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  1. Preventative maintenance, it's a good thing, no harm in people having a whine though eh. They are also doing ballig into peel, which is not on the course, sorry if that messes up the conspiracy theories So all that is wrong with the dozens of roads full of potholes is lack of preventative maintenance, I wonder how so many slipped through the net.Regarding Peel to Ballig we will make some conspiracy theory up to cover this work .Entries on a postcard please.
  2. I had to go to Peel today and noticed the long stretches being coated with chippings.The road did not seem to be in a bad state of repair prior to this and it must have been up to scratch to run the races. My gripe is that there are dozens of roads in urgent need of basic repairs to potholes and surfaces breaking up all over the island in much worse state than this stretch.
  3. I see in the Manx Independent that the DCCL and Minister Crookall are still after an engine and have found a second hand one in Romania for £350,000. We have given Romania loads of our fire engines over the recent past, may be we should tell them the state of our economy they might waiver the cost and donate it to us.
  4. Very poor turn out at Onchan commissioners election today, there is still three hours to go so mind you dont get trampled in the rush.
  5. mal48


    You just have to get friendly with David Quirk MHK for Onchan,he can get any negative planning decision overturned by the CoM
  6. Well I was born in the first half of the last centuary before TV on the island and your milk delivered by a man on a horse drawn milk float,and in the summer up to 7 boats a day discharging passengers for two weeks not a few hours like these cruise ships and the Tourist Board run by a handful of people,not the dozens of so called experts we have today.
  7. Perhaps we could clear up a point you raised. Is onchan football club buying this government owned land and if so how much? These fields are the last vestige of green belt land between Onchan and Douglas. It is to be hoped the present tenants have a strong agricultural lease for a long period of time in order to preserve this area.
  8. In todays Examiner Planning permission has been given for a new football pitch, club house and carpark for Onchan football club juniors. The permission was granted by the Council of Minister who have overturned a decision of an independent planning inspector who refused the application for the following reasons: Harmful effect on the open character and appearance of the surrounding area. Insufficient evidence for the need of the proposed pitch, clubhouse and car park. The land is owned by the department of Infrastructure Why bother going through the whole charade of planning process i
  9. To get the ball rolling anyone remember the Airship project and the hanger at Jurby
  10. mal48


    Hi my old mate Homarus. The motor has not got a load of grass up the exhaust or other places, according to reports they are finding a lot of grass in cars and garages up your way
  11. One thing which concerns me is who if anyone authorizes these groups and what is to stop others forming similar groups on ethnic, racial grounds or any reason under the sun and then to cause trouble and mayhem with the excuse they are protecting their own.
  12. Congratulations to you and mrs ScotsAlan on the birth of your daughter.
  13. They did convert it into a hotel by demolishing it and turning it into rubble.
  14. More likely a planning condition, that the windows replicate size and layout of buildings that were there before, and are still along the rest of the front. Previous building was a rather nice Arts and Craft type bungalow
  15. The big Jurby day organised by the VMCC where there was 15,000 people last year is at the Manx Grand Prix for which the government have withdrawn the financial support for the one this year
  16. mal48

    Car Keys

    The little shop along by Costa in Strand Street quoted me £47.00 for a standard Matrix key as they have a chip in.
  17. I await an irate Double glazing salesman to come on and give his side of the story.You should have asked him to rebuild your garden wall or has that been resolved to your exacting standards.
  18. Quickest and easiest way is to fly the pup in.Try the operator who goes to Belfast at Ronaldsway or maybe the guy at Baldwin/Mount Rule international airport.
  19. You must have missed the Strange Happenings in Andruss title 29th.March. The use of tasers would have livened thing up.No reports of a prosecution in the media, more examples of selective policing?
  20. mal48


    I have had alterations done by the lady in the little shop,next to the back of the Villa gardens in Derby road. She is very good. There is another on Derby Road on the corner to the top entrance to Derby Square.,
  21. Try the Vintage Motorcycle Club transfer service 01283 495107 or Email transfers@vmcc.net ask for Alan if he can not help you he will know some one who can. I can see a possible conflict with copyright.
  22. I have this last week used Costa cafes from Bristol,M5,M6, Albert dock ,Liverpool and the Sea Terminal, Douglas and found the sea terminal to be the cleanest and probably the most efficient of them all. I have seen the proprietor at the Douglas outlets but have never witnessed anything unpleasant towards his staff or customers.May be he just runs a tight ship for the benefit of his customers.There are enough complaints on here about bad shop assistants with bad attitudes so be thankful for some where efficiently run.If you don't like it don't go there.
  23. I think it was purchased with the funds obtained from confiscated goods,cars etc used in crime such as drug smuggling.
  24. Who actually decides to give away government assets and ascertains when something has reached the end of its useful service life on the Isle of Man,but can go on for years else where such as fire engines donated with great fanfare to Romania. Some assets are sold by periodical auctions at Ellerslie depot covering a lot of government departments. I would like all assets advertised and offered for sale rather than some of the deals being done at present
  25. I wonder who will get the "gift" of blood diamonds.
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