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  1. Maybe create a new, relevant post rather than resurrecting an 11 year old irrelevant one?
  2. £75 per month for Starlink i believe, with a £500 ish up front purchase for the dish (which you could resell when you decide to change to fibre) A friend gets 250-300Mb down and about 40 up. Well worth it if you ask me, and similar price to what MT are charging for fibre now anyway, as they seem to be far more expensive than the other ISPs
  3. Thanks for the reply manxman1980. So basically 30 hours then with 5 hours for preparatory work. Is a teacher teaching all day? For example, you're a Geography teacher, do you teach that 7 hours a day, or are the free hours in between used for this preparatory work or marking etc? If so, are they then given too much, and this is why they say they are having to do this "out of hours" (which i don't disagree with, as i do see the occasional email come in to my daughters school inbox at 23:00 or later!)
  4. So i've been trying to sit on the fence about this and see it from both sides, even though it has affected me with kids having to stay home etc. Interested to hear the takes on what i've been hearing from other people, and whether these things are correct or not:- 1. Teachers work a 30 hour week contractually (i understand they can work over that with marking work etc) 2. They get 14 weeks holiday a year, fully paid (plus the new extra day at Xmas) 3. Salary ranges from 27-44k on average (and i would assume they come in on the low end) 4. Over lockdown (from what i saw), most teachers did almost nothing. We were given VERY little work for the kids (or just told to log onto BBC Bitesize and find stuff to do!!), work often wasn't even looked at/marked and we had to pretty much teach them ourselves, whilst also working full time jobs remotely. They were also fully paid, yet myself and my wife had to sometimes use annual leave to give them the best attention / assistance we could. Yes i know COVID wasn't their fault, but we saw very little being done by them, other than days some teachers worked (at Onchan primary) to help the vulnerable children (which incidentally the current strike action is not offering) 5. I'm not sure what the pay rise they were offered is, but i know that most employers have offered a lousy pay rise (as they often will!), citing the same "costs" that employees are having to bear (increased heating etc). The teachers were offered the same as the UK plus an extra 1%? With our lower taxes, is that better? Or do the increased house prices on the IOM counter this? 6. They are roughly aware of the salary they will be paid when taking the job on (or more specifically choosing this as career), and if it's not enough (which i fully appreciate it may not be), they could try and move into a private school teaching or take a career elsewhere? Surely you don't spend years getting qualified, and then get your first job and have a heart attack at the salary? Maybe i'm misunderstanding? 7. If we were to give them the pay rise they want, how is this funded? Would taxation not go up to cover this? If so, would this bother people who are struggling themselves, and would the "pro pay rise" people be aware of this? 8. Yes cost of living has gone through the roof, it's around 12% isnt it? But most people if they received a rise, got nowhere near this, so really most have had a pay cut? 9. If we offered to up their salary 6 grand but change their hours to 8-5 with only 5 weeks annual leave, would they take it? I'm keen to really try and understand both sides here Amusingly (not sure if a wind up), but i did hear that some kids (home alone) were given cookery homework and told to cook a quiche today. Not safe for them to be at school, but safe home alone cooking using the oven!
  5. Antony Kermode Projects did two bathrooms for me earlier this year, he was excellent https://en-gb.facebook.com/antonykermodeprojects/
  6. I assume all new builds (likely well insulated due to new regs), are still having gas boilers fitted and not heat pumps?
  7. I really do think there will be some cold / poverty related deaths on the Island this winter. Really hope i am wrong. I know families who are saying they won't be able to afford heating this winter and are instead buying blankets etc, so i can only imagine how hard it must be for a pensioner on their own Awful times, in a first world country.
  8. If you want to see a good legal breakdown:-
  9. I'll have to ping MT (as an existing customer loathe to swap ISP), as i'm simply looking for an "up to the socket" service, as i have my own network setup and don't need any support from them, same as other chaps in the industry. I'll see what they come back with. Thanks for replying
  10. Cheers Immortal, that makes more sense then when you remove the Gb profile! Still weird that MT would price themselves higher than the other ISPs, normally they are all within a couple of quid of each other For the 500Mb as an example:- Sure - £82 MT - £100.31 Wi-Manx - £83.40
  11. Different prices but also different speeds? It used to be that all providers sold exactly the same packages (well speeds) 100,200,500,1Gb My mate pays £57 for 200Mb with WiManx and thats pretty much a constant speed, and yet MT charge £72 for something that averages 185Mb
  12. You could try Acronis True Image, used to use that a lot for cloning. Nowadays though it's often just as quick to reinstall Windows and Office, and you can normally buy the latest versions of both for around a fiver each online. Then just copy the data over after mounting the drive inside via a sata port, or pop in a USB caddy
  13. Just looking at the different ISP providers for Fibre, and there are some odd discrepancies between them. Take the below, which is Manx Telecom # They are stating that if you pay for what is (i assume) the 500Mb package as an example, the average speed you will receive would be 185Mbps? For £72.80 a month? Even more ludicrous is the basic package, which (again i assume) is the 100Mb (similar to VDSL's current offerings) which would be an estimated average of 29Mbps for £57 a month!!! Who would be happy paying £72.80 a month for a 500Mb service, when you're only likely to average 185Mb at peak times? Worse than what some people on VDSL 200Mb are seeing? Imagine paying for Gigabit fibre and only getting 400Mb? Now compare to what Wi-Manx show below All a bit confusing really
  14. Will find out in October when it goes up another 30%+... If the Ukraine crisis gets resolved and prices stabilise, i still don't see the prices coming down, and likely not ever to the "before war" levels. They will create a new baseline, and because it will be lower than where it was at its worst, most people will feel appeased
  15. I can see log burners being next for the chop. Their demand has shot up all across the country, and i would be staggered if they don't start banning them except for certain areas out in the sticks. Some people have 2-3 of them in their house and they are rumoured to be dreadful for the environment. I would still like one though! Gas increase is now 202% total is it not?
  16. The low resolution logo on the top left looks a bit naff
  17. Had the gutters, soffits and fascias on my four bed detached replaced by Reactive Construction a few months ago. The guys did excellent work and the price was very fair.
  18. @John Wright What's the situation with people trying to apply "common law" when taken to court (as an example that Laxey chap who was caught swimming is using it as a defence i believe), is there any merit in these claims, and could it / has this defence ever worked on the IOM? I have a friend who claims "loads of his mates have used common law to get out of stuff". He also claimed the Clintons were harvesting adrenochrome from children, so of course i'm skeptical...
  19. https://edition.cnn.com/videos/us/2021/10/08/schools-mask-mandate-protest-parents-students-newday-vpx.cnn You don't seem to see vaccinated people gathering to abuse those who haven't been vaccinated, and accusing them of "raping" their children. Shocking stuff, i feel so much for the children (and parents!) Facebook has a lot to answer for, its the main source of "research and information" they all seem to believe / follow
  20. Sounds like 'God love them, not their fault the poor things'. Complete joke. Fucking scrotes should be dealt with harshly as should the parents.
  21. Yep, rather they overreact than don't take it seriously. Good work if you ask me.
  22. Biden and Harris are no fans of Johnson. However, i think they won't let personal animosity get in the way of doing anything thats in the interests of the USA From what i've seen so far from Biden, he's hit the ground running and has done excellent. Plans in place for dealing with COVID, and when you look at how little was actually done from the Trump administration, it's shocking how little they seemed to care about it. Say what you like about Biden, some don't like him or think he's some kind of Kamala Harris trojan horse, but he absolutely cares about people and i think (hope) he will be good for the country. Of course the MAGAs hate him, but that's to be expected.
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