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  1. OK - but don't come moaning on here when your wallpaper starts peeling off
  2. Isn't Ukraine suffering enough without having to work with the DoI?
  3. AS someone pointed out earlier - there are tighter curves at the tram shed
  4. Have you looked into the backgrounds of the people originally behind this? (Robin Monotti + Dr Mike Yeadon + Cory Morningstar)
  5. Have you tried searching "isle of man bunting" in google?
  6. loads? Care to quantify
  7. They're only twats when dealing with people who think it's OK to park illegally
  8. kevster

    Firm closing

    Top of summerhill - opposite the petrol station
  9. Excellent film - should be required viewing for every MHK and Douglas councillor
  10. kevster

    Firm closing

    You need to sell a lot of bacon baps to cover rent, rates, staff costs, insurance, electricity, gas, water, etc Not much spent on bacon though if the Castletown branch is anything to go by
  11. When it blocks the pavement, yes. These bikes aren't as it's an area designated for parking bikes. Now, if it should be used by motorbikes is another issue
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