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  1. Don’t understand why people drink coffee. Bloody awful stuff
  2. doesn't the name come from it once being the strandline - as in The Strand (Lomdon) and The House on the Strand (Daphne Du Maurier novel)
  3. German sausage is the wurst
  4. My dad died within 28 days of receiving his birthday card. Coincidence?
  5. Where did that number come from? The Office for National Statistics gives a much lower figure
  6. The food at the Cat is usually pretty good. Better than most brewery pubs
  7. Is that the carnivore platter @ £34.95? Saw it earlier, looked a good size plate for 2 people
  8. You forgot lesson prep and homework marking
  9. And you certainly couldn’t get a new beer recipe sorted and brewed in such a short time. My guess is rebadged Triumph
  10. kevster

    Firm closing

    Only correct with the beard
  11. kevster

    Firm closing

    If he does, it wouldn’t be ICBMs but tactical battlefield nukes. Low yield but not world ending MAD
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