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  1. How I hate tattoos, this must have fashion accessory you can not get rid off. I can imagine women, getting on in years, being asked by their bewildered grand children "Go on Granny,please show us your tattoos" in a few years time when the craze for such embellishment has died out.
  2. Are the minutes legal, they appear to be signed and dated 24/2/2012?
  3. Maybe the squash fraternity who gave Stowel such a hard time at the election might consider putting some of their own money up and buying a plot and building their very own squash courts no one could put them out off
  4. Possibly exempted under 2010 revised permit criteria (Highly qualified specialists) Be Honest now ! Do you really expect local guys to have the expertise to put up a kit house?? Might not know how to put them up but certainly know how to take them down. Put Gawne in charge.
  5. Somebody at the commissioners does not like racket sports, first the squash now the tennis, and they all blamed Brian.
  6. This is where you should have posted jumped up
  7. start a new thread then! Jumped UpWhy did you start one when there was already one started 27th. October 2011.Pay attention and lighten up
  8. In todays most popular daily news paper an article on badger baiting, banned since 1835, which appears to be still very popular with a certain section of a very sick society. If animals must be culled it should be done the most painless and humane method possible.
  9. Did they ever find the pallet of special granite kerbs which went missing from North Quay and held up the job for weeks while replacements were obtained
  10. Brightspark, A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. You have two methods for different problems mixed up. My advice is to engage a surveyor/architect to inspect the problem and to a prepare a report for any remedial work which is required for which you can then get competitive quotes to solve the problems.
  11. As I stated in my post Ireland and Scotland have been against further expansion of the nuclear industry around the Irish Sea I intended to imply that it would be those countries who would raise it at the meeting
  12. The nuclear industry are having a road show around Cumbria from now until the end of March drumming up support for a nuclear dump of mammoth proportions[six to eleven times bigger than the present Sellafield and more excavated rock than the Channel tunnel] The preferred site is in the Copeland Borough District just 30 miles away from the island. If things go wrong they will go wrong for ever. Should we have any input to this proposed developement or have we been sold out by our illustrious leaders. I would have thought it would have been on the agenda at last weeks BIC meeting in Dublin as I
  13. He would burst into song in praise of the Great New Leader.
  14. I had my first chinese letter, as opposed to nigerian, this week offering to get my long lost relations £17.5 million out of China into my bank account. I took the letter down the police station where I was informed they had dozens of similar and to just bin it.
  15. Surely the dead donkey would be falling at a predetermined speed, unless it had artificial means of slowing it down.
  16. Adulterous, lying, cheating,conniving, pretentious, home wrecking, child deserting cad of the first degree.Well that is one english man soon to be my ex son in law, I hope he will be terribly unhappy with his new adulterous whore.
  17. Wonderful news that we have a result without the usual performance of multi votes and spoilt papers. I wish Mr.Wild ,of whom I know little ,all the best in Legco and hope he can use his banking knowledge to wise effect for our mutual benefit.
  18. I was told a long time ago to preface a statement with "In my opinion" as everyone is entitled to one
  19. I would say it is not a very Christian attitude
  20. I am of the opinion to make voting compulsory with the provision of a box NONE OF THE ABOVE It is not that difficult to register your vote through the various avenues open to the public.
  21. What are the repercussions for IoM Ltd. if Germany and France want to play rough.
  22. Probably all the Tesco refugees coming up to get all the stuff unavailable at their wonderful Tescos
  23. The silence in the media is deafening concerning the two candidates for the election, which I understand to be on Monday 12th. December.
  24. To whom are you refering Ms Moffat or President Christian. Your statement could apply equally to both
  25. Thank you for the link, I have not seen that one before.
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