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  1. Wait until Cornwall gets metalled roads and modern services like electricity and sewerage - it will be different then
  2. But that didn't have traffic using it or businesses operating along it while it was being built
  3. How do you know he wasn’t on the phone to his foreman asking where he’s got to dig next?
  4. kevster

    Come on Arleen

    followed by 'wipe off Arleen'
  5. They'd still have to walk the horses to and from the stables
  6. You don't get many miles to the gallon. Probably 5mpg around town and slightly more on longer runs
  7. I've just noticed that I can't book appointments on anymore. That was the most useful bit
  8. That information is all publicly available if you know a few simple details about the person
  9. Improvement in river flow - reducing flood risk
  10. What’s with the black ties today?
  11. The roads you talk about weren’t in use while the work was going on.
  12. Just copied from Culture Vannins FB page - HERE Or maybe MR fell for it!
  13. A UK vaccination centre shown on this evenings 10pm news..... Not a skirting board in sight!
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