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  1. Did that road have traffic using it at the same time as it was being built?
  2. Usually only senior reporters get a byline naming them. Look at UK nationals. Plenty of other articles on the website have that byline.
  3. What do you call a woman on the arm of a drummer? a tattoo
  4. I would say that a wildlife park has larger enclosures for the animals than a zoo. Think Woburn or Longleat. So, calling ours a wildlife park is probably pushing it a bit.....
  5. He's been found - or at least spotted, by Quarry Bends
  6. kevster

    Manx Tunnel

    UK gauge train to Douglas via a bridge and/or tunnel. Transfer onto steam railway to Port Erin, then Irish gauge train via bridge and/or tunnel to Dublin. Easy
  7. kevster

    Manx Tunnel

    There would be a problem with trains going straight through from the island of Ireland to the UK as they operate on a larger gauge
  8. Most events are advertised on the ‘whats on’ section of local media websites and also in local newspapers. or arr you one of those who never look at them and then moan that you didn’t know what was on?
  9. Portion sizes are set by the brewery
  10. Why? The trams don't run all year and when they are running, it will be the same as it was before - cars, buses and other large vehicles will just have to wait until they can pass
  11. According to google (it's quite good, you should try it ) if you keep holding the button down it cycles through the letters in both upper- and lower-case
  12. Do you have a water supply that varies a lot in pressure?
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