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  1. Had the gutters, soffits and fascias on my four bed detached replaced by Reactive Construction a few months ago. The guys did excellent work and the price was very fair.
  2. @John Wright What's the situation with people trying to apply "common law" when taken to court (as an example that Laxey chap who was caught swimming is using it as a defence i believe), is there any merit in these claims, and could it / has this defence ever worked on the IOM? I have a friend who claims "loads of his mates have used common law to get out of stuff". He also claimed the Clintons were harvesting adrenochrome from children, so of course i'm skeptical...
  3. https://edition.cnn.com/videos/us/2021/10/08/schools-mask-mandate-protest-parents-students-newday-vpx.cnn You don't seem to see vaccinated people gathering to abuse those who haven't been vaccinated, and accusing them of "raping" their children. Shocking stuff, i feel so much for the children (and parents!) Facebook has a lot to answer for, its the main source of "research and information" they all seem to believe / follow
  4. Sounds like 'God love them, not their fault the poor things'. Complete joke. Fucking scrotes should be dealt with harshly as should the parents.
  5. Yep, rather they overreact than don't take it seriously. Good work if you ask me.
  6. Biden and Harris are no fans of Johnson. However, i think they won't let personal animosity get in the way of doing anything thats in the interests of the USA From what i've seen so far from Biden, he's hit the ground running and has done excellent. Plans in place for dealing with COVID, and when you look at how little was actually done from the Trump administration, it's shocking how little they seemed to care about it. Say what you like about Biden, some don't like him or think he's some kind of Kamala Harris trojan horse, but he absolutely cares about people and i think (hope) he will be good for the country. Of course the MAGAs hate him, but that's to be expected.
  7. It's frustrating but there is no real way to deal with it. I've of course tried taking the piss, but that just seems to make them double down, so i then tried showing actual evidence of reality, and it just gets glossed over. I think they simply want to believe and nothing you show them makes any difference. Maybe in their hearts they know, and its a bit humiliating?
  8. And yet one of my colleagues says that "Trump tried to stop the corruption, but the Dems wouldn't let him" Of course the irony of the statement was lost on him. Also a QAnon believer who thought the Clintons were harvesting adrenochrome from kids and Trump was out to save them all. Sigh.
  9. Speech was incredible, and i agree the whole thing feels like a weight lifted off your shoulders. Four years of science denial, little care for the average American and the spreading of hateful disinformation that sparked the whole QAnon moment, created a nation filled with staggering stupidity. The first press briefing was also good, and it's nice to see respect and civility back in the room. I can't understand the right framing Biden as some radical lefty, when the reality is he's always been quite a centrist, and not far left of what the pre trump republican party was.
  10. I'm not so sure. Mitch apparently HATES him, and i don't know what he has to lose by voting to impeach. Graham and Cruz etc won't of course, saying it will "divide the country". Like they ever gave a shit about that before....
  11. The Trump sketches have been outstanding imo (Mike Pence explaining the middle east conflict.). Jared Kushner (head falling off) makes me laugh out loud each time
  12. You should definitely follow QAnon, there's a veritable goldmine of "knowledge" and "proof" on there for pliable people to get stuck into and spread..... The simple fact is that there has been no fraud, no grand deception, and no global conspiracy. One minute Biden is being labelled a dribbling idiot, the next moment he is the criminal mastermind behind rigging the largest, most complex election in US history. Biden won by a landslide, and the election was not a referendum on the GOP, but on Trump himself. Hence why red senators kept their seats, yet people voted against Trump. Even Republican governors and Secretaries of State have confirmed it was the cleanest and most meticulous election in US history (risking the ire of the President...) There is no conspiracy. Americans, including Republicans, were sick of the lying and hateful speech. He's spent four years slowly dropping the intelligence of half of middle America, who now believe any kind of nonsense they are fed by anonymous sources on Reddit, which the President of the United States retweets (that should absolutely horrify you). The fact that the people who tend to believe all this stuff tend to be from poorly educated rural areas, and not from more affluent inner city Democratic areas should help explain why. It's going to take fundamental changes in the American education system to sort this out, and big changes in how social media work (as they are much of the problem also) January 20th, Trump is gone. I am staggered that some people still seriously believe he will still be in power. It's done, and by all accounts from people in his inner circle, he knows he's gone, but is keeping up the "fight" to keep the money rolling in for his "election defence fund", which is actually just milking money off people who don't know any better (and are the very same people he has nothing but contempt for), to pay off his campaign debt. Also, the Supreme Court will do nothing, for all their power. There is far too great a difference in vote counts for it to be something they would even contemplate getting involved with. No matter how many conservatives he stacks the court with. Pull yourself away from Hannity, Carlson, Pirro, Ingraham etc and start questioning the source when you see suspect "facts" being passed around on Reddit and Twitter. Use some of the non partisan fact checking websites out there to do your own research. https://www.factcheck.org/ https://www.politifact.com/
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