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  1. According to google (it's quite good, you should try it ) if you keep holding the button down it cycles through the letters in both upper- and lower-case
  2. Do you have a water supply that varies a lot in pressure?
  3. Posting facts on here.... you should know better
  4. When I was a nipper, a neighbour did take a chainsaw (or it might have been an axe) to the household furniture when his missus said she was leaving him
  5. Just been having a look at a summary of the data - of nearly 1500 entities just over half are IoM registered Isle of Man Count 780 52% Cyprus Count 272 18% United Kingdom Count 153 10% Cayman Islands Count 107 7% British Virgin Islands Count 51 3% Seychelles Count 12 1% United States Count 11 1%
  6. I'll put money on it
  7. You might as well go the whole way, and have a rule that everyone driving on UK roads has to have passed a UK driving test
  8. Only if you’re competing in the rally
  9. Back on topic - probably held on the Friday due to tide times. Also not a school night, so the kiddies can stay up longer
  10. kevster


    Douglas fireworks brought forward
  11. Henry Walton Smith hasn't been around for sometime, but the shop is still HW Smiths
  12. Still planned - will be done later. Pointless doing it now when there is more work to do on the prom section there
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