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  1. I work occasionally in the event industry across and was always told that it was illegal for any security/steward to direct or stop traffic (regardless of whether it would help the flow of traffic) on a public road and it could only be done by a police officer, as if there was an accident then it would cause a huge problem insurance wise not to mention the public had no legal requirement to stop, actually maybe it isn't illegal, I can't entirely remember but it was certainly a massive NO, regardless do a bunch of builders really have the authority to direct traffic? It would be interesting to know the legal facts, obviously it is advisable to stop for them if there is an obvious obstruction but would surely raise some questions insurance wise if there has been accidents as a result of them.
  2. I very much agree with you here Bb. As a very frequent flyer I would suggest that the unhelpful security staff at Ronaldsway and the rubbish layout of the security area go a long way to making your visit to the IoM a throughly unpleasant experience. There's still no proper layout at security - no place to properly put your stuff in trays other than standing there like an idiot balancing two full trays full of stuff with 5 other people. Then there's the mandatory shoe check that hardly any other UK airport does anymore and the laptop out of laptop bag routine that even Gatwick only does on odd days nowadays. It's overly officious for no purpose at all. How difficult or costly would it be to put a whacking big table in there so you can all queue up in a line and put your stuff into trays as you walk through or put some extra seats in there so more than 2 people can take their shoes off at the same time? Every time I go through security here I have to grit my teeth as it's as if someone has deliberately set out to make a simple process that every other airport seems to manage a complete ball aching chore for no apparent reason. Ditto although to be fair the laptop thing most airports actually do, I'm not defending it, just pointing out that it isn't a rare IOM thing! In fact I struggle (and feel free to point out where I am going wrong) why on earth it is even needed. What makes the laptop so special that the screening can't see through it when it is in a bag!? and why has this become a recent thing!? A bit of a rant, but its annoy the hell out me when I'm on a short trip and stuff a load of my stuff into one laptop bag to avoid excess baggage fares only for it all to have to be unpacked again! The shoe thing seems to be a random occurrence, I.E. some make you do, some don't. Although the IOM is the only airport where it seems mandatory, most airports usually ask me what kind of shoes im wearing first, I usually wear boots which have metal bits on them, so I guess that is my own fault for having to take them off, but the IOM just seem to want me nude.
  3. Yes but the text from your Tesco mobile to IOM mobiles are only 5p and voice calls are not that much more! LT 10p
  4. I am on tesco mobile (technically part of 02's network) and 01624 numbers are part of my allowance and island mobiles (07624) are charged as outside the package...this usually bumps my monthly bill up by at least a fiver, its the texts that really get me and the constantly forgetting that it costs me to text island mobiles! I used to be on orange and they were cool with both island mobile and landlines, all came out of your inclusive minutes and texts.
  5. yehyehyeh


    Having just returned back to the Isle for christmas I have been a bit shocked by the amount of rubbish around, my parents street is littered with cig butts and other rubbish, I was blaming the snow......for some reason it seems ok to throw things on the street when the snow covers it up.....unfortunately it doesnt melt with the snow!
  6. Exact problem I had first time around when watching it on sky, I had no idea who was who apart from the two main fellas, which does actually ruin it quite a bit, hard to feel anything for them when they die when you don't know who it is! RE: Frankie Boyle - 50/50 to me, always has been, but I gotta admit think I might be leaning more in favour of not liking his stuff now a days. I liked bits of tramadol nights, and actually thought some of sketches were actually pretty damn good (knight rider was a stand out), but there were a few turkeys in the sketches and the jokes and I was even more disappointed with his DVD which was all the same material as Tramadol nights......I agree the MTW producers and editors were the real talent behind Boyle........
  7. agreed, jeez its not even fit to be called photoshop work, looks like it was done in paint.....
  8. seeems to have been my account, uninstalled and re-installed a new version, same thing happens, so tried another account, and that is fine, strange, emails seem to be working fine, ah well will just use another one......
  9. you better remind them to cancel the senior TT next time then they would just close the roads for a week
  10. That's interesting. Are you involved in the Health and Safety area? What were your concerns and what would have caused the event to be shut down 'across' (I presume that's a reference to the UK) I thought the Police, Fire and Rescue Service and Health and Safety Executive were all involved with the event? Im sure they are, I would hope they would have been. I have worked at many large festivals in the UK and other events, the place beforehand was anywhere but secure with members of the public and anyone quite clearly able to wander in and out at free will (i witnessed this several times, and know they were members of the public) festival sites are usually on lock down for at least a week beforehand. Main thing for me was the guinea pig test, that went ahead whilst they were still rigging the damn thing with heavy equipment getting thrown about, now I dont know how they got around that if they did with health and safety, but no way in hell that would have been allowed at any other event, unless they all signed something saying it wasn't there fault, I don't know, that was the main thing that shocked me. They also seemed to be lacking staff at one point too, which is why im glad they got it sorted. I didn't attend last night, but from what I've heard on here it obviously went ok in the end, so fair play.
  11. im glad you did, i had real concerns on the run up to the festival......they would have been shut down immediately across, obviously the IOM is different as always.......
  12. correct me if im wrong....but im pretty sure you could and people did?? again there own fault really for buying before the line up is released....just pointing it out if it is true...... EDIT: just read the programme, nice slagging off of people who criticised them, comes across quite childish really.
  13. So what is Europe’s largest festival black-out tent? the one they had at PBF i believe....or maybe there is one even larger than that im not sure....
  14. ...also claims my contacts want to add me as a friend :S is it some sort of virus?
  15. i gotta say, i really liked this series, and Im glad i stuck with it, really hoping one day it gets re commissioned, ending was much better than Lost too! Band of horses was a nice touch....great song
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