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  1. DownSouth

    Manx Gas

    I only heard parts of the Manx Radio broadcast but the Manx Gas chappie stated that the standing charge was going to be banded based on their research into individual customers usage. He stated the daily standing charge bands would be between 47p per day to £2 per day. My calculation £171 to £730 per year. notwell I suspect your band will not be at the cheap end. I have an efficient boiler and don't like my house hot. So assuming I am at the bottom band of 47p per day, in future on summer bills I will be paying as much just in standing charge as my entire summer bills now. MHKs need writing to I think. This was only on the central heating tariff, if he mentioned the other tariffs I missed it.
  2. I think if Keys question time goes on beyond an hour a vote has to be requested to extend it to take the remaining questions in that sitting, then a majority of 16?? has to agree. With Kate's PO questions near the end of the order paper let's see who votes which way.
  3. They look like normal spade connectors. The batteries are wired in series with a fused link between them. One quote on the net seems to indicate a 60A fuse but I'd check. "The batteries are wired in series with a 32V, 60A Buss Maxi-Fuse that's usually stuck to the top of the pack with double-sided foam tape" Sorry I don't have the link cable but it should be easy enough to get one made up.
  4. For those making comparisons with water rates across. Remember this is a sewerage rate/toilet tax on top of our normal water rate. I suppose households were always going to end up paying for the massive IRIS costs ( capital and running costs ) one day.
  5. Not this government but the Sulby reservoir has stopped us worrying about any dry spells with the capacity to supply water for approx 2 years. The NSC has been a success too.
  6. My free crappy Shoprite bag gets used at least a further 3 or 4 times for carrying shopping or other stuff in before it is used as a bin liner. Compared to the energy needed to create stronger reusable bags or 1 use paper bags I think I am probably winning the eniviromental challenge.
  7. Any text on the bottom that might help? If it has a model no. google it. If it says replace bulb with 15W red discoey type, dilligaf is probably correct. If it says 200W RMS Megawoofer Stu is probably right.
  8. DownSouth

    Leisure Inn

    Anyone remember the machines downstairs at Colin Leather's music shop in Castletown ( Castle Sounds?? ). Spent all my dinner money on Phoenix there in the early 80s.
  9. Is this true? If I managed to squeeze a thousand words onto the ballet paper and everyone else did the same would they HAVE to be read out?
  10. Butt, Houghton & Hall gone, Bell is not going to have anyone left when the serious cuts come.
  11. I've not read the previous 17 pages but I was in the Port Erin shop yesterday and have to say the young lady couldn't be more helpful and friendly. Better customer service than many retailers lately.
  12. I love these calls, they want me to log into their dodgy website to fix the so called malicious software on my PC. So I spend ages pretending my PC won't boot because of the non existant virus, asking them to help me to get it to boot. I can waste their time for ages whilst watching TV. Then its worth asking them if they really can clean my windows, as there is no water available and the problem is more likely to be grime or salt than a virus. All good fun.
  13. Just need a basic laptop/notebook for browsing, email and some basic spreadsheets. The video won't be pushed beyond Youtube/iPlayer. Could do with the screen being around 15" otherwise no strong requirements. Any suggestions, local would be a bonus?
  14. The sun hasn't quite risen in the photo, so it will be slightly left of the position on mojomonkey's charts and in a perfect position for it to be the sunrise. If we had an accurate time of when the photograph was taken it would be easy to prove it using one of the astronomical sites such as HeavensAbove.
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