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  1. Got my cancelled flight refunded 4 weeks after the flight date
  2. I did overhear on the the workman talking to a business owner in one of the side streets that they were now doing 12 hour days, 7 days a week. I think that weather - like today for instance - may have an impact on that
  3. No, you just drive sensibly and be prepared - there could be anything around the next corner
  4. kevster


    Very good English dictionary. Might as well take it further away from the original topic than it already seems to have gone.
  5. kevster


    Where does it mention bomb? It just says ‘unexploded ordnance’
  6. What the plans say, and what is actually there don’t always agree. When I lived in London, there was a vacant corner plot at the end of our street. A builder acquired this plot and started work on it. A check on the plan’s held by the relevant utilities showed nothing there. Unfortunately, the mini JCB he used to start digging found that a main electric cable cut across this corner instead of following the road as shown on the plans.
  7. AKA the 'Douglas Outer Link Road'
  8. Probably not the same amount of traffic then, and not the new housing developments that have been built
  9. I flew into LHR 26th August last year and back from there on the 28th - So not that long ago
  10. kevster

    TT 2021 ??

    I didn't see any crash barriers, and the signs are there all year
  11. Did she say it, or is that Manx Radio being clever?
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