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  1. That's God's way of telling you to overclock the bastard! It'd be criminal not to.
  2. House

    Wow 3.0.2

    Hell is filled with people like you.
  3. MacFarlanes is fantastic, if you go for the lunctime specials it's (IIRC) £12.99 for two courses, choice of starter and main or main and pud, think you can get all three courses for a bit extra. The main menu is quite pricey, but the food is absolutely superb, far better than you'll get in most other places. I'm not actually a massive fish fan (and they do a decent choice of non-seafood dishes), but the fish dishes I've eaten there have been excellent. Very highly recommended.
  4. I'd just like to say these are one of the comfiest sofas known to man (we have one that's been in the family for yonks), none of your modern cheap crap that's only slightly preferable to sitting on a box full of egg whisks. Just one point though, they're big, seriously big, if you live in a Dandara house, you'd probably have to demolish a wall to get it in. £150 is an excellent price.
  5. They're just bloody stupidly fast, the wrx's are anyway. Insurance group 18, which means the insurance companies are almost certain you will crash it at some point. How is something that's been judged so risky by insurance permitted on the roads? They've no place on the roads, cars like that should be limited to the track. Very sad news about the driver, awful news. How do you define 'stupidly fast'? Scoobies are a very quick car, no two ways about it, and the turbo kick on them can be a bit mental, but there's nothing inherently dangerous about them, same as any performance vehicle, it's down to the driver understanding how it works, and what it can and can't do. The smartest thing someone can do when getting themselves a car of this nature is doing an advanced driving course and/or getting it up at Jurby to get a proper feel for it. All that said, the Scooby has been around for a while now, and a lot of the 90s ones are getting a bit raggedy, plus they're cheap to buy, but not necessarily always maintained properly, I saw one parked in town a few weeks ago that had two bald tyres on it, I looked a bit closer and the brake discs were shagged as well, and that ain't smart on a vehicle putting down 250bhp in the middle of winter..... (An annual MOT really wouldn't go amiss on some of the older performance cars zooming around the IOM's roads......) Please note I'm not speculating/commenting on this particular tragic accident and what may or may not have happened, we'll just have to wait for the facts to come through via the news channels.
  6. House

    Tesco Brains

    Tesco is awful, and it's full of awful people. I like the keen amateurish nature of Shoprite, and the new Guiltless Gourmet store is a chilled out place to shop with the family. In an ideal world, the IOM Tesco would get firebombed.
  7. Why on earth would you have started using Vista in the first place? It always has been, and remains, utterly shite. (I got a new laptop for the missus a few months ago, one of my absolute top priorities with it was making sure there was a full XP driver set avalable for it, so that as soon as it arrived I could rebuild it with XP.) XP is still fully supported by MS, there's really no excuse. By all accounts Windows 7 is just an improved and streamlined Vista, there's nothing staggeringly new about it, but it does run a hell of a lot better than Vista.
  8. House

    Wow 3.0.2

    It's syphilis, you wouldn't really want to see it.
  9. House

    Wow 3.0.2

    I don't care which ISP you use, a direct HTTP download is going to be faster. Well I can't argue with you on that point, but it'd still be nice if MT recognised that their customers may very well generate legitimate P2P traffic on occasion, and thus afford them even a substantial fraction of the bandwidth that they pay for, as opposed to immediately dropping them into the EVIL PIRATE basket.
  10. The whole lot mystifies me, but then again I did think myself lucky to get a C in my maths GCSE. I was far more concerned with ladies' bits and suchlike when I was a teenager, and nothing much has changed in all honesty, so down with maths and up with skirts, or something.
  11. House

    Wow 3.0.2

    The built-in updater isn't so bad if you're not using MT as your ISP, since it's basically a P2P client and gets absolutely throttled to buggery, on WiManx the patches actually come down pretty fast. There's no question that the first raft of patches/updates after a fresh install are horrible in the extreme, but once the pain has been endured, it's just a question of backing up the WoW folder (either to another PC or DVD or whatever), then if a rebuild/extra install is ever required, all the patches and updates can be copied back into the WoW folder and they'll just work. Blizzard still want shooting for not providing a direct download server themselves though, I mean, every fucker's paying them £9 per month to play the bastard game as it is.....
  12. House

    Wow 3.0.2

    Hmmmm, ish. Some classes are a lot easier to play solo with, namely the Hunter and the Warlock. If one expects to be playing the game alone a lot (and TBH, questing and levelling is generally a solo experience), then it may be beneficial to create a hunter or a warlock, but these classes aren't really so useful in the endgame where groups are required to do all the instances/raids/heroics. Moreover, quests marked as 'GROUP' in the main game can often be soloed by certain classes, but not others. Death Knights are overpowered, but they can only be created at Level 55 and will be gradually nerfed anyway.
  13. But surely deserves a thead of its own. Sign up here - https://www.spotify.com/en/get-started/ I'd be the first to admit it seems to be seriously, suspiciously, and strangely good...... But maybe the bigwigs of the music industry have finally realised that not acting like a bunch of utter mercenary cunts the whole time is, strangely enough, a good thing after all......
  14. House

    Fallout 3

    In the end I just found this game a bit tedious and depressing, and went back to WoW. I know the future will most likely be bleak and dystopian, but I don't need games to constantly remind me of the fact.
  15. Yep this is about the size of it, we have very few 'distressed sellers' over here, i.e. no one who really NEEDS to sell, just a lot of folks who are happy to wait and wait until the buyer who 'absolutely must have it' comes along and offers the asking price, or very close to it. I know a few people who have their houses on the market who'd quite like to move, but aren't that arsed either, one house has been on the market for over 18 months and they haven't dropped the price one penny and have no intention of doing so, and that's not an unusual situation at all. In addition to that, estate agents don't seem interested in introducing a dose of reality to the market, or perhaps cutting their own commission rates by suggesting lower prices.......
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