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  1. There's some FOI data here on the tent. tt-tickets.pdf
  2. You could make an FOI request, or alternatively, look at the one that's been published already.
  3. Holy thread derailments Batman! That's a belter.
  4. I can't see any purple drawers
  5. It's gonna be great if they don't ease off. You boys are gonna be apoplectic
  6. If you'd read the collective responsibility rules you would know that constituency matters are exempt.
  7. It was approved by Tynwald and is shown in the pink book from Feb https://www.gov.im/media/1371889/gd2021004-budget-2021-22.pdf
  8. Jesus, 24 hours later and its the same old same old. I'm hanging on for page 2200 but then I reckon the thread has run its course.
  9. Jesus are you fuckers still on here spewing out the same old shit. Its been over a year guys, any chance of a record change?
  10. IOM = a great place to live Don't like it? = Fuck off Its not rocket science men.
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