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  1. I think Stobarts bought Carlisle airport years ago
  2. They could call it Buster Lewin House, will he be out for the opening
  3. Probably the Dead centre and a Mr & Mrs J. Cubbon
  4. One in the Examiner caught my eye today. Parcel of Common Land sold by IOM Gov for £5,000 up Foxdale way
  5. Every time you post on here your complaining about the neighbours from hell who knocked down the garden wall and rebuilt it, but not to your standard. Then there was the saga of the air coditioning in your Merc which you did not want to pay for after the garage fixed it.Four years is along time to go back on anyone. There could have been oil wagons or similar backed onto it in the last four years and you have just noticed it now. Just to cheer you up I have seen cases on older properties where the compaction plate has broken the clay underground drainage pipes after laying paviors causing all
  6. Freshwater fishing is going to cost for licences and reservoir fishing requires specialist gear either fly rods, reels, line and flies or spinning rods, reels and spinners depending on which method is allowed,definately no worms on the hook. River fishing you can use all legal methods but still require a licence. Sea fishing such as off Peel breakwater would probably cost the least to set you up and have a fun day out with the chance of a mackerel or two. Suggest you call at a tackle shop and weigh up your options regarding outlay as they should be able to advise you.
  7. They come in various lengths and various widths depending on where you buy them. Eclypse Trading down the bottom of Rural Industries is very good and will order in if they have not got your size in stock
  8. No sign of any cut backs today, Police at every major junction for a few push bkes. Why could not they get out TT week and do a bit of point duty when it was really needed. How much overtime has today cost in police labour costs and was todays event any benefit to the island to warrant all the police costs or could not the organisers have marshalled the event themselves.
  9. I noticed whilst passing the picket line of sunbathing bus drivers a WPC who appeared to be on duty. Is there a police presence for the duration of the strike required to stop the angry public setting about the strikers.
  10. Just got home, joined to taiback at Governors Bridge round about at 3:20pm.
  11. Sums it up if you reverse Llamedos. Sod em all
  12. If my memory serves me well I think you will find that CHK. was defeated by Dr. Edgar Mann in a general election.
  13. I would be very much against her return, both Father, sister and herself have been defeated at the ballot box and father and sister have taken 100,s of thousands of public funds for a roll invented for them.
  14. I got some at Eclypse Trading down the bottom of Rural Industries on the Peel Road, Braddan. Very helpful and will deliver.
  15. With regard to reducing Post Office services I have recently filled in an application form for a retirement pension and there is no provision on the form to allow you to draw it at a Post Office, only to have it paid into a bank or similar account.
  16. mal48

    Property Sale

    It was the home of the late Dr. Wadsworth who I believe left it to charity. I too was intrigued by the sale from one charity to another, unless it was left to both and one bought the other's half out and is now able to realise it's asset.
  17. I am sure I have seen on here or somewhere similar a car with MANX 1 registration in USA. Are numbers meant to be unique world wide, although Manchester airport vehicles are all MAN plates, but not for public roads.
  18. What an offensive post, no wonder the numbers of posters appears to be declining. I simply stated what I had witnessed and expressed an opinion and in 294 posts I have never found need to swear but from your name you could be welsh which would explain a lot
  19. Do the Mosley family still own farms at Bride and Ballaugh.The property at Bride is adjacent to our own Tangerine leaders home, just wondered if the politics have rubbed off. Lady Ravensdale, Oswalds daughter in law, was a charming lady and I remember her and her children holidaying over here prior to her demise.
  20. Had a day trip to Liverpool yesterday, courtesy of the NHS, and saw a couple of bendy busses in operation. On the way to the airport in rush hour on a major road out of the city a bendy bus trying to make a right turn managed to block all four roads of the junction for a few minutes.We dont have suitable roads for them in my opinion.
  21. If anyone is looking for the planning application orange notice for Cambrian Place it is tucked away down Muckle Gate lane and behind the Co op and Caff wheely bins. So much for displaying in a prominent place for the public to read.
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