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  1. Who is he. We had one once representing Onchan but I have not heard of him for ages.
  2. Any truth in the rumour that the MEA are going to fire up Ramsey power station again to boost supplies. If they do it will shake the people in the new DD houses out of their beds next door.
  3. Looling at the pictures I can see problems with the window.The two wires must be going under the cover strip, which I wonder what else it is hiding. Bright spark stated it is better since he has had the window fitted. There appears to be green algae on the left hand side which could be where the water collects before tracking down.Get rid of the cables, put them over the window, pull up the cover strip and check the joint between frame and the external ground and reseal properly, try and get an angled fillet to throw the water away from the frame. It is a bodge and needs looking at first befor
  4. you ask in Budget 2012 thread"who is Ding Dong". Well he is the bloke who is going to do this to you on Tuesday!!
  5. It is obvious your not long here and you have not been invited to the ceremonies involving the sacrificing of lambs and parading the Great Horned Beast. Keep your head down and mouth shut and you could get an invite to the next one 21st march especialy if you have any spare female virgins.
  6. So do I, the wife got a latte tipped over her head and down her back last Tynwald day, sort of cut the day's festivities short. Bit more training for the waitresses I hope.
  7. I thought Peter's appointment to Education a bit odd, but I see it was part of Bell's master plan to take one of the most popular MHKs and to demonize him overnight.Come on Peter,you were always a bit of a rebel, tell Bell to do his own dirty work
  8. I think you are treading on thin ice with you implications and would not be surprised if your posts got deleted if either party you are making accusations about complained or threatened legal action.
  9. The tip at Groudle which was supposed to be for a golf driving range about 20 odd years ago with a limited time scale and volume as part of the planning consent.I am waiting for it to start sliding down the hill.
  10. mal48

    New Linkspan

    Cretny announces study into feasibility of new linkspan to south of Victoria Pier.Is it just sabre rattling or is it a genuine study to free us from Steampacket domination
  11. Jeffontherock should be careful for what he wishes for. IoM Newspapers in the interest of balanced reporting should fill in all the missing details,salacious or not to satisfy all the extra interest his post has generated
  12. What about the 60 plus old bowlers with their weak bladders, all facilities should be either upgraded or replaced if the corporation wants to run a play ground and bowling greens
  13. To be honest Jeff to the casual reader it is a non event, a quick glance and move on. I have a feeling that there is more to this than meets the eye,how could a employer justify sacking her on the strength of this story. Making mountains out of mole hills spring to mind.
  14. I see B & Q are bringing in bedroom furniture fitters in private cars to fit their wardrobes, there is one working in my road at this very moment with his English registered car parked outside and this is not the first job he has done on this trip according to reports. So he is saving commercial rates on the Packet not bringing a van and travelling incognito to evade whoever.Over to you Homarus
  15. mal48

    Land Swap Query

    Kirk Michael is the only village of a comparable size on the island to have no social housing, a fact the estate agents use as a positive selling point.I would ask Mr. Cannon to consider after all the years of his father's time in the Keys has nothing been done to meet the needs of the poor and young of the parish in need of social housing and how is he going to address it or is he going to allow the estate agents and developers to continue to charge a premium because of the "bonus" of having no social housing. Maybe he could do a deal with the developer engaged in the land swap to include a
  16. Maybe not very good for the population of Douglas as it is adjacent to Manx Gas according to the first poster
  17. He will be known for ever more as the former Sir Fred Goodman. Take his pension off him and really do something good.
  18. I saw a Police Landrover today for the first time, a standard van type like the army have, not the Range Rover type.
  19. I noticed ,on passing today, that it has gone.
  20. From what I can remember the sewer discharge from the hotel goes straight ahead into Derbyhaven bay. As the hotel has been semi derelict for years and unused the private sewerage system should be condemned as not fit for purpose in these IRIS days.If a private developement of the site is to take place part of the planning conditions must be that an acceptable privately funded sewerage system must be put in place at no expense to the public purse
  21. It would be helpful if information on the trades or occupations of the unemployed was made public and also a similar breakdown regarding the people granted work permits and if it is found that unemployed persons with a trade or occupation the same as a person granted a work permit the reason why should be made clear.
  22. What about the shipping container in the middle of the field below the Creg pub, somebody trying to set a precedent for planning maybe?
  23. I thought Drumgold Street was no more, swallowed up by M&S.
  24. I recall the work permit and DHSS site inspectors were made up by retired police inspectors and other ranks like Dereck Nicholson who acted with an air of authority when they came on site.Only trouble was they were no good at running like hares and jumping hedges after the people who did not want to talk to them.
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