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  1. They ask for your opinion, and then tell you what you can't have i.e. replacing vehicle duty with additional tax on fuel. With all due respect to the A.G. who came to that conclusion nine or ten years ago, this legal opinion could perhaps be challenged, particularly when relationships between countries are in a state of flux?
  2. I agree that there is too much use of plastic in packaging and biodegradable alternatives should be used, if at all possible. Likewise, takeaway coffee cups that contain plastic should be replaced by ones made from biodegradable materials. It is frustrating that the only plastics accepted for recycling - at least by Douglas Corporation - are bottles and bottle tops, so a lot of plastic containers end up going to he incinerator, even though some of it has the right symbols for recycling of them. I understand that plastics could be used in road repairs - perhaps that should be tried here? https://www.curbed.com/2017/4/26/15428382/road-potholes-repair-plastic-recycled-macrebur
  3. It would be interesting to know who within Government is responsible for not responding to this request for information, and how the decision was justified.
  4. Meals on Wheels should be an integral part of the package that Government uses to help older people retain their independence. Perhaps there are examples elsewhere in the British Isles (and elsewhere) of "Meals on Wheels" services where older people can get nutritional (and preferably hot) meals brought to them at home? One example is Southampton: https://www.southampton.gov.uk/health-social-care/adults/help-at-home/meals-on-wheels.aspx
  5. Sub-post offices that co-locate with other facilities - e.g. coffee shops, newsagents, libraries, etc, - should stand a better chance of surviving. Talking of saving money, a 12-page, A4 Christmas brochure from the Post Office was delivered to every household today. It looks good but probably have been smaller, or the information could have been publicised in a different way. I wonder how much it all cost, and how such a cost could be justified at a time when money is tight?
  6. Getting back to original reason for tis thread - balancing the need to allow pedestrians to cross the Promenade safely with the need to keep the traffic flowing smoothly - I wonder they don't have the controlled crossings programmed so that they flash for the last part of the programme, allowing the traffic to proceed if the crossing is clear? They used to do this, didn't they?
  7. They should know that Mr Perkins - like his predecessor - appears to be official spokesperson for Manx Gas, not the politician charged with protecting the public from unfair trading practices. He bent over backwards to avoid investigating the standing charges issue, stating that it was allowed under the present agreement. This is nonsense. This is not about the 9.9% profit Manx Gas are allowed to make; it is about the unfairness of the process - the standing charge. This could, and should, be investigated as an entirely separate issue.
  8. I agree, insofaras the number of social workers has grown considerably over the years. Also, the levels of knowledge and expertise should have gone up, and there should be better policies and procedures. However, I believe that some of the changes have been retrograde. Social workers used have relatively small patches, which meant that they got to know the communities they served and the other professionals working in the area, and would deal with most referrals in their patch from beginning to end (and subsequent re-referrals), so relationships and trust were built up. Yes, it wasn't perfect and mistakes were made, but I think it definitely had merit, and should be re-considered.
  9. commish

    Road tax

    ...and what about all the vehicles that aren't registered on the Island on the road - visitors, contract workers, etc - they haven't paid vehicle duty but are using the roads, aren't they?
  10. commish

    Road tax

    Well, they don't exactly "pay nowt" - they pay for the electricity. And what about cyclists? I hope you're not suggesting they should be taxed... Anyway, shouldn't we be encouraging drivers to be be more environmentally friendly?
  11. commish

    Road tax

    It would be far fairer to replace this tax - whatever it is called - with an increase in the duty on fuel. The more the vehicle is driven, the more fuel you use, therefore the more you pay.
  12. Who authorises these trips? Who decides who should go? Do the people who go on "fact-finding" trips actually feedback/cascade what they've learned when they returned? It is not just the financial cost to the taxpayer of these trips that seems unjustifiable, it is also the time away from their "day jobs" i.e. running the country. Perhaps they're not indispensable, after all....!
  13. Looks like it. And the Castle Mona is to be auctioned, according to reports. Perhaps the Government will get some of its money back?
  14. https://www.gov.im/news/2017/apr/18/isle-of-man-post-office-celebrates-300-years-of-english-freemasonry-with-hidden-secret-stamps/ Why??
  15. Do you know who the operators will be, finlo?
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