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  1. I wonder what note it will sound when the wind blows at just the right speed?
  2. The ones delivered here were single tests - not kits
  3. I think most places were allowing 7 packs per person
  4. People moaning about the trams and trains not running seven days a week. I suppose it does stop them moaning about the trams and trains running with hardly any passengers seven days a week
  5. kevster

    Manx newbies

    ages and line of business?
  6. Steam, horse, and electric all run on 3ft gauge. Mountain railway is 3ft 6in
  7. There's nothing Manx or palm about Cordyline australis otherwise known as the Cabbage Tree. Native to New Zealand, it belongs to the same family as asparagus
  8. Aren't there problems with the stability of the cliff - hence part of the old aquadrome being left in place, and issues with the householders living above the site?
  9. An Akamai outage is being reported and MS use them
  10. It's all part of the shared space experience and slowing traffic to the benefit of pedestrians and other non-car users
  11. My daughter was asked by a friend to send some LFTs over from London. Friend tested positive
  12. The DOI get their new matrix display
  13. I never claim to be the original me
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