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  1. kevster


    Or just use the link at the bottom of the page - 'Switch to Desktop' when in mobile mode, or 'Switch to mobile' when in desktop mode
  2. kevster

    Where did the voters go..?

    Weren’t they taken off the list because there had been no details received following the electoral roll update process?
  3. kevster

    Summerland Sold

    Going to be the works yard for the prom works
  4. kevster

    How society in the IOM is evolving

    All joking aside, there has apparently been some research showing that residue from prescription drugs has been found in the marine environment having passed through the sewerage system.
  5. kevster

    How society in the IOM is evolving

    Give it a while and we'll have the conspiracy nuts trying to convince us that it's all down to something 'they' are putting in the water.
  6. kevster

    Tynwald Mills Bears Having Sex

    Can't help with the angel, but will this mummified fairy do?
  7. kevster

    Coffee Republic Opened Quietly This Morning!

    Castletown one is reopening as CoffeeCraft in January
  8. kevster

    Memorial Ride Out

    A bit of context
  9. kevster

    Flat Earth?

    Shall we start HERE?
  10. kevster

    Best Place For Sunday Lunch

    Food in the Terminus is still very good. Keeps a good pint as well.
  11. kevster

    Flat Earth?

    The live album was 'Welcome Back, My Friends, to the Show That Never Ends ~ Ladies and Gentlemen'
  12. kevster

    Sex People

    Porn sites give people the wrong idea of how long it takes a plumber to turn up after you've called them.
  13. kevster

    TT Access Road

    When you include getting the Ok for funding, getting planning approval, acquiring the land required, design and construction, it’s a reasonable time.
  14. kevster

    IOM Gas Fields

    Wasn't that working on the windfarms off Lancashire?
  15. kevster

    Pussy to be banned?

    Yes - Details