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  1. For goodness sake, most pensioners and vulnerable people in the U.K. have been effectively locked down for a year now.....
  2. Friend referred to consultant who asked to see them URGENTLY. After several weeks waiting to hear about an appointment, they rang to ask on progress telling them he had said he wanted to see them urgently. Was told that there were now no longer any urgent classifications and they would be in touch but not for some time. Another had an accident in April last year. Every time he had to see a consultant, while he was and still is awaiting an operation, he is collected from his house within walking distance of Nobles by hospital transport and taken to Ramsey because “no consultations being he
  3. The vaccine does NOT stop the person contacting the virus. The vaccine does NOT stop the person spreading the virus. It DOES reduce the symptoms of the virus, it DOES reduce the need for hospitalisation of the person, it DOES reduce the need for the person to be taken to the ICU and it DOES reduce the chances of death of the person from the virus. So the calls to vaccinate the IOMSPco crews, police, children and such as opposed to the most vulnerable are clearly misguided. The younger you are, the less chance you have of harsh effects, hospitalisation or death. as the U.K. top m
  4. Dunroamin

    TT 2021 ??

    Sorry if this has already been said but there will be NO TT next year and probably ever! The UK situation is such that they are already stating that restrictions in place will still be in place next Spring. The Manx so called Government are content to chuck non existent money at anything that moves - or does not move - rather than face up to the economic disaster that isolation is and will continue to cause. Sponsors of teams have little money coming in to enable them to continue to fund the costs of running the teams and which are the easiest things to cut to protect their own
  5. Of course not! Issue a press release and the meedjah would print/read it word for word thereby cutting back on the £68k already spent to make the totally inept Quayle try and look like the statesman he certainly is not!
  6. Go on Quayle, grow some: https://mol.im/a/8695897
  7. They are just having a laugh!! https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/press-conferences-cost-govt-65k/
  8. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/wait-for-patients-not-good-enough/ Meanwhile, while the economy crashes and burns and non resident Manx born people are barred, the NHS is so protected that Treatment waiting lists are growing exponentially and people are dying through lack of available diagnosis and treatment! Why are out patients having to be transported to Ramsey for out patient consultations? Is Nobles being utilised or still waiting for the explosion in numbers of Covid patients? OPEN THE BORDERS NOW!!
  9. I am despairing of some of my fellow Manx people! They are not content in seeing the elderly, babies and people with mind problems locked up for the temerity of wanting to return home! These, in many cases, vulnerable people are being treated worse than convicts, being called ‘detainees’ by members of the security detail controlling them, and other security staff warned for being too friendly with the detainees. I have little doubt that Quayle is totally enjoying their anguish from the punishment he obviously believes they should have to endure, suffer from and pay - a huge reci
  10. I have no family members or close connections in this situation - if I did, I would recommend they stay where they are rather than submit to these outrageous demands of the useless Government!
  11. The virus is rife in the IOM as much as many places so why make that assumptions particularly as the returnees have to prove they are not ill? How? I have no idea without a vaccine. If that was available, the treatment to be meted out here is already similar to that meted out to dogs who have to prove they have a rabies shot to get back into the UK!!
  12. The penultimate and the final insult for political expediency as now been announced!! At present, people who have been confirmed as having COVID19, including our very own dear leader, are allowed to freely self isolate at home! Returning citizens, who have paid for and lost, in all probability, their return fares to the Island must find their own way to Heysham, in the middle of a lock down, and then fund their own fares on a government owned shipping line. Not only that but they are to be compulsorily imprisoned for 14 days in an hotel room AND HAVE TO PAY FOR IT (presumably a
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