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  1. I hope he has not got the hots for annie,the last time he did for a lady who was not his wife,he ended up in court for smashing windows or the like.I really don't want a sanctimonious sod,who lets his genitalia rule his head,tell me and the voters of Ramsey what a mistake in was to dump her out.
  2. Another of Charlie's fallen angels, to be hoped she does not end up in higher places with her sister.
  3. Well done to Peter Karran for polling 2704 votes,over 700 more than any other candidate including Bell and Rodin
  4. At least he does open his mouth and have his own opinions,unlike the present incumbents
  5. Support your fellow forum member in his protest against the privileged few.
  6. mal48

    Gone Fishing

    I wondered where 'Homarus' had got to.
  7. Went on the 'direct' flight to Madeira on 29th August only to spend one and a half hours sitting on the tarmac in Cork airport where we had to go to take on fuel, as the Ronaldsway runway was too short for an A320 with a full compliment of passengers and the wind was in the wrong direction to take off with sufficent fuel to go direct,why did we waste 46 million.
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