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  1. Douglas to Snaefell adult return is £16
  2. The Feast of the Immaculate Conception probably began in the Eastern Church as a celebration of St. Anne, Mary's mother, a feast that is still kept in the East. Since at least the seventh century in the west we've made St. Anne's feast into a celebration of Mary's conception, the first of the two surrounding her birth. And though you likely won't hear this directive from the pulpit, just do like your mother did and count the months on your fingers. You'll see that there are nine months between December 8, when we celebrate Mary's conception, and September 8, when we celebrate her birth on the Feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. Source
  3. The term 'immaculate conception' refers to the conception of Mary, not Jesus.......
  4. Check for a list of definitions..... I've seen policies that define the UK as including IoM and CI
  5. It was only ever in an alpha (or at a push, beta) stage of development. The developer wasn't given the resources to move it on IIRC
  6. It might be fresh off the boat, but most of the fruit and quite a bit of the veg has already traveled half way around the world after picking so it's not exactly fresh.
  7. Take from the back of the shelf - newer stock is put there
  8. I think you can safely say that 99.9% of produce in any local supermarket isn't 'local' 5
  9. Just being pedantic - No such village. Midsomer is the name of the county.
  10. Save your brakes, just drop into a lower gear
  11. I would imagine that the cost of transporting empty bottles back to the drink producer, then washing and sterilising them outweighs the cost of new bottles. The consumer would have to pay more for the product and no matter how green and environmental you say you are, hard cash still has a big influence.
  12. Is still good - booking advised though
  13. That might have down to a different chef. The guy who was in there today was doing relief at the Terminus a couple of weeks ago.
  14. Pleased to report that you were wrong. Had a nice meal in the George this lunchtime. Nothing special - daughter had salmon and cod fish cakes, I had naked cheese and bacon burger. Both were very tasty. Decent pint of bitter as well.
  15. Licenced premises, not just pubs
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