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  1. I went to Ballakermeen in the 1980's and the majority of pupils there were white. In my music class, one of the pupils was not white. I remember the teacher, Mr Hartley, told him to "hurry up sambo". Thats unacceptable.
  2. Yep, the Facebook lynchmob cannot even be bothered listening to the broadcast even after several links. "Its too long but he's a racist anyway" #ReinstateStuPeters
  3. Absolutely. I'm with Sure and pay £38 a month. Sync'd at 250Mb down and 22Mb up. Two kids streaming youtube, netflix, amazon video but still get Steam updates 18-20 MBytes/sec. I'm very happy with the service.
  4. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has signed up to this service yet? I am struggling to get the connection speed a line test shows and have tried three different routers so far and the best one seems to be the Technicolor 589vacV2 which connects at 135Mb/sec down but line test shows it should be 180-200Mb/sec. If you have this service can you let me know what router you are using please? Cheers.
  5. I'm on an old DGN3700V1 and what works for me :- Encapsulation PPPoE username@surevdslplus.com DNS DNS Multiplexing VC-Based VPI 0 VCI 38 DSL Mode Auto Transfer Mode PTM Syncs at over 80Mb/sec down and 10Mb/sec up so no reason to change it.
  6. You may wish to read this act which was passed by Tynwald in 2012 :- https://www.gov.im/lib/docs/transport/highways/consultations/7immobilisationregs.pdf Not sure if they adhere to the guidelines but if they do, you can be clamped and charged a release fee.
  7. How does that work with an always on connection like xDSL? Did your DSL connection come with a fixed IP address to type in? (Not usually if it's just a standard home service.) It might be interesting to go to one of the websites that tells you your IP address and then try turning your modem/router off and on again then reconnect and see if it has changed. Clive, sorry. I didnt make my point clear. It was the second sentence in your post I was asking the question about "This is where a provider like Sure has less IP addresses than users, but allocates them randomly as needed." If Su
  8. How does that work with an always on connection like xDSL?
  9. After a few more days are you any happier with your speeds, have they improved at all? Nope. Still the same. These done right now peak time 9pm. I'm still happy though but I did expect an improvement in downloads but for £25 a month (as my Wife has a contract phone with Sure) I cant really complain.
  10. Just been upgraded on Sure to VDSL+ First test to Bluewave:- Second test to Manx Telecom:- Final test to Namesco in London:- Bit disappointed in this really as its the same download give or take but only the upload has increased. This is Sync'd at 82339kb DOWN AND 10999kb up.
  11. Sorry, the first speedtest was just the default "Start Test" which defaulted to Bluewave whom I assume buy Bandwidth off Sure so the speedtest doesn't leave the Island hence the decent ping The second was a Speedtest to Manx Telecom so traffic does leave the Island due to no peering. Ping to bbc.co.uk is 30 32ms
  12. https://web.sure.com/isleofman/internet/home-broadband/superfast-plus-broadband/ Yep. They call it Superfast Plus
  13. Just throwing this out there as I am due an upgrade any day now. ISP is Sure. I assume the traffic above never leaves the Island which isn't a very good indication so here is one to Manx Telecom which does leave the Island and come back again... This is Sync'd at 86156Kb/sec down and 2495Kb/sec up but obviously still on the usual VDSL profile. I will post the same tests when the upgrade is complete.
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