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  1. April - unlike the prom works, this job has gone to schedule.
  2. At 5pm this afternoon they were ‘only’ £280
  3. The laws of supply and demand in action
  4. They only sell the policy, they don't set the rules or decide what payment is due
  5. This is the normal definition I think...
  6. So there would be no freight competition if the new bit could be used for bulk cargo as b4mbi suggested
  7. SPCo don't have any bulk cargo ships
  8. Wonder how long it will be before someone tells us it was sabotaged to stop him finding out the truth?
  9. Just seen passing Castletown, heading west
  10. It allows for the most efficient use of plant. for example, the machine that breaks up the tarmac can start working on the next bit instead of sitting idle.
  11. Looks like the sort of cruise line that would appeal to environment friendly types so would be the sort of thing they would do
  12. From their T&Cs: Use of our services whilst in our Europe Zone (excluding the UK) roaming destinations is intended for temporary, periodic travel such as holidays and short breaks and should not be used for extended periods of travel or if you are permanently resident in these destinations. Avoid: Using your SIM outside of the UK for prolonged periods of time which don’t resemble reasonably usual consumer holiday patterns or travel behaviour. If you use our services outside of the UK for more than 50% of a rolling 4 month period we will send you a text requesting that you moderate your use of our services. If your use of our services outside the UK continues to exceed 50% of your total usage in the two weeks following such a request this usage will fall outside our Acceptable Use Policy and we will impose further charges on your account or reserve the right to disconnect or restrict your service. Further information on roaming charges outside the UK can be found at voxi.co.uk/pricing-guide.
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