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  1. He is in the Douglas East Topic
  2. More fun and games I believe, Buster Lewin is rumoured to have changed his plea to Not Guilty throwing a big spanner in the works for the sentencing hearing on Thursday.
  3. Loads of concrete sleepers out at Groudle where they are relaying the track on the MER.
  4. One which your partner likes would be a good starting point
  5. More government waste of money on rebranding the two infant and junior schools at Lezayre road under a new unpronounceable Manx name and a new purple uniform to encompass the two schools. Who thinks these schemes up and who passes these totally unnecessary expensive projects for the tax payer and parents who will have to fork out for new uniforms in these difficult times.
  6. Buildings containing nuclear waste have been condemned and not fit for purpose, and pose a threat to the public and the enviroment in a new report issued today as featured on the main BBC news. Is there not a proposal to build a new nuclear power station on this site only 40 miles from our shores. Can we have some dialogue or even protests from Tynwald regarding this potential time bomb.
  7. When was this? When he came around our house about 35+ years ago I could have sworn it was a Cobra he had. Whatever it was, it fair rattled the windows. He had a purple metalic kit car type Cobra with an automatic gear box and was featured in some tv programme driving around Douglas in it.
  8. mal48

    Petrol Prices

    Petrol at Asda, White Lund Retail Park,Lancaster was £1.357 per litre on Monday this week and about £1.39 at independents through out the lake district over the weekend. I went empty and came back full on priciple at a loss to retailers,suppliers and IoM Government of over £120. Multiply that by the dozens of cars, vans and other vehicles travelling every day of the year.
  9. The capacity of the proposed salt store is about 10 boat loads of the largest of the Ramsey steamship's boats.Would it be able to dock in Castletown? If not it will mean alot of road miles to fill it. Do the government own the proposed site or has that to be purchased or leased. Where are the salt spreaders based, any of them near Ballathane? I would have thought the ideal location for such a store would be near a port and where the salt can be distributed in various directions where it is required. The very expensive government site where the roses greenhouses used to be at Richmond Hill woul
  10. Legends of a Lifetime by George E. Quayle,first printed in 1973. Anyone interested in aspects of Manx life of times past should have a copy
  11. He is probably One man and his dog
  12. Learn to spell, I agree Homarus, especially words I have to look up in the dictionary like riparian not riperian. Best of luck with the appeal
  13. The report of a court case against the owner of two rottweilers which were unlicenced and had killed 22 lambs and sheep was reported in the local press and the incident took place in Kirk Andreas not Bride
  14. Live in the same area and we have had no problems, I suggest you follow other posters suggestions
  15. I have to say that i laughed reading this as the local authority in Whitehaven is obviously as deluded about the financial benefits of the cruise industry as we are. I'm sure that after this investment half of Europe and the big US cruise companys will be beating a path towards Whitehaven a town famous for …............. fuck all really; and a gateway to .................. fuck all really! Jonathon Swift lived in Whitehaven as a child, Pugin built a church, oh a few people got shot there, that surely would be a big draw for the Yanks Not to forget it was the only place in the British
  16. Are people still buying at present prices for investment? Never thought about shoprite but it would make sense. I have never seen anything sell so fast, it wasnt even worth puting up a For Sale sign! I would think with the proximity of the Town Hall it is more probable that it has been purchased by RTC.
  17. I notice on the Fylde bus blog that although the bus had been refurbed and painted it was still on Manx road tax. Is it not possible to reclaim the unused portion of road tax when a vehicle is exported or if it is tax payers money you just say sod it.
  18. mal48

    Ginger Nuts

    Any body bought the Sun today. Should the Royals be protected or is Murdock right to publish?
  19. Government land,so it is all right to sell it or lease it to an elite group of Fishers of Men
  20. There are a few who think they can walk on water as well
  21. May be he was an old lag with pangs of nostalgia for the old jail and wanted dropping off there
  22. It was told to me some fifty years ago that it was a surreptitious insult to the mass influx of people from overseas who tended to look down on the locals and should be spelt [ar]sehole. May be that is why it is not in any Manx dictionary, of course somebody could have been having a joke on me all those years ago
  23. Has not Ramsey and the rest of the island enough under used and poorly maintained religious buildings already without building an other for the sole purpose of catching the young and vunerable to indoctrinate and brainwash them with their fairy stories.
  24. I would like to wish Mr. Hemmings and his staff at the new hotel every sucess and good luck with this venture and look forward to seeing a start to the development on the quay in Ramsey and the Grand Island site. The negative vibes by some posters before the venture has started is unbelievable and it could just be the nucleus Ramsey needs to start the regeneration
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