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  1. *****also please bring own seats - after all you dont expect to manage to find one *******bring own cleaning materials - as conditions tend to be filthy
  2. i love F1, but after todays unjust judgment ( one rule for the reds another for the Silver) I am not going to waste my time watching F1 again . At least the guys on two wheels , moto GP, play fair!!! :angry: :angry:
  3. But he now claims that he gave it all back! no big suprise - he has a book coming out - an autobiography - sick or what?
  4. More likely its Kill Bill meets Shameless. or Shameless meets Benidorm
  5. Why does the ad mention "clean and comfortable" ? is the voice over from another ad?
  6. Nice pic !!!!--all too true was due out on the 7.30 this morning ---tried to change yesterday to the heysham boat , obviously the sea cat cannot sail in even a fart of a wind, but was told it was full. Now waiting for the 19 ish to heysham tonight. Know the packet cannot control the weather but why not put a proper boat on ? and where are the staff sent to charm school? I was greeted this morning by staff with an attitude , apparently its the fault of the passangers for wanting to sail , and my fault for owning a van ( which is smaller than a people carrier) but obviously by owning a van I MUST be freight .
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