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  1. kevster

    Plans for lord street

    Multi millionaires in the Isle of Wight????
  2. kevster

    More death and destruction

    Excessive speed may not have been a contributing factor.....
  3. kevster

    Cycling news

    Looks like the 'Safe Routes to School' project I worked on for them which was commissioned by Berkshire Council. I nearly got arrested when spotted 'acting suspiciously' around the grounds of a girls school - I was actually checking and photographing the access points.
  4. kevster

    Flat Earth?

    Go and have a look at the Hundred Foot Drain in Cambridgeshire. Just over 20 miles long and as near as damn it, dead straight. I've rowed up and down that enough times and you can clearly see things dropping down below the horizon as you go along it.
  5. kevster

    Cycling news

    Sustrans - there’s a name from the past. I used to work for them in the early 80s as a surveyor.
  6. kevster

    Mysterious runes on standing stones

    I think the colour indicates the volume of water available per minute
  7. kevster

    IOM New Gimmick

    A longtail leaping off a sinking ship
  8. kevster

    Trouble at Okells

    Think they’re 500ml instead of a pint.
  9. kevster

    Saturday car fixers

    2001, so well out of warranty, but you got the make right.
  10. kevster

    Saturday car fixers

    Anytime weekend in Douglas or Castletown weekdays
  11. kevster

    Saturday car fixers

    Are there any garages that do work on cars on Saturdays? Need a prop shaft donut replacing
  12. kevster

    Trouble at Okells

    Due to minimal wage increase. Bar staff need paying more now.
  13. kevster

    Riddle Me This!

    It does in a millennium
  14. kevster

    Headline...movement at Castle Mona site

    Most of the ones I've seen look like they've used Groucho Marx as a role model
  15. kevster

    Trouble at Okells

    As far as I can see