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  1. kevster

    Trouble at Okells

    Got a table booked for Thursday lunchtime. Hope the reports are wrong.
  2. kevster

    Planning Appeals

    Isn’t it to appeal against a decision that has been made, not to object to an application
  3. kevster

    Pubs closing

    That rings a bell
  4. kevster

    Pubs closing

    Queens has gone downhill recently. Shame, used to be a good place. Archie has complete knob (formally at the Cat) running it (although it’s officially in his partners name). Wondering if the ‘extras’ are available in the new place.
  5. kevster

    Trouble at Okells

    Most, if not all brewery pubs are managed, not tenencies
  6. kevster

    Trouble at Okells

    A lot depends on how the landlord looks after his beer and pipes.
  7. kevster

    Trouble at Okells

    It depends on what you’re looking for in a pub. My idea of a good pub is probably different to yours
  8. kevster

    Trouble at Okells

    Back to Okells - little bird tells me that all beers are going up by 5p on Monday
  9. kevster

    Trouble at Okells

    In the area surrounding the village
  10. kevster

    Trouble at Okells

    Named after the new castle (Châteauneuf) that the pope lived in
  11. kevster

    Chips, Cheese & Gravy Day

    But in the end it comes down to who's doing the frying, not who owns the business
  12. kevster

    Any App Developers Out There?

    Pm sent
  13. kevster


    "During the 2016/17 financial year, 52,277 cars were registered, 5,403 motorcycles and 1,995 other types of vehicle were registered. The other category includes Goods, Articulated Goods, Buses/Minibuses and agricultural or plant vehicles." SOURCE (Page 78)
  14. kevster

    New cat

    Paddy : "" Hey Mick, I just bought this rare Manx cat off Gumtree for 5 grand" Mick : " that's not a Manx cat, it's got a long tail ya daft cunt..you've been had" Paddy : " I thought that myself at first Mick but the guy explained that it's a very rare sub species and anyway, once I saw it had three legs, I knew it was the real deal"
  15. kevster

    Plans for lord street

    Some stuff on it here