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  1. If you're yearning for average speed cameras Del can I suggest moving to the UK. Cheers.
  2. When I hear Moss on the radio I just feel like gouging out his eyes.
  3. Closed down. “Internal politics”.
  4. It's always mental health issues when they get caught.
  5. One Steve Christian heavily involved in this too.....
  6. What a spectacular fall from grace for Carl Cox, who once played to thousands in the world's top clubs, now reduced to spinning for Jo Pack and assorted social climbers opposite ramsey co-op
  7. They'll recover their costs by increasing licence fees on banks, CSPs etc
  8. Must must be moving on to bigger and better things. a right royal pain in the arse
  9. Where's he off to? He's one of the few decent ones
  10. I still can't believe I gave a vote to that waste of space Hooper. It was a case of "I've got two votes and I really should use both", and with Dr Allinson the only credible choice for the first vote, that left Lawrie fighting it out with the leader of the Manx National Front, Nick Crowe, for the second vote....next time I shall use only one if need be
  11. Dropped the missus at Ronaldsway this morning for the 8.15am Easyjet to Liverpool. Took the official advice and arrived earlier than usual (about 6.45am) in expectation of sprawling queues and general chaos......only to find the entire land-side empty, save for a few security staff milling about and two people sat having a coffee upstairs. Could have had an extra half hour in bed!
  12. Well I hope all the stupid cunts (and there were many) who signed the Facebook petition and marched with their placards are happy now they have the white elephant they craved and the attendant costs lumped onto their rates bills. A prime example of the consequences of politics by social media. Morons.
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