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  1. Yes this whole Fukishima debacle is rather worrying to say the least!


    The nuclear industry has a clear history of covering up their mucky little tracks in the media. It's a shame they don't clean up after themselves in the environment!

    Want a bit of proof... well they tried to cover up Chernobyl until the radiation alarms in a Sweedish nuclear plant went off! They panicked then realised it wasn't them. It was only when the whole world new it was coming from Russia that they finally admitted to it.


    Mayak Chemical Combine anyone? Most people haven’t even heard of it! It's the Russian Equivalent of Sellafield oh I mean Windscale or whatever they are calling it these days! The most radioactively contaminated place on this planet! Do a quick Google and check it out for yourself! It's far worse than Chernobyl! Oh there is also the Siberian Chemical Combine (Seversk), Andreeva Bay (but at least they are finally doing something about this one), the Lepse service ship etc. etc. etc..... This is just Russia!


    The Simi Valley Nuclear Disaster in America?


    These aside what is far more concerning for as all on this fair Island is Sellafield! An interesting read from Bellona in 2003 about this history of the place, historic discharge levels (including deliberate) some history of the Sellafield (Windscale) 1957 disaster in which the whole of the nuclear reactor was on fire for days and spewing radioactivity across the UK and Europe. This reactor was Air Cooled! http://www.bellona.org/reports/sellafield


    The real question is what proper alternatives are there to nuclear, oil, gas, wind (which is costly and unreliable) etc. Possibly Thorium, Fusion, Cold Fusion? We really need another Nicola Tesla to advance civilisation properly!

  2. Can anyone help me? I have 2 x Lee Evans tickets (seated together) for Tuesday 5th August but unfortnately can't go that night and need to swap for 2 x tickets (again seated together) for Wednesday the 6th if possible! Please, if you can help me or know of anyone going as a couple who would be willing to swap the nights with us please PM me!! I would be very grateful if someone could as my husband and I really want to go see him.


    Many thanks

  3. They are friendly little chaps when you get to know them (well, all except one who scares me and I'm over 40!)


    They are being re-automated by our electrician, Ken, so they should be able to "enchant" new generations of kids too!


    OMG I swear I'm psychic sometimes!! Why in Gods name would I suddenly start thinking about them, register on this site (yesterday) and suddenly discover they're coming back?!! Lol!! Really odd!! I'm really glad they're coming back though, would be brilliant to show my little niece and nephew... although they'll probably be terrified of them now!! Lol!!

  4. Just a curious one really......


    That super skinny vs supper big thing on ch4 just had me thinking.....


    I'm a Type1 diabetic and have a few pounds i need to shred "1stone really, im 6ft and weight 14.5ish should be 13.5 i think" and well..... acording to the tv program I just watched they said dont do it etc etc, but this person did it for a long time and suffered from it... but if I just stop taking my insullin for a week I could prob loose a stone and surely it wouldn't make an affect on me for just doing it once?....


    Has anyone ever tried it? its called "Diabulemia"


    I am a Type 1 diabetic and have been since I was 13. When I was first diagnosed I'd probably been suffering with it for a few months but I'd gone right down to 6 1/2 stone, I was skin and bones. Diabulemia is an eating disorder, much like anorexia/bullemia and I actually know a diabetic girl who suffered with this condition. Basically if you do it your blood sugars will run extremely high and you may damage your nerves/eyes etc so it's not a wise decision. If you even mention stopping taking your insulin for a day, let alone a week, to a Diabetic Doctor he'd probably string you up!! Seriously, not a good idea! You're better off getting yourself out everyday for a good walk! :)

  5. Would love to know if anyone has any photos of the gnomes from the Silverdale grotto - or of the lake etc


    Gnomes have been discovered in the Mill, leading full and happy lives and will be making an appearance at Easter in the cafe


    Could do with some photos to decorate the walls of the cafe.....


    Thanks! :)


    My God that's sooo strange, I was just thinking about those gnomes the other day!! I used to go down with my parents as a child and they used to scare the bejesus out of me!! Lol!! I wonder where they went?! :rolleyes: Sorry, don't think I have any photo's off them though but will be interesting to see if anyone does!!

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