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  1. The whole world is going crazy quilp, may as well in this thread too
  2. Lost Login has been attempting to debate around the issue of how would her involvement assist ending lockdown earlier. It appears that nobody has been able to answer that and the thread has turned against him/her because of the refusal to say Doc/Rachel/ or whatever. It appears that regardless of the merits of the discussion, the failure to use the correct title is more important. Its pretty usual MF stuff tbh, but I'm surprised that more of the regulars can't see this.
  3. Surely Saint Rachel is most appropriate. Or perhaps Mother Therachel?
  4. We don't have "exceptional circumstances" and can take our time and get it done properly.
  5. Ramsey fit. (sorry Rox, you've loved me for 24 hurs and I've let you down already)
  6. What I find most difficult here is that members of Comin are making decisions based on "skim reading" the papers.
  7. Yes. The boy vampire said so yesterday.
  8. The report is on the FOI page dated 20/10/20. Its a corking read!! Its called Complete Copy of a Report from Angela Main-Thompson.
  9. Comments in the report from Chris Corlett. MS is Minister Skelly; "He confirmed that he had no access to MS’s emails and relied on MS telling him about anything important he was doing. It was clear therefore that meetings held by the Minister with individuals external to Government were being conducted by the Minister alone and that notes of such meetings were not being filed, in breach of paragraph 2.9 of the Ministerial Code"
  10. Agreed. All he's doing is regurgitating what's already out there. Nothing new. The world's full of plagiarists.
  11. GDPR isn't trumped by public interest. Without the consent of the guy and the patient, he can't discuss their case. No ifs and no buts. Personal data is absolutely exempt from FOI too so that doesn't help either.
  12. No. They didn't. Read Hansard from 18 November. https://www.tynwald.org.im/business/hansard/20002020/t201118 RHG.pdf This is what the vote was on "further urgent consideration should be given for all arrivals to be tested for COVID-19 with additional testing to take place at intervals after arrival within the 14-day isolation period" The motion was passed too. If Shimmins (who proposed this) wanted testing done then the motion should have reflected this. It didn't, it just asked that they think about it.
  13. At the start of this lockdown a short 3 week period was envisaged. The MERA for all its faults was already on the shelf and probably (I'm guessing here) could be reactivated quickly as a way to get £600 to the guys and gals that needed it, in the shortest possible time. Now that it seems more likely that the lockdown may need extending (based on the 14 days clear test) a rethink is probably already underway for wider support. Its a shit time for a lockdown (not that there's a good time) right on the back of Christmas when many non-office workers have just had a pretty lean month in any ca
  14. Read that too Banker. Comparatively speaking, we've had so few cases here that it will have little or no effect......probably. The study also showed that repeat cases could be asymptomatic spreaders too. Obvs excluding TJ of course who managed to catch it on multiple occasions.
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