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  1. Dunroamin

    HQ FoI !

    All I can say is I emailed the company’s website seeking information on pricing and availability and after nearly four weeks - nothing, nada, zilch! Why should it get taxpayers money when they are not interested in repeat business of up to 30 days a year? Mind you, I am still looking for a website where you can find availability of most Accomodation for let! All I have found so far is that you have to go through every property and enter the dates you want (which may give you options but most just say no availability) or you have to email/telephone them!
  2. Death is no respecter of position. Covid or not?
  3. Anyone tried to hire a car here? I did last week and there were NONE available to hire!
  4. I have no idea who poked this so called newspaper through my letter box but please desist as I do not want to read your anti-vax left wing rubbish…..
  5. Must have missed something - who states if the FD has to be qualified and which qualifications are acceptable to that regulatory body? I do agree it is advisable but did not know it was a necessity?
  6. Ah - the exception that proves the rule eh?!
  7. Fun fact but wrong- Spent many years in Europe and was stopped (to have papers inspected) many times and Manx licence accepted ALWAYS! Also you have obviously not hired a car in Europe as I did three weeks ago with Manx licence!!
  8. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/manx-drivers-may-need-international-permit-in-europe/ This article and Steve Colley’s IOM vaccination certificate not being accepted raises some serious questions for international travellers. 1. appears IOM government is leaving it to individuals to ascertain whether car drivers need to ensure their cars have the correct National stickers. Hitherto, we could use GBM rather than GB stickers but those are now having to be replaced by U.K. stickers due to EU vindictiveness. “It is understood” GBM is still acceptable!! However, meet up with officious Mr Plod in Spain or France who has never heard of the IOM, and who is on commission for raising revenue, you are unlikely to escape without a fine. But then if you use a U.K. sticker and meet another Mr Plod who DOES know the IOM is not a part of the U.K., you get fined. 2. there is little to no doubt that IDLs are going to be required. 3. how do you know that your Manx Vaccine certificate is going to be accepted if even Guernsey refuses to recognise them? Remember, if they are not recognised you could be put into quarantine on arrival for seven to ten days and after to pay for it!! On all this Government is washing its hands and expecting each individual to make their own enquiries. If you can get through to any embassy or consulate to ask the question, are they likely to know of the IOM and if so that it is not part of the U.K.? Will they bother to investigate every individual enquiry? The U.K. is paid to look after our defence and international relationships so exactly why is this Government - read CS - not getting on with their jobs, contacting the U.K. government, getting answers and informing the Manx Public?
  9. Thank you! Surely this is a serious issue that Government and the private sector need to get together and address with U.K. targets for the use of EV’s over the next decade?
  10. Thank you for your helpful response but it does not assist greatly - - the map is hard to read as being too small on an IPhone and surely most people will be using that form of device to find one! - Pod Points show only 20 points around the IOM of which only one is at an hotel. - none are shown on IOMSPco boats - cannot find anywhere plans to increase number of charge points for visitors. - a lot are inconvenient to visitors being in car parks nowhere near hotels! My friend is adept at Google and the use of the internet but does try not to be too clever for his own boots. He sends his sincere thanks to you for taking the time to respond though….
  11. Few questions in connection with looking after visitors who may want to come to IOM with electric cars: - how many charging points? - where are they situated, is there a reference map available? - what are the costs of using them? - which hotels/rentals supply them for use by their guests? - is charging available on the Steam Packet boats or dockside? - are there any concrete plans by Government or private sector to exponentially increase number of points available? Asking for a friend…
  12. Don’t believe everything you read/hear in the media. The vast majority are being very careful but there are too many numpties it has to be said….
  13. Good old Howie! So he made the staff carry out an assessment of risk at Hospice so he could go publicity seeking? Really? Still broke the rules Howie… https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/mhk-questions-cms-judgement-after-hospice-visit/
  14. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/cruise-passengers-must-follow-vaccine-rules/ No exceptions except, that is, for Herrgrupenfuehrer…..
  15. Irrelevant. The rules he inflicted on everyone are clear. He broke them for a bit of self aggrandisement!!
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