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    Local bakeries that use local suppliers and are IOM VAT registered may be better for the economy. True, but competition is good as always and I cannot stress this enough, people will vote with their wallets who is better. More to the fact that we always jump to the conclusion that any british company will put our manx company out of bussiness, which is not always true, lets all relax and let greggs come over and give some of our poor unemployed folks jobs.
  2. flint


    Good, I can't think of one reason why this is a bad thing.....more jobs for the people too good times.
  3. flint

    Tesco Meat

    I don't recall seeing Manx meat on Iceland shelves, or am I missing something? Plus how many topics does manx fourms need about stabbing Tesco in its sides? its been on the island 12 years....12 years lets pick on another english company instead eh? A lot of people rely on it and its just another supermarket. If shopping there saves people money, then I'm all for it afterall we are in a recession!
  4. Hi there folks, I'm looking for some videogames for certain consoles, the list is below if you have any of them please PM me and leave a price you are willing to accept for the following. Gameboy Advance games Metroid Fusion Metroid Zero Mission Xbox games Halo 2 just a small note please only contact me if the games are boxed and in ok condition
  5. flint

    Modern Warfare 2

    I'll be there! yeah I have time off this week....mmm..I lost my pre-order paper, but I got the pre-order text on my mob, so is that enough?
  6. Hi Everyone Has anyone used Manxflights.com for travel as I am wanting to fly to Trinidad and they have given a better pricing than Travel2online, I would be greatful for any feedback. If you know any better TA please let me know.
  7. Would anyone like to sell their Guitar Hero drums for the Xbox 360, must be in working order, Duh!
  8. I'm up for it, whats your Gamertag?
  9. flint

    Saints Row 2

    I can't believe that a topic about Saints Row 2 is at the top of the manx gaming forum with Metal Gear Solid 4 out tomorrow........ Ok it doesn't help that I've posted in here. Manx gamers you should be a shamed of yourselfs
  10. For sale Rockband Drumkit for the Xbox360 yours for £45 bargin at that price in full working condition. Please contact me at robin_shimmin@hotmail.com or call 458466.
  11. Didn't get into this series but anything with Snake in it is good by me.
  12. flint


    If anyone is interested I'm selling the Rock band wired Guitar for £35 only used a few times or will swap for a Guitar hero wireless guitar.
  13. I'm selling the Rockband wired Guitar for the Xbox 360 yours for £35(reduced from £45) comes in a box only use a few times. Please Email me robin_shimmin@hotmail.com or Phone 458466.
  14. flint


    Having seen the set up in HMV it looks great, but damn thats a big box!
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