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  1. The need to send them back was down to the railways inspector
  2. If you read the Strategic Board Minutes, you'll see that the issue with the points has been a regular topic
  3. We've got the Douglas Christmas Market to look forward to.... Nov 26 & 27
  4. If, or rather when, it gets thrown out, Mr Headcase will then claim government cover-up
  5. kevster

    Fancy a pint?

    I had a few meals there recently when family were visiting and found it very good
  6. Douglas Courthouse - would assume the public can attend just like other courts
  7. why do people write ect instead of etc?
  8. BSc = bronze swimming certificate SSc = silver swimming certificate Hence - 'Forgot to bring in his pyjamas on the day he was going for the gold swimming certificate though'
  9. The original comment was 'when they do the horse tram tracks across to the Sea Terminal there nothing going to move as the road simply isn’t wide enough on the Strand Street side at all for wagons buses or anything larger than a Transit.' Extending the tram tracks will not affect the road space available
  10. They fit fine now - why would it change when the lines continue to the sea terminal? They're going on the seaward side of the parking
  11. Here's a link to the survey Isle of Man Air Services Review
  12. It can be confusing - bi-weekly can mean either 'twice weekly' or 'fortnightly'
  13. I'm no lawyer, but as I understand it common law is 'law that is derived from custom and judicial precedent rather than statutes' What these loonies are citing as common law is made up rubbish
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