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  1. It’s a fun gift. The few quid it costs isn’t going to send anyone in bankruptcy. Not really any different from the fridge magnets (probably made in China) that tourists buy. It will sit on the mantelpiece and be a talking point for a few days when they get home.
  2. OK. But do me a favour and spell it properly - ‘licence’, not ‘license’
  3. So what about some of the things our income tax goes to? should we have tick boxes on tax returns?
  4. But aren’t the free spaces just replacing those lost while the prom works are going on? So there is no net loss
  5. As someone mentioned earlier, Radio 4 is worth the licence fee on it’s own
  6. I don’t know the circumstances, but the point I raised was that just because the work gang are standing having a chat doesn’t mean it’s not work related. I have work meetings where we have jokes and laughs. That’s what good teamwork should be.
  7. Salary sacrifice? your contribution comes out of gross salary and you are only taxed on the remaining salary.
  8. Do you know for certain that what they were talking about wasn’t related to the job in hand?
  9. Mr Wright, please stop filling these forums with facts
  10. Sometimes more than twice a year. New year honours, birthday honours, maybe a dissolution honours list as well.
  11. The best part of the app was real-time information on where the buses were. They don’t always run to timetable
  12. Did you not notice the word ‘official’ in the description? It is a properly licensed product produced by a licensed person or body. Manx Inspirations are only the retailers
  13. Even worse are people who put the space before the full stop, or write etc as ect.
  14. Not just online. You never see a bookie on a pushbike
  15. The final decision might be his, but is made after consultation with others - met office, emergency services inc helicopter, marshals, and riders
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