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  1. MacFarlanes is fantastic, if you go for the lunctime specials it's (IIRC) £12.99 for two courses, choice of starter and main or main and pud, think you can get all three courses for a bit extra.


    The main menu is quite pricey, but the food is absolutely superb, far better than you'll get in most other places.


    I'm not actually a massive fish fan (and they do a decent choice of non-seafood dishes), but the fish dishes I've eaten there have been excellent.


    Very highly recommended.

  2. I'd just like to say these are one of the comfiest sofas known to man (we have one that's been in the family for yonks), none of your modern cheap crap that's only slightly preferable to sitting on a box full of egg whisks.


    Just one point though, they're big, seriously big, if you live in a Dandara house, you'd probably have to demolish a wall to get it in.


    £150 is an excellent price.

  3. Hmmm very sad. Those Subaru cars seem to be a bit dangerous, my mates mate had one (he is also dead now) do they 'drive' differently from normal cars?


    They're just bloody stupidly fast, the wrx's are anyway. Insurance group 18, which means the insurance companies are almost certain you will crash it at some point. How is something that's been judged so risky by insurance permitted on the roads? They've no place on the roads, cars like that should be limited to the track.


    Very sad news about the driver, awful news.


    How do you define 'stupidly fast'? Scoobies are a very quick car, no two ways about it, and the turbo kick on them can be a bit mental, but there's nothing inherently dangerous about them, same as any performance vehicle, it's down to the driver understanding how it works, and what it can and can't do. The smartest thing someone can do when getting themselves a car of this nature is doing an advanced driving course and/or getting it up at Jurby to get a proper feel for it.


    All that said, the Scooby has been around for a while now, and a lot of the 90s ones are getting a bit raggedy, plus they're cheap to buy, but not necessarily always maintained properly, I saw one parked in town a few weeks ago that had two bald tyres on it, I looked a bit closer and the brake discs were shagged as well, and that ain't smart on a vehicle putting down 250bhp in the middle of winter..... (An annual MOT really wouldn't go amiss on some of the older performance cars zooming around the IOM's roads......)


    Please note I'm not speculating/commenting on this particular tragic accident and what may or may not have happened, we'll just have to wait for the facts to come through via the news channels.

  4. Tesco is awful, and it's full of awful people.


    I like the keen amateurish nature of Shoprite, and the new Guiltless Gourmet store is a chilled out place to shop with the family.


    In an ideal world, the IOM Tesco would get firebombed.

  5. i feel like ms have taken the piss abit really .. vista has only been out 5 minutes and will soon be made redundant after a short spell of updates as they did with xp twats..


    what about us people who have only had vista 12 months out of its short shelf life will there be free upgrades or at worst subsidised upgrades..???


    Why on earth would you have started using Vista in the first place? It always has been, and remains, utterly shite. (I got a new laptop for the missus a few months ago, one of my absolute top priorities with it was making sure there was a full XP driver set avalable for it, so that as soon as it arrived I could rebuild it with XP.)


    XP is still fully supported by MS, there's really no excuse.


    By all accounts Windows 7 is just an improved and streamlined Vista, there's nothing staggeringly new about it, but it does run a hell of a lot better than Vista.

  6. I just tested the download client on a MT IP range and got a reasonably respectable 740k/s. I don't see your problem really.


    It's syphilis, you wouldn't really want to see it.

  7. The built-in updater isn't so bad if you're not using MT as your ISP, since it's basically a P2P client and gets absolutely throttled to buggery, on WiManx the patches actually come down pretty fast.


    I don't care which ISP you use, a direct HTTP download is going to be faster.


    Well I can't argue with you on that point, but it'd still be nice if MT recognised that their customers may very well generate legitimate P2P traffic on occasion, and thus afford them even a substantial fraction of the bandwidth that they pay for, as opposed to immediately dropping them into the EVIL PIRATE basket.

  8. The whole lot mystifies me, but then again I did think myself lucky to get a C in my maths GCSE.


    I was far more concerned with ladies' bits and suchlike when I was a teenager, and nothing much has changed in all honesty, so down with maths and up with skirts, or something.

  9. Download the patches from http://www.wowwiki.com/patch_mirrors instead of using the in game updater. It's a ton faster if I remember right.


    The built-in updater isn't so bad if you're not using MT as your ISP, since it's basically a P2P client and gets absolutely throttled to buggery, on WiManx the patches actually come down pretty fast.


    There's no question that the first raft of patches/updates after a fresh install are horrible in the extreme, but once the pain has been endured, it's just a question of backing up the WoW folder (either to another PC or DVD or whatever), then if a rebuild/extra install is ever required, all the patches and updates can be copied back into the WoW folder and they'll just work.


    Blizzard still want shooting for not providing a direct download server themselves though, I mean, every fucker's paying them £9 per month to play the bastard game as it is.....

  10. Wow's very balanced these days, with the possible exception of the new death knight class. Just play what you fancy, you'll be fine.



    Hmmmm, ish.


    Some classes are a lot easier to play solo with, namely the Hunter and the Warlock.


    If one expects to be playing the game alone a lot (and TBH, questing and levelling is generally a solo experience), then it may be beneficial to create a hunter or a warlock, but these classes aren't really so useful in the endgame where groups are required to do all the instances/raids/heroics.


    Moreover, quests marked as 'GROUP' in the main game can often be soloed by certain classes, but not others.


    Death Knights are overpowered, but they can only be created at Level 55 and will be gradually nerfed anyway.

  11. In the end I just found this game a bit tedious and depressing, and went back to WoW.


    I know the future will most likely be bleak and dystopian, but I don't need games to constantly remind me of the fact.

  12. The problem with sellers here from experience is that most of them have just stuck their house on the market with a view to making a few quid over the odds. Even if the house has been on the market for 2 years they won't take a penny less than the asking price because they are not that arsed about moving because they just have pound signs in their eyes. The only leverage I have ever got was when you knew the sale was a divorce and so they wanted to get shot but the vast majority of people seemed not that bothered whether they moved or not.


    Prices will only drop here when people have to sell through job loss or leaving to go back to the UK, or more likely buy to lets that have to be shifted to repay the bank.


    On this basis the market could stagnate for years here purely because the vast majority of sellers are just chancers looking to walk away with cash in their arse pockets.


    Yep this is about the size of it, we have very few 'distressed sellers' over here, i.e. no one who really NEEDS to sell, just a lot of folks who are happy to wait and wait until the buyer who 'absolutely must have it' comes along and offers the asking price, or very close to it.


    I know a few people who have their houses on the market who'd quite like to move, but aren't that arsed either, one house has been on the market for over 18 months and they haven't dropped the price one penny and have no intention of doing so, and that's not an unusual situation at all.


    In addition to that, estate agents don't seem interested in introducing a dose of reality to the market, or perhaps cutting their own commission rates by suggesting lower prices.......

  13. I know of one development that is less than 10% occupied now and yet was planned to have been completely sold by October.


    I've often wondered about this - did the Central Apartments ever get filled up, for example?


    I've never understood who the market is supposed to be for all these tiny apartments on the IOM, yes we have single people and couples for who they'd be suitable, but beyond that surely family housing (even the tidgy Dandara FTB stuff) is going to be more in demand?


    Add in the fact that the apartments often have the same asking price (or near enough) of a small house, and you have to wonder who the hell is buying them!?!?


    The ones we looked around when we were buying a couple of years ago were nice enough as far as fit and finish was concerned (maybe they weren't Dandara.....), but they were actually more expensive than 4-bed Victorian build terraced houses, and bloody tiny into the bargain! (Although admittedly the Douglas/Ramsey divide was a factor there.)

  14. I'm getting increasingly hacked off with MT's charges, big bills month after month and it's amazing how much stuff isn't covered by 2 x £25 mobile contracts. Simple things like the fact I hardly ever use any of my free minutes, but if my wife goes over we pay top dollar for the extra calls, when there are about six billion free minutes left on my number. Both mobiles are on the same effing bill, why not pool all the free texts and minutes together between the two numbers?


    Hmmm, the new Flex thingy isn't a million miles off this, and will help balance out the fact that I text far more than I call, where Mrs House calls a lot more than she texts.


    If they go one step further and pool all calls + texts between mobiles on the same bill (or at least give the option to do so) into one big bucket of calls and texts, I will officially be satisfied.

  15. erm couldnt you have just started doing your job properly and priced them right :P



    Well that's the point, the prices were faxed through from head office, often on a daily basis as we were in mortal kombat (sic) with other retailers, and they fucked the prices up all the time, especially the updates that the tills were supposed to be getting (via a 14.4K modem :D).


    If it was a real clanger then we noticed ahead of time (Playstations did not cost £29.99, for example), but for some of the special offers it was only when we'd rung everything into the till and it came up different from what the customer was expecting that the fireworks started. (The ones who were capable of adding up, that is.)


    It was the worst job I'd ever had, and that's including the post of 'dogsbody' I got at the Marine when I moved to the IOM, which included cleaning the toilets and polishing the brass on a daily basis. (Like, polished brass really lent the place an air of class.)

  16. Yeah another vote from me, like RC I jumped to Wi-Manx during the rolling train wreck of the 8-meg upgrades, I accept that sometimes such large bodies of work may come with difficulties, but it was MT's appalling communication and/or denial of problems - (YES I HAVE REBOOTED MY ROUTER AND UPGRADED THE FIRMWARE AND CHECKED THE CABLING AND PRAYED TO THE MIGHTY GOD VISHNU FOR WORKING INTERNET AGAIN) - that really tipped me over the edge.


    Several months down the line I've had a bulletproof, fast, stable connection without any hitches whatsoever, and the dealings I've had with the company have been excellent. (Being able to walk into a high-street shop and get to speak to the right person within seconds is great.)


    I understand that MT's service is back to normal now, and has been for a while (and by normal, I mean 'very good' which is how it always was back in the 2-meg days) - but what the company perhaps failed to appreciate is customers won't take too much shit before giving the competition a try, and should have briefed the people answering the phones at the time a lot better. The quality of information we got here on MF was better than what the company were actually putting out.

  17. I used to get this all the time back when I worked at GAME (we're talking across in the UK, in the 90s).


    We knew the law (ans is quite correct, the price is merely an invitation to trade, and not backed up by any 'right' to buy at that price) - but since we ran arguably the scummiest GAME in the country (Blackburn - oop North), and our clientèle consisted somewhat of knife wielding drugged-up thugs, we thought we were doing well getting them to come to the till at all, rather than simply have them try to pinch everything. (I'm sure they would have tried to pinch the consoles, but they were locked up in the back.)


    If it looked like the customer might resort to physical violence, we generally just took the hit and sold the gear cheap (and cursed head office for knobbing up the prices again), and in the end it got so bad we employed someone who knew absolutely nothing about computers or consoles or games at all, but was built like a brick shithouse and was capable of telling people to piss off when they demanded their 'rights' to buy a Playstation with ten games for £3.96.


    Bloody scummers.


    We don't have people like that in Ramsey, fortunately.

  18. Did you watch Louis Theroux last night? Your assertions that drug taking is innocent and victim less looks pretty naive in the face of documentaries like that.


    Ahem, the point isn't that drug taking is 'innocent and victimless' - the point is that the illegality of the drugs themselves magnifies the potential negative effects upon both the individual users and wider society.


    Alcohol and tobacco are both badass motherfuckers in terms of harm right across the board (which is why they both placed far higher than, for example, ecstasy in the 'harm stakes' recently), but no one's suggesting that the best way to deal with this problem is to make both substances illegal, because that would be, quite obviously, really stupid. (See : Prohibition in the States.)


    Bad people do bad things on drugs, do drugs make good people bad? That's a conundrum all in itself, but you could ask the same question about alcohol.

  19. similar link


    If it stops the need for certain people to rob, steal or cause offenses to other people, then it must be worth looking at.


    Another interesting read, thanks for the link.


    I've been banging this drum for years and make no apology for still doing so, UK drugs policy (and by extension the IOM's) is so blatantly in-your-face bone-headedly wrong it almost beggars belief.


    Prison does not deter drug users, for many of them, a few months at Her Majesty's Pleasure (funded by a wedge load of tax payer's cash) is actually better than what they've left behind. In prison the treatment is decent, you get fed and watered, educated, exercised, telly, books, internet, games - yeah sure you can't pop out and do 'normal' stuff but for chronic heroin addicts there's no concept of normality anyway.


    Many heroin addicts come out of prison in a substantially better condition than how they went in, unfortunately they often return straight back to their old lives (where else is there to go?) and the whole sorry cycle starts again, the inherent criminality of the lifestyle being by far the biggest stumbling block.


    The stupidest thing of all about it is that heroin use does not automatically render someone useless (in the story linked above, a heroin addict working as a waiter is gradually weaning himself off the drug via a legal source, and his employer is fully aware of this), it's perfectly possible to hold down a job and be productive at the same time as being addicted to heroin.


    It's only pushing the whole shooting match underground and onto the wrong side of the law that causes it to get really messy.


    I'm sure we all know smokers who can't imagine getting through a working day without a few fag breaks, or yearn for a few drinks when they get home from work - for many of these people, the correct word to use for their behaviour is addiction, yet it doesn't carry the stigma (and the threat of prison) that heroin use does.


    The evidence on this issue is now incontrovertible, unfortunately, this is well matched by the intransigence and ignorance of politicians and much of Joe Public.

  20. Vaguely back on topic :D


    Looks like the Swiss are actually about to make heroin officially legal.




    Funny really, over here you'd get locked up for 15 years for doing what the Swiss government does every single day.


    If you read into this one, the programme has been a massive success, reducing the crime and harm associated with heroin addiction right across the board. There was a good spot on the news about it last night, a dude who runs one of the centres was saying that they have a lot of success stories, but at the same time they accept that some people will just turn up twice a day for their fix for the rest of their lives, he was pragmatic about this and said it made a lot more sense than spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on repeatedly catching them, imprisoning them, letting them go again, wash rinse repeat, with all the attendant crime and harm this brings.

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