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  1. No - look at the history - link by the search box - and you'll see the edits
  2. This what the actual theme to the TV programme
  3. And the proof for this is?
  4. Always have a couple of their offerings in the freezer for when I can’t be arsed to cook. Also handy for a microwave lunchtime at work
  5. As your discussing line speed, shoudn't it be in Mb, not MB?
  6. Why not visit later when the racing is finished?
  7. No. At the time when this sort of scheme started being used, HMRC were OK with it’s use. They later decided it was not OK. The biggest gripe is them chasing tax due from when they accepted it as OK
  8. Don’t know about age, but one marshal at Bedstead is in a wheelchair
  9. "travelling against course under instruction from CoC" I've highlighted the important bit
  10. They didn't 'remove' it - it was updated. Same process as they do with other ongoing events such as missing people or stolen vehicles.
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