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  1. Apparently the wife's "New move" made him suspicious. #sputteringmycoffee
  2. Apparently the wife's "New move" made him suspicious. #sputteringmycoffee
  3. Apparently the wife's "New move" made him suspicious. #sputteringmycoffee
  4. Apparently the wife's "New move" made him suspicious. #sputteringmycoffee
  5. Good point - Hyundi seem to be very reliable.
  6. They do have Hyundai trained staff. We did buy the car off them though, so perhaps that's the reason.
  7. which is ok until they tell you the nearest dealer to do the warrenty work is in liverpool !! at a guess hyundai won't be paying the boat fares? We bought our Hyundai off Kirk Michael Motors. We have found their after sales service terrific. They are Hyundai Dealers, and would be able to help you. They aren't official Hyundai dealers for the Isle of Man so wouldn't be able to do warranty work. They are linked to one of the biggest Hyundai dealerships in the UK. They did warranty work on our car. If you have a Hyundai Warranty, they should be able to help you...(in fact our problem arose when we had gone over to England for a weekend, and the IOM garage arranged with Hyundai garage in Leicestershire to help us)...it was a Sunday morning and the IOM Garage were superb....the leicester garage checked ok to drive, and then when we returned to the Island Kirk Michael Motors ordered and installed the new part...
  8. which is ok until they tell you the nearest dealer to do the warrenty work is in liverpool !! at a guess hyundai won't be paying the boat fares? We bought our Hyundai off Kirk Michael Motors. We have found their after sales service terrific. They are Hyundai Dealers, and would be able to help you.
  9. For Sale: Seahog, with Honda 50 tilt and trim 4 stroke engine, spare Mariner 4, GPS Fishfinder, Radio, full electrics - spot light, bilge pump; on galvanised trailer. Good condition. £4k. Ring 496178 if interested.
  10. Personally I think they are vey ugly. You do have to wonder how they will look once the manx weather attacks them. Moreover there doesn't seem to be much privacy factored into the development and the gardens look tiny. I wouldn't fancy golf balls for garden ornaments....
  11. I know that was stopped. This post is not about people in education, it's about people who don't work for years and years. I'm not just talking about people between jobs either.I was simply correcting another statement about who actually might benefit from the personal allowance credit which I would have thought was pertinent!!!! (Thanks Piebaps, I hadn't realised that had changed so recently)
  12. LINK You only have to have previously been in work and paid national insurance and earned received an income of less than £9,300 in the previous tax payer to qualify for it. So you might have worked one day over a decade ago and that means you're on their system as a NI payer. Certain people are not eligible, like people on Family Income Supplement or students in receipt of a maintenance grant. Some people who do not work and have not worked in years do indeed receive a personal allowance credit and have indeed complained about it being reduced. There have been major cuts -- quite rightly -- on who is eligible for them and how much they get but I don't think they've reformed it to the point of stopping these people who haven't worked in years from getting it. But there's always next year. Entitlement of this credit to ALL students was stopped 5 years ago.
  13. Currys is like a catalogue display shop I reckon....as anything you want needs to be ordered....never have items in stock...
  14. Educa

    Haunted Places

    I was walking through Summerhill Glen one afternoon a couple of years ago when a tall male wearing long brownish trench coat and wide brimmed hat stepped out in path a hundred yards or so in front of me....and then just disappeared. There was no side path or place he could have moved into - the figure just literally disappeared.
  15. I personally loath the c word. It makes me literally cringe when I hear it. I really do find it derogatory and offensive. It is the one swear word that I sincerely detest.
  16. Just read the article. Doesn't it state that the 150 charge is levied if you appeal your own failed planning application? You would get a refund if your appeal is accepted and your planning application is therefore accepted? (Not saying I agree with this new way to squeeze money out of people btw).
  17. Valentine's day 1981......Stardust club in Dublin went on fire. Fire exits were chained and windows had steel plates.. 48 people died with over 200 badly injured. At first it was reported as arson with the owners receiving over 500k compensation. This arson is disputed and the families campaign continues. The fire spread really quickly too...due to the building material. similarity and tragic too that fire doors were chained (stardust toilet windows had steel plates....trapping even more victims).
  18. That is a bit harsh! I know loads of people who did not live to excess, and who are paying the consequences for others greed....institutions such as anglo...sadly too so many young people in ireland are left with this legacy
  19. GANN ....general cargo passenger docked in Douglas early this morning....is this our new link???
  20. Bees....hope you're bites are easing!! I too get plagued by horsefly bites, they seem to zoom in on me for some reason, and ive had some nasty swollen leg parts this summer!!! I have found antisan cream helps to cool them. However, if yours are stil swollen, it does sound like you should go for medical help! Nasty horrid horsefiles, kill them all!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Hi Ron, I can only my apologies for the grass cutting, there has been a few small issues with the contractor. I hope these have now been resolved. The contractor should undertake 15 cuts over the summer months. I thought the commissioners stopped sub contracting the grass cutting 2 or 3 years ago to save costs, and that it was now done by commissioners staff?? What do you mean therefore by a few small issues with the contractor? I dont recall seeing the tender in the press for contractors to cut grass again? Be interested to know?
  22. The tt tape and poles are still all along Haywood path too....albeit they're now fluttering down into the meadow too
  23. Is this for real??? There's a lovely goose in Douglas harbour that I like to chuck bread down to (and the swans) - so you're telling me its now against the law???? What a ****** joke!!!!!
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