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  1. Oooooh! Why is there no handbag emoji?
  2. Humble pie for tea perhaps?
  3. "You can drive home but you will not be able to stop anywhere" https://covid19.gov.im/general-information/isle-of-man-resident-registration/ Seems reasonably clear to me.
  4. Maybe a meltdown won't be needed https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-54278053
  5. piebaps

    Load of s***

    Boys'll be on time and a turd
  6. "Getting away" were the words I focussed on, but yes kopek you're correct, there's no data.
  7. The Lake looks more like the shape of the Island. No Calf of Man though (or should it be kitten of Man)
  8. IMHO its just the usual bollocks advocates spew out before sentencing. You know the kind of stuff - my client hadn't eaten and is on medication which reacted badly with the alcohol etc etc. I would like to think that a public servant processing benefit claims and noticing one or more fraudulent claims would be bringing it to the attention of the benefit fraud team. Saying nothing and bunging a claim in for yourself is not the action I suspect the vast majority of PS workers would take. Especially if they're all benefit claimant hating harridans as as been suggested earlier in the thread.
  9. As was once said in Father Ted - "now that's sarcasm"
  10. Now hang on there Teapot. The peoples prince has had media training you know..................and he can apparently make steak and chips.
  11. A bit like the IOM Constabulary did!!
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