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  1. There were woodpeckers in and around Kirk Andreas village last year. I was sent some photos but have not heard whether they returned this year
  2. mal48

    Cafe Capital

    think you are mistaken and the cafe is in Christian street run by the nice people who used to run the Lakeside cafe at the Mooragh Park
  3. Garlic Bread [sorry Peter]
  4. Sorry to hear it went against you today Homarus. Any chance of an appeal to a higher court if your up for the fight as M1B seems to imply a close run thing
  5. Good luck and best wishes for tomorrow. Sorry I can't be there for moral support but looking after the grandchildren until Mrs. Mal finishes work at 1 o/c
  6. We have a couple in their eighties next door who have deteriorated in health over the last year. They do not want or accept any help when offered nor will they answer the door most of the time. None of the neighbours have any phone numbers of their children to contact in the event of an emergency. We and the other neighbours are concerned about this couple and it is a relief when we spot any sign of life
  7. Don't they have two locos steamed up, I recall sitting in Ballasalla station waiting for the Douglas bound train to come and allow the south bound train to continue on it's journey.If one breaks down could they not use the other to "rescue" the broken down train or am I missing something like some civil servant's ego trip.
  8. The young guys in M&S carpark seem very busy every time I have been in over the last few weeks. Any body had them wash their car while they have gone shopping. Might give them a try.
  9. It just shows the moaning must have worked. Which one of the cartel do you work for? Still about 9 or 10p. to go down to reach our neighbours levels.
  10. More a Tiffany style lamp I would say
  11. I noticed what appears to be lots of stalls set out on the walk way when driving home. Must have missed any adverts for the event, what is it and for how long is it on for?
  12. mal48

    Iom On Tv.

    What did you think of Country File tonight.I thought it showed the island in a good light and John Craven was very enthusiastic about the place reliving his youth. Not the usual cranks they tend to drag out.
  13. mal48

    Iom On Tv.

    I thought the views of the island were very good and Peter Kelly and the lady from MNH came across very well, I think the time taken up with John the Dog and the cat woman could have been put to better use, but all in all alot better than some other portrayals of the island
  14. mal48

    Iom On Tv.

    Programme featuring IoM due to start at 8o/c on ITV
  15. mal48


    I would recommend to anyone interested in this thread to try and get a copy of George E. Quayle's Legends of a Lifetime. He was some one who actually farmed the uplands and the book is full of folklaw and facts, including how the church with their punitive tithes helped to clear the uplands and enrich the church where in 1949 you had to buy out your annual tithe with a payment of 33years worth of annual payments in one go. Some of the crofts were not even worth the sum demanded and the church ended up with them by default. To quote the late Mr. Quayle "Rass as cass debragh nyn immit" Best Manx
  16. John please excuse my ignorance in not contacting you earlier as I really appreciate your offer of help. Reason being I was already waiting on confirmation of legal help which has now been finalised . As I,ve have now been formally "Bollocked" by my brief so to speak I will not be saying to much for the few weeks until the case is over. Damn.damn. damn ! H Finneganswake.Please try and keep up to speed.
  17. More drip feeding of information in the Manx Independent today. Crookall is requesting £350,000 in addition to the £50,000 previously agreed for the design of a new engine, so this week it is £400,000 for a 30 year old engine which "needs drastic modification" in Romania or Hungary and a new air brake system to be fitted when it arrives in the island in about 18 months.
  18. Finneginswake.It is obvious you do not know Homarus very well. He has been told off by his brief for posting but will no doubt come back with all guns blazing when the time is right, so I and many others look forward to his further disclosures in and out of court.This thread has a long way to run. Best of luck Homarus.
  19. Being an old sea dog I would have thought a good tot of rum would have been the order of the day.I was in the Rummer Hotel in Bristol early May and they have over 400 different spirits on sale including about 200 whiskies and about 100 rums.It would take a few nights out to go along the topshelf in that place.
  20. mal48


    You should act quickly,seek legal advice armed with your deeds plan and any copy of your neighbours plans,and get a stop notice placed on the works until it is resolved, I did see a legal firm offering a half hour consultation free.Plans should be available at the Planning department,Government Offices or your local authority planning department. Best of luck, things can get messy and expensive
  21. Heard on MR that the road in question was shut because of a RTA around Greeba on Monday, but heard no details. Was it linked to the roadworks/loose chipping?
  22. I went in the Christmas shop in Bath at the begining of May this year and it was packed with customers of all nationalities.
  23. My wife has had a knee replacement and my brother has had a hip repacement and a procedure to his shoulder with repairs to tendons all done on NHS at Nobles. They speak very highly of the consultants and all the other staff at Nobles. The only complaint was the waiting time on NHS and the pain they had to endure for many months. The main thing is after it is done you follow the instruction and do the exercises.
  24. There are alot of people on here who are not happy with the way the island is being run and the utter contempt our elected and unelected politicians treat the electorate.The way the ministerial system has evolved and the way policy and decisions involving many millions of pounds can be made behind closed doors to be put through on a nod as everyone is on the gravy train. Is there a procedure available to the electorate if enough were dissatisfied with the government part way through a term of office to have it dissolved, say by a petition, rather than hanging them from the street lights. The
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