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  1. Read a notice in the Total Filling station ,Ramsey today saying Shell have bought out Total which means Shell is in theory the only supplier of fuel to the Isle of Man.This cannot be good for the island with no competition in the wholesale price of fuel.
  2. Glad you got a result, better than just chewing the cud or even locking horns and getting cold shoulder and hot tongue.
  3. I have noticed a change in tactics over the last week or so. There are large wagons carting the seaweed away from Douglas beach after the spell of easterly wind. Any body know where it is being taken to for any useful purpose or just to be dumped? It has taken them a long time to figure this out.
  4. It is offal what has happened, get some sweetbreads to give you the courage to complain about their mistake
  5. One of these planes would be ideal for London City route. Wonder how long it took to get here from London.
  6. Whittaker trading Ltd. down the old coal depot, Hills Meadow have a repair facility and an excellent range of new tools if yours is beyond repair. I have used them for many years.
  7. I see that King Carlos has issued an unprecedented apology saying he had made a mistake as calls were made for him to be axed from the WWF presidency. Good job he broke his hip or we might not have found out. He could always go on a less strenuous hunting trip, he could go shooting pandas in Edinburgh
  8. May be RTC are sitting on it until after the elections in the hope of getting a few more commissioners in favour of the marina project so they could either 1] Sell it for mega bucks to a developer 2] Give it to a developer at a knock down price to encourage developement 3]Develope the site into social housing, like a sheltered housing complex 4]Do a land swap with Wilfy Young to get the scapyard of the quay and the town hall's door step 5]Simply put it on the market for sale
  9. Very lucky for the elephants in Botswana that King Juan Carlos of Spain fell down stairs and broke his hip at the start of a hunting trip to try and add to his trophies which include his own brother who he shot dead a long time ago. I thought there was enough trouble with elephant poaching for the chinese ivory trade without bastards like him shooting them for fun as he has done before.
  10. Refer back to the Victoria Road topic in January when professional fees of some £350,000 were approved, which is just over 10% of the contract sum asked for now,so it is not a suprise really.
  11. May be somebody called in a favour and he was up Andreas way looking for lost trousers. Nothing in the Examiner on that incident.
  12. Only trouble is the fact no island registered boat is allowed to fish for herring any more, sold out the quotas to NI boats who scoop up hundreds of tons in one go. The 'Manx' kipper can have been caught as far away as Norway although I seem to remember last year some came from Scotland.
  13. Has she tried standing at Ramsey hairpin, or somewhere more convenient with a placard, that seems to work
  14. I think there was a petrol pump outside Corlett's shop in Ballaugh village opposite the One Stop and of course one at the Creg. I can not remember if the garage at the top of Bride hill ever had pumps.The late J.R.Moore had three sites no longer selling petrol,The Whitestone Ballasalla, the place at Santon Douglas side of the Motel and the filling station Peel side of Ballaugh Bridge.Olga Teare had for many years the Colby Pump.
  15. It just shows the contempt or lack of regard the British government has for the island by designating such a large area of sea bed with no thought for the historic users of certain stretches of water.How much of our gas have they been thieving for years, the gas fields do not stop at the 12 mile limit. I believe we get some paltry sum under the continental shelf agreement
  16. Manxonia[ Harry Gill] corner of Tower street,Albert road, Mrs Caley's Sulby, Vondy's,Regaby, Crennel's, Tower street.
  17. Or leave the empty plinth as a true representation as his political presence? Or erect a suitable structure in the square to hang him from for his crimes against the island and it's people
  18. Ack ack fire at in coming bandits at Braddan International airport.
  19. It is getting worse, tell me it was not the new vicar without his trousers and a penchant for champagne from the bottle
  20. Only verbally abusive? Not a patch on the one in Andreas drinking champagne from the bottle, minus his trousers.
  21. The highlight of the year was the Mooragh park opening at Easter when I was a child in the fifties .There were 4 cafes if you count the the one over at the golf Remember getting chased by irate brass band member for lobbing a hardboiled egg down his euphonium on the band stand.
  22. If it is the Poacher's Pocket site you are refering to, they are private following a lengthy planning process of twenty years or more involving public inquiries etc.
  23. What about the donkeys on Country File to night Matt Baker's mother bought in the island
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