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  1. "Starting next month, all new source code repositories created on GitHub will be named "main" instead of "master" as part of the company's effort to remove unnecessary references to slavery and replace them with more inclusive terms." Source
  2. kevster

    TT 2021 ??

    More likely is that everything is booked up well in advance...
  3. If they apply the same rule to Douglas, the courts would be full
  4. Yes, keeping the host alive does improve the chances of reproduction and spread for a respiratory virus, but some others eg ebola, can still be passed on after the death of the host.
  5. What will be a problem under the current regs is that the competitors will not get enough races under their belt to get a Mountain Licence LINK
  6. IIRC it was something to do with promoting a circus that was visiting the town. A German girlfriend told me about it in the early 80s
  7. Isn't that the one that had a elephant fall out into the river below?
  8. When lockdown started and our company had everyone working from home, I got through the best part of a box of cat5 making cables for them to use to connect to their router instead of using wi-fi. had to explain many times that you may have a super fast broadband connection, but if your connection to the router is shit......
  9. Since when has Gib been an island?
  10. It was only a temporary measure while the prom was one way
  11. Problems upstream with CenturyLink apparently
  12. My niece is a former chinook pilot and now helps to train new ones
  13. kevster


    It shows as being insured
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