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  1. You can't wipe your arse on an iPad
  2. The biggest problem with trains would be that the island of Ireland uses a different gauge to Great Britain
  3. Please let that happen when the great and the good are assembled on the hill.....
  4. Just out of interest, where does IoMTV get its funding from?
  5. Chemtrails - he forgot the chemtrails
  6. I don't think that her target market is the same as Topshop, etc
  7. Unlikely considering the services that needed to be replaced and the fact that the road needed to remain open for traffic and for access to businesses and for residents
  8. Lovely lady - met her a couple of times
  9. Making sure that your allocated money is spent in the year so as to keep the same allocation for the next year is not just a government thing - I've experienced it in the private sector as well
  10. But when the road surface is finished, and higher, water will flow through the holes taking the sand with it.
  11. But the rest of the road surface hasn't been finished yet, so the drain holes in the Beany Blocks are higher than they will be when the road is surfaced properly
  12. Not very busy at the moment I would have thought.... Govt owned - so extra rental costs, ample car parking, and good public transport links.
  13. What's SIO short for? Convenience
  14. kevster

    All4 App

    Looks like it doesn't like IoM IP addresses. Started working when I used a VPN using a UK server ETA - this reply is about ALL4 not MF
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