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  1. They are friendly little chaps when you get to know them (well, all except one who scares me and I'm over 40!) They are being re-automated by our electrician, Ken, so they should be able to "enchant" new generations of kids too!
  2. My God that's sooo strange, I was just thinking about those gnomes the other day!! I used to go down with my parents as a child and they used to scare the bejesus out of me!! Lol!! I wonder where they went?! Sorry, don't think I have any photo's off them though but will be interesting to see if anyone does!!
  3. Would love to know if anyone has any photos of the gnomes from the Silverdale grotto - or of the lake etc Gnomes have been discovered in the Mill, leading full and happy lives and will be making an appearance at Easter in the cafe Could do with some photos to decorate the walls of the cafe..... Thanks!
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