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  1. No. At the time when this sort of scheme started being used, HMRC were OK with it’s use. They later decided it was not OK. The biggest gripe is them chasing tax due from when they accepted it as OK
  2. Don’t know about age, but one marshal at Bedstead is in a wheelchair
  3. "travelling against course under instruction from CoC" I've highlighted the important bit
  4. They didn't 'remove' it - it was updated. Same process as they do with other ongoing events such as missing people or stolen vehicles.
  5. It wouldn’t be instantaneous though. The marshals call race control and tell them about a car on the road. Race control then alert all marshals to red flag. If bikes are already out, they could travel some distance in that time.
  6. MGP will be scrapped soon. There will be a one week classic TT with all practice and racing in one week
  7. Not all marshals are visiting. Many are local. I can’t tell you what I’m doing next month, let alone this time next year.
  8. You can't expect people to volunteer for something 12 months in advance
  9. People have been doing that for a fair few years already
  10. Concrete is on the edges, the bit between the tracks where the horses walk is tarmac
  11. Isn't the HRH joke wearing a bit thin now?
  12. No conspiracy regarding the Imperial - it closed as a hotel and the owners just left it to rot. In the end, there was no option but to demolish it. At one point they did try to buy up the other three buildings in that sea facing block.
  13. Even without the help of all the experienced civil engineers on here.
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