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  1. It makes more sense to have one bit being prepared - old surface and substructure being dug up - and then getting the surface done while the prep work moves onto the next section
  2. But the headline in that article is correct
  3. Parking controls are in place to permit people to fairly access a restricted supply ie free parking spaces. If there was no limit on parking, people working in town would use the spaces all day thereby making the spaces unavailable to shoppers. By limiting the time you can use the space, it means that free spaces are continually becoming available for use. Fines are necessary to ensure that people don't abuse the system and block others from accessing the limited resource. With a two hour limit on free parking you are actually making more spaces available for people to use than if there was no time limit. With paid for parking, you get what you pay for - longer periods of parking. Don't forget that the carparks, like other rate/tax payer services have to be maintained.
  4. As I said, there is more to this story than the co-op incident
  5. Maybe because he was wearing an ODC jacket at the time. Just saying - but I do happen to know a bit more about the background to this and what hissingsid alluded to above
  6. There is more to this than just the co-op incident - other things are under investigation
  7. Can you remind us again how many of your grandfathers are Manx
  8. Not only shop staff. I’ve spent most of this week trying to get tariff information for business mobiles from MT. It’s been we’ll get someone to call you back or we’ll send the details via email. Finally got the one page PDF this afternoon.
  9. Not always convenient. Some people might have to use several buses to get to work
  10. Are they a 'retail' business though? https://www.gov.im/media/365703/pn18113.pdf
  11. It will take ages to wind up his estate
  12. They're not the only company to be moving IT off island. Jobs going to Ireland at Hansard
  13. It’s a fun gift. The few quid it costs isn’t going to send anyone in bankruptcy. Not really any different from the fridge magnets (probably made in China) that tourists buy. It will sit on the mantelpiece and be a talking point for a few days when they get home.
  14. OK. But do me a favour and spell it properly - ‘licence’, not ‘license’
  15. So what about some of the things our income tax goes to? should we have tick boxes on tax returns?
  16. But aren’t the free spaces just replacing those lost while the prom works are going on? So there is no net loss
  17. As someone mentioned earlier, Radio 4 is worth the licence fee on it’s own
  18. I don’t know the circumstances, but the point I raised was that just because the work gang are standing having a chat doesn’t mean it’s not work related. I have work meetings where we have jokes and laughs. That’s what good teamwork should be.
  19. Salary sacrifice? your contribution comes out of gross salary and you are only taxed on the remaining salary.
  20. Do you know for certain that what they were talking about wasn’t related to the job in hand?
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