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  1. It really was a great night, I preferred Dara's performance to Lee Evans I certainly laughed more.
  2. They are called rolls in Norfolk, however, when I moved to the island I worked in what I would call a sandwich shop for a few months, whilst there I have also heard people refer to rolls as Hooggies (not sure on the most accurate spelling), stotty, rolls and baps. Regional variations I suppose! Just done a search and this website gives further differences in what they are called. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bread_roll
  3. I have just done the sums if you save up to buy a £10,000 car and say it takes you two years to save you will probably receive £500 interest from the bank whilst you are saving, therefore a car will have only cost £9,500, or the other alternative is you could use the £500 to upgrade slightly. If you buy a car on tick, the car over three years it will probably cost you £2,500 interest therefore costing £12,500 plus the admin fee that they like to tack on. That is a saving of £3,000 on the cost of a £10,000 car. Which means, assuming you keep your car for 3-4 years after about 10 years you will have a free car because of the money that you will have saved on interest. Brill!!!!
  4. Does any one know what time the roads are due to be reopened after this afternoon's racing? I have tried to do searches on the internet, but as I am not too good at finding information on the net, I thought perhaps someone here would know. Cheers
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