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  1. It used to be all the people's land, the Commons, until it was stolen off them in the 19th century. If you look at Manngis though you can see areas of land marked as public ramblage. But oddly all of Carraghyn does not seem to be. Not sure who has the land. I wondered whether it was the same people that have Cardle Veg, Corlett's, but then I met the farmer recently and he seemed laid back so not sure. It does seem strange to close off the unenclosed land, so I would have thought the same in thinking it is because of bikes. There are complete twats about on bikes or quadbikes.
  2. I was getting confused there. I thought you were saying that I was watching Quilp when he was in a band. I thought you knew something that I didn't. 'It's a Sin' was so good. I don't watch much TV at all and very rarely programmes like this. I only put it on out of a little curiosity and with some prejudice that I wouldn't enjoy it because I've never been mad on the idiocratic storytelling done in Queer As Folk, Doctor Who and other programmes by the same writer. I also didn't realise it was about AIDs. It didn't all feel very close to home in a way because although I didn't live in those times the characters seemed very real. Already by the fire episode I wanted to see each character do well, be happier and be gay. And I think that's what made this programme work so well because that is taken away. Things reach a peak of excitement and wonder and then there is so much pain and sadness. And although I knew about AIDs and a fair amount of LGBT history, I've never seen anything on the TV or on film like it from a very British perspective. The last episode really stuck with me for a week or so afterward. I kept dwelling on how many young men from that time died at a time when they had only just found their...place in society amongst their friends and loved ones. It just doesn't seem fair. Whereas I wouldn't have been moved by an AIDs vigil because my sense of connection or understanding wasn't strong, I know if I attended a vigil now I would feel very differently.
  3. Children are taught to be heterosexuals from a very young age given the stories that they read of men and women falling in love and getting married, etc. Disney films are one example. Sexuality isn't all about sex. Homosexuality has never had any mention until recently.
  4. Generally interchangeable? They are the same but one is a term used more in American and the other in Britain; they aren't different terms for the '.' depending on its use.
  5. But it's perfectly correct when it is used as a title. Yeah, I hear the reflexive pronoun everywhere. People think that saying 'you' is too informal and abrupt. It gets worse when that thinking changes 'me' to 'myself'. Your 'please don't hesitate...' sentence is everything wrong about writing. I mean, it's such a dreadful cliché. It's partly used just as a lazy filler and partly because people think you should use it. I think one of the worst business letters I've seen has at the end, 'Thanking you in anticipation of your consideration of this...'.
  6. I'm OK with some aspects of language change but using 're' almost seems as if it is being used because it ought to be and that sort of thinking should be challenged, shouldn't it? Like people getting in the habit of trying to sound fancier by using 'prior to' instead of before or 'utilise'. I don't like the pretentiousness. I assume it is happening here. And, setting aside meaning, it isn't easier to read than alternatives, so why is it happening? But yes, if it is becoming increasingly common then I think at SOME POINT you have to give up. Commas in addresses? I thought that was a modern American thing! I suppose one good thing with the Manx language not being a community language anymore is that it can't evolve anymore in such irritating ways. Anyway, much has been lifted off my tits by moaning. I do feel better.
  7. It's just 're' means 'in the matter of'. If someone uses it to means 'in regards to' or 'about' then it is just not correct. But why not use 'about' if that's what is meant? Besides, 're' isn't English so it doesn't make for instant intelligibility. As an aside, hats off to the person writing Hansard, as I doubt that's easy.
  8. I know this isn't a big problem of the world today but I was looking at Hansard today and was surprised to see that the Proceedings question titles often have 're' in them. Is this a very modern thing that has come from the world of corporate business minutes and work e-mails? It just doesn't seem right to me at all. I have a bit of a conservative take on what should and should not be in writing but 're' seems really out of place for something like Hansard. It's not standard English when it is supposed to mean 'about' or 'in regard to'. Am I being too fuddy-duddy about it?
  9. Oh god. What is it with this Island? This is along the same sort of lines as public art in my opinion. Could it not go in Union Mills where they were born, as there is no public art and are no statues there https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-europe-isle-of-man-50350002?__twitter_impression=true
  10. Where were or when will be the bonfires, as everything seems to be just fireworks. Was there anything in Peel?
  11. I used it for giving my location to the Control Centre/Police HQ here when I found an injured sheep (and needed to let the farmer know) and they very efficiently worked out where I was straight away. I was impressed.
  12. Was it because it was unnecessary? I mean, you would literally curse someone in other ways rather than be profane.
  13. Is there no way that the House of Manannan can be reorganised to put the new stuff in? If needs to be updated but I imagine that would cost a bomb.
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