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  1. subject not object. speak english boy!!!!!11
  2. More more, again again. I can see the steam coming from your ears. Boy am i going to have to create some more threads. over 550 sad b***ards views on such a small subject. Have to get back on my zimmer frame and dodge the camper vans on the mountain. TWO DAYS TO GO TILL TT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  3. yeah, lets put this one to bed. it's splitting my sides with laughter bored now
  4. Trying to catch up with your posts. u been busy..............
  5. yeah baby yeah NICE WEATHER OUTSIDE
  6. like the comments. Spackchimp Stir the porridge
  7. Never heard of wireles....... W***ker
  8. Lets all open our eyes, see the facts and give a BIG wave goodbye to TT.. There seems to be alot of people on here who live in there little internet cupboards and need to get out more. The main attraction at TT is for the tourist to ride his/her bike freely without restrictions around the famous Mountain circuit. Lets ask the question. Who buys a high performance bike to ride at 50mph round the mountain circuit?? Maybe your internet chair doesn't get out the front door, but most people like to enjoy the TT and there bikes.
  9. Not rumours, fact. nice to stir things up
  10. you joined yesterday and think you know this forum well? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Been reading it for a while and thought I would have a laugh and reply. Where do all these rumours come from, only a handful are through the "local news" and should be discussed.
  11. Rog, O yes i forgot about all the exciting theme parks and attractions. Better get back to the laxey wheel then........ Who comes to the TT to see the local history. 35,000 bikers come only to see manx heritage then?? what ever
  12. If I had a penny for every time I've heard that, I be pretty well off now.. Your user name says it all really. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You want to listen to the real news then, not some stupid forum full of s**t. Why do you think I picked the name "Manx Rumour"??? Because to many people listen to rumours and not facts on this island. Open your ears and get out of your internet box.
  13. Just heard on the Radio this morning that they are putting a 50mph speed limit on the mountain this TT. Apparently it is only up to the gooseneck although they didn't say where else. They also outlined that the IOM is now linked to the UK system for sppeding convictions etc More money from speeding fines maybe, but say goodbye to the TT and Tourism.......
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