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  1. I don't think they do as I used mine to chat to my mate who was on holiday in America a few months ago and it didn't show up on my bill or hers. I can answer this, I asked a few months back... You are not charged when on the island it works on the data usage, but when roaming you will be charged on the data usage, but I guess it could vary pending on the network you are on.
  2. i don't have a land line i just use my neighbours wi-fi!!! (LOL)
  3. The signal is fine where i am in Douglas! did your mate get a text from sure about this "friends" thing?
  4. I’ve moved to Sure when they launched and the other day they sent me this code where I could register three of my mates to call for free, its gonna save me loads of money, i never got any thing like this with MT
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