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  1. Why? What are the costs? Do the government welcome new airlines and competition?
  2. I'v got a question, say for instance flybe were putting some costing together for their IOM to LPL flight how much would it cost on average per person for landing fees alone?
  3. Hi, I have a question about applying for a university grant on the Isle of Man. If you are currently in full time employment whilst applying for the grant, are you still illegible for it? In addition, what do the government provide in terms of funds for people wanting to go to university? Thanks for your help - much appreciated.
  4. I know dandara have done the building work but i was told there may be a bar/club - any ideas who it will be?
  5. Its on Athol Street. Yeah i kinda figured that one out..
  6. Does anybody know anything about the old courthouse?
  7. Im only interested in victoria road, did anyone else see it?
  8. Did anybody see the car crash by the prison on victoria road cross roads this morning?
  9. What did you all think of it? For £19.50 a ticket, I wasn't impressed I was expecting something with a little more effort and excitement.... What are your thoughts?
  10. Larrr


    Don't know about Starbucks replacing Strand 58 but a small shop near the bookies in the middle of Strand Street. Perhaps we are getting both a Starbucks and Pizzahut!!! If Tesco are moving it would be good to see a brand new JD Sports (Intersport just isn't enough!!!) Oh and another thing the Hilton, the move to the bus station, when is that to take place? What is it with the Isle of Man disliking abit of competition????
  11. Larrr


    Heard tesco is going to be moving soon and a new JJB or JD sports will be replacing. Also star bucks to replace a shop down strand street. Is this true?
  12. I was there on thursday and ordered chips, cheese and gravy. The chips I had were definately not McCains, they actually looked like home made chips topped with cheese, gravy and black pepper. The black pepper gave it that extra flavour Posh chippy if you ask me! Good work! In my opinion I was really happy with the food and service and will definately be going back there again.
  13. Larrr

    Manx Mot

    Who here has bought a car from England and brought it back to the IOM and had it put through the Manx MOT. I'm thinking about buying a car from England and bringing it back to the Island. I understand the car has to be less than three years old. What are the costs incurred in getting the car checked out and what problems have people encountered? Thanks
  14. The battle between MM and C&W! Well im with C&W and service has been good so far. Only problem is I wish I had my old number which I previously had with Manx Telecom. I think in the long run MM will do whatever it takes to have a better clientel than the C&W. It is about time we had some competetion and MM started lowering their tarrifs and started offering cheap deals just like the uk has! With MM being a wholy owned subsiduary of o2 why the hell can't we have near enough the same tarrifs as them? Who is tired of the manx day light robbery?
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