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  1. Serious question - are those alpacas on the IOM? Where can I find them please?
  2. Good old Stevie Christian....a prize plonker if ever there was one.
  3. Don’t Strix still Have a factory in Ramsey?
  4. The Bath and Bottle was a nice little place but the drinks prices were an absolute piss take. The reality is most people can’t afford £10 for a fancy cocktail anymore
  5. If you're yearning for average speed cameras Del can I suggest moving to the UK. Cheers.
  6. When I hear Moss on the radio I just feel like gouging out his eyes.
  7. Closed down. “Internal politics”.
  8. It's always mental health issues when they get caught.
  9. One Steve Christian heavily involved in this too.....
  10. What a spectacular fall from grace for Carl Cox, who once played to thousands in the world's top clubs, now reduced to spinning for Jo Pack and assorted social climbers opposite ramsey co-op
  11. They'll recover their costs by increasing licence fees on banks, CSPs etc
  12. Must must be moving on to bigger and better things. a right royal pain in the arse
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