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  1. There is one on the top of the hill behind Malew church, hence the name of the area Ballaqueston, which I believe translates to white stone and there is the White Stone pub in the area.
  2. What planet are you on? All our fuel comes by sea in purpose built ships called tankers
  3. I hope there are no resignations and a by election ,just imagine the smirk on Annie Craine's face if she got in with the help of a BBC.
  4. I wonder if it was an honourable member?
  5. mal48


    +2 [the wife agrees as well]
  6. I see a planning application in the Courier for a small domed observatory way out Smeale.Should not be much light polution, has the electric reached there yet?
  7. Recently I was sat outside the airport at 9:30pm awaiting a delayed London city flight when I saw 3 or 4 large side hung sash windows at first floor level being shut. How long these had been open or to what type of room they are servicing I do not know, but they must let out a lot of heat Who is responsible for setting and controlling the heat for each school, airport, office complex, hospital,sea terminal and all the other goverment owned or controlled building and to minimise waste. I think the policy was to turn the heating of in the schools on the !st. May.What is the ammount government
  8. Heard a news item that there was a bus crash outside Ramsey bus station involving two of our new silver buses and one passenger injured by flying glass,.very scant information on MR maybe our northern Manx forum correspondents can fill in the details before it gets swept under the carpet like the other bus incidents.
  9. We were made aware on this thread on the 18th. February when it is due to open. I will avoid it in case you are any thing to do with it and therefore profit from me, There are loadsof other establishments in the area who might be glad of "half wits" custom.
  10. Lakeside cafe,Mooragh Park Ramsey
  11. This debate has been on going for as long as I can remember and the arguement was that a horse being an herbivor its excrement was not as offensive or potentially harmful as carnivors such as dogs and cats so it was alright for the weather and nature to deal with it. Today the make up of the roads and footpaths are,in the main, devoid of grass verges and the like to absorb this waste so I am of the opinion that the time has come for horse and cattle owners to clean up after their animals in the interest of the safety of all other road users.
  12. I rented 3, dale street of Ben Oldfield in 1972 and he had the cellar for storage for the Dolphin
  13. Sure do, wasn't it owned / run by Orry Turner's father or is my brain just total mush? Owned by Ben Oldfield
  14. There used to be two, both good. Where's the planning for? There was at least three in my day.Dirty Dan's in Dale Street and when they knocked that down he moved to the shop next to Moughtin's where the model shop is now .Bunty's in Church Street and the best of all Nellie Grove's on Bowring Road.There was another which was short lived at the end of the quay in the building next to where Spectrum windows are I can not remember who had that one.
  15. How did it go in court today Homarus? The suspense is getting to me and others, no doubt, who have been following this for months.
  16. Heard on MR news that Marlow Construction have been awarded the contract after Kissack Bros have carried out this work for the last 35 years.The government, it would appear, decided after all this time to go out to tender for this work and only received 2 tenders back and it was stated Kissacks did not submit a tender. Is this a case of these civil servants trying to run the TT crossing a few more ts and dotting a few more is to justify their existence.I would have thought the experience and knowledge built up over the years would have stood for something and I hope the new contractor can deli
  17. Had to chuckle when I looked down the list, Bribery and corruption followed by cash in postal packages. May be they are going to make brown envelopes exempt.
  18. May be he has come to see that other ginger at the airport for a meeting in a broom cupboard
  19. Bought my 8x6ft. garden shed from the kitchen shop on Westmoreland Road and gave me a very good price supplied and erected.Dont know if some one working there does it as a sideline.
  20. The first two or three million pound contract will be for the design fees and building a new loco shed for the new engine.
  21. StuartT, Sorry but no access to scanner.The train in the advert seems to be a full blown steam train possibly American with 3000 across the front and the name plate has been blanked out. hope this helps. I see in the link to "Bertie" it is powered by a 6 cyl. Gardner engine the one time power unit of the fishing fleet and the buses on the island.
  22. Those were the days with Malcolm Quayle the station master and the lines running down the quay.I can remember a train on the quay about 50 years ago.
  23. Anybody at IoM Railways got a 2012 telephone directory because there is an advert for a company inside the back cover which actually has a train in the advert and they do light, heavy and precision engineering so refurbing a piddling little diesel loco should not be much of a problem and suprise suprise!!! they are based in Ramsey at the Shipyard so keeping jobs, skills and money on the island. Or is this not a big enough ego trip for the powers to be at the railways.
  24. Not Guy Martin I can not stand to hear him on TV or radio.Let him stick to what he does best on the track[most of the time].
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