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  1. Thrown away with the purple unmentionables?
  2. Other forums are available
  3. Agreed.................probably English🤣
  4. ON MF?? No way! Who'd a thunk it.
  5. That wasn't what you initially said though was it? You made something up and were caught out. Why not say sorry and hold your hands up instead of ruining another thread with your bile.
  6. Free car parking spaces are not normally a taxable benefit
  7. How long does it take to get rid of the taste? (Asking for Mad Uncle Ronnie?)
  8. How much have they had Sid?
  9. Not with only 40 pages. That's nothing compared to here.
  10. piebaps


    The main difference is that Hospital cares for the patient while Hospice cares about the patient
  11. The current and two previous govs all have the same driver. He's never been a rozzer.
  12. No it isn't. In Jersey/Guernsey the waiting room floors are paved in solid gold and the nurses all provide "happy endings" and pay you for attending their hozzies......apparently.😂
  13. I've seen many references to objectives, targets and KPI. Sure this is all management bullshit. There is only one objective here - making sick people well again. Surely at its most simple level, that is all we want from our health services.
  14. piebaps

    TT 2022 ??

    There were changes which resulted in fewer road closures. Old version New version Practice week race week Practice week race week Sat Sat Sun Mon Mon Mon Mon Tue Wed Tue Wed Fri Wed Thur Thur Fri Fri So aside from moving the first practice from Sat to Sun and having no race week at all after the bank holiday the format was pretty much the same. And of course the roads didn't close at all on the Friday.
  15. piebaps

    Firm closing

    I think it was the ejaculatte
  16. Question is whether he'll change his name to Bap
  17. To be fair 50 people telling him anything on twitter is hardly a sound basis for decision making.
  18. That's his browser tabbed!
  19. It's tomorrow. The outcome may or may not be published. Judging by the numbers on here claiming how important it is, I'm sure someone will be at the Court and report back.
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