry, you have not a single shred. If you do - get it to professional standards. They've just jailed one officer and a further one is due on trial. Putting parking tickets on cars because of sexual flirtation has to be misconduct in a public office. You're just making stories up. Like the druggies from yesterday and your mpersistent claims about a shadowy "establishment" of which you can't name anyone. Its pure tinfoil stuff.
  9. Hopefully the English will go first.
  10. The request from the police has been misreported. What they asked was that before the lockdown nobody takes their cars or motorbikes out for "that last lap over the mountain" as they want to keep the hozzy clear for virus business and don't want it clogged up with totally avoidable crash victims.
  11. Suicide is a coroner's vedict so could be 12months or more away IF it applied in this case and there's not a shred of evidence publicly available that says it does. In fact why mention the word? There've been no further announcements since http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=54721&headline=Suspicious death probe: woman named&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2020 If the rozzers weren't being called every five minutes to referee social distancing complaints they may have more officers available for other work.
  12. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<shudders involutarily (and not in a good way).
  13. It might be for you, but it doesn't do anything for me
  14. Hang on then. He's just trying to help his constituents albeit in a somewhat misguided way. He's not got pissed and chucked up on a bus or anything.
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