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  1. Makes a change from the usual defenestration
  2. Surprised they waited so long before torching it (they does not necessarily mean the owners)
  3. kevster

    Firm closing

    Bits of batter that had come free. I remember them as scraps
  4. kevster

    Firm closing

    Those of us who were taught to speak properly still say 'fish and chips'
  5. They could still be Christian but believe that the bishop has no automatic right to be in LegCo
  6. As should all religions - especially the three abrahamic ones that share the same god, prophets and so much history.
  7. Sort of - they are the only ones with reserved places for religious leaders. There are other parliaments where relgious parties are represented and form governments
  8. The Manx Labour Party is not affiliated with the UK Labour Party
  9. And which of the two versions of the creation in Genesis is correct, and which is the true version of the nativity - the gospels tell it differently depending on which you read.
  10. And many of the bible stories are copies of earlier ones. The biblical flood for example is basically the same as told in the Epic of Gilgamesh, which is itself based on an earlier story.
  11. Such a sensible reason can’t be true. It’s obviously some big conspiracy or cockup
  12. They do say "However, at this time, no further information is being released as we are still undertaking enquiries on behalf of the coroner in order to establish the full facts and circumstances of what has occurred"
  13. Very true - but that doesn't tell you who the pilot was
  14. Maybe the police and other agencies are busy dealing with a serious incident. What has been released so far is probably all they know at the moment
  15. Some of the accommodation at previous games has been pretty basic
  16. Well, the guy sitting opposite me at work is on a chartered flight to Guernsey tomorrow
  17. There are three chartered flights
  18. New certificate issued this morning and now working OK
  19. Why does it have to be on the same day as the UK?
  20. Did we ever have a 'Veterans Day'? I thought that was an American thing
  21. As the height of low tide can vary over the month, how low does it need to be to see the wreck at it's best? I have a visitor coming over later this month who wants to see it
  22. kevster

    TT 2023

    That depends on why they're struggling. Everything already booked up - good Not much available (or overpriced) - bad
  23. kevster

    TT 2023

    I don't think walking on the mountain section is illegal, but it is unwise which is porobably what the police were telling the walker. They would have closed the road so that they could pull over and park safely while talking to him and point out what a daft thing it was and take him to somewhere safe
  24. ...or the factory manager I used to work with in Bristol many years ago who drew a plan of the factory at a scale of 1inch to 1metre
  25. kevster

    TT 2023

    Plane airlifting a patient to Liverpool was due to take off just as the Arrows were due to arrive. Was urgent, so they were delayed until the medical plane had cleared the area
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