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  1. There is a husky living up Ballachurry Avenue in a loving home
  2. Much is been made on the BBC North west news about the discovery of a cat skeleton in a ruin at Pendle saying it is all part of the Pendle Witch legend. It was a custom on the island to put a dead cat under the hearth or built into the wall above the door for good luck and health of those in the house. This went on until fairly recently and would probably continue for the right person having a new house built. It was only because of the propaganda of the church that these folk lore traditions have nearly died out. I wonder if they vet people wanting a cat at the MSPCA asking them if they are
  3. Have they got a Pick and Mix inside the door like woolies for the pigeons to nip in and help themselves
  4. I understand the the Mart site and Youngs scrap yard are in private ownership. The site of the town abattoir, now a car park, on the corner of the quay and West Street is owned by RTC, so bring that in with the other two sites what potential a developer would have.
  5. Chrystals will want to do a deal with Commissioner Young to aquire his yard for frontage on the quay, it would certainly tidy up two eye sores in the heart of Ramsey and if Mr Hemmings ever gets around to his development of the Corlett sons and Cowley site on the quay it would make it much more valuable in the long term.
  6. Are you thinking of Wadmans
  7. Rathbones in Douglas was quite a large bakers from memory[take the H out of the name and tell the other kids that was what it was made off if I remember correctly]
  8. Mr Winkle is still with us I think and was in great demand to judge at the local produce shows. I was at school with his son who was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident at the Spring valley area of Douglas in the late 60's early 70's.
  9. I can remember seven bake houses[as bakeries used to be called] in Ramsey alone. Harold Caugherty's down Church Street, long gone in the south Ramsey redevelopement, was the best bread you could ever have tasted. Jimmy Duncan could do the decent thing and tell the island "Let them eat cake"
  10. This balderdash spouted by Jimmy Duncan would be laughable if he expects us to believe a man of his business acumen can not see any other way of transporting some yeast to the island or that he lacked the foresight to plan for such a hiccup to the sailings through the recent and on going bad weather. The crux of the matter is Mr.Duncan wants Tynwald to give him a monopoly of bread supply on the island and is scaremongering to help his case to government.Rumour has been on going for years the bakery has been on the market and what with the age of the bakery and the importation of bread products
  11. mal48


    I was brought up in Ramsey in the 50s and in those days someone from as far away as Sulby was seen as possibly a different breed! What do you mean Sulby, it depended which side of the stone bridge you lived on.
  12. Recent news of Earth like planets discovered by Kepler space telescope on BBC News Science and Environment especially Kepler 22-b which is in the habitable zone of it's own sun.In total 1094 new planets spotted and 48 believed to be within habitable zones.
  13. mal48

    Cheap Fuel

    What I could never understand was the economics of transporting many 100's of thousand of litres of fuel some 8o miles from the Mersey to the Isle of Man by sea and the onward distribution around the island of relatively short trips compared to tankers driving around the UK with smaller quantities on much longer trips. I would have thought the distribution costs and therefore the point of sale cost on the island should be as cheap as mainland UK not some 10p per litre dearer than the first filling station you come to in Lancaster when you drive of the boat.
  14. Clarkson is a business,with various people advising him , writing scripts and one liners for him all to keep brand Clarkson in the public eye.They will all be rubbing their hands with glee at all the free publicity they have gained. For everyone against him there are probably two or three for him and will be flocking to buy the books and DVDs. The old adage "There is no such thing as bad publicity" rings very true in this case.
  15. It has been reported that Edinburgh Zoo is paying £600,000 per annum rent for these animals.Is it just me but I do not think this is ethical that rare and endangered animals should not be traded like this
  16. Any news on the lost medical data/records on the island a couple of months ago?
  17. Say it like it is. I have just been to Shoprite and there was an abundance of goods on all the shelves and was served by a very pleasant young lady No problems.
  18. Wow you amaze me; those people are employed in the private sector? Why do they still have jobs if that is the case they have to be the most catastrophically rude and ignorant people that I've seen behind a counter anywhere. Because once you have gone through security you are a captive customer and they are probably the only people who would take the job for the money offered
  19. Terrible legacy of war some 70 years on. I hope all goes well tomorrow with the controlled explosion.
  20. Slightly of topic but why have we had to exchange our bus passes fo new credit card type.The old ones had no expiry date the new ones are for five years only.They have had the expense of having a designated desk at the Welcoming Centre manned by a long haired chap with the personality of a railway sleeper.
  21. School is out, Friday night and here she ,he or them return to wind up the plebeians. How many controversial topics can you start this weekend?
  22. mal48

    Dogs In Pubs.......

    I go to the Lake district for short breaks quite regulary based around Keswick/Borrowdale area. It is amazing to see the amount of walkers with dogs walking through Keswick at both ends of the day. The majority of hotels,pubs and cafes cater for them and they must be a substantial percentage of the visitors even in October or November when I usually go. Keswick has a vibrant shopping area with independent traders and few empty units. I would think Keswick is a similar size to Ramsey and has more visitors in autumn than Douglas has in the height of the summer excluding the TT period and yet the
  23. Had similar problems with our machine, we were insured for repairs and MEA chap came a wrote it off and we got £180 towards a new one. One interesting point was we were getting black streaks on the washing which he explained was the emulsified oil from the failed sealed bearings, if you have been getting similar you know what the problem is for definate.
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