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  1. Heard this morning that the word on the grapevine is that WiManx have apparently dropped the ball on this upgrade and don't have the bandwidth to service their customers, hence having to use a traffic shaping solution. It has been raised with Manx Telecom, and they are deliberately dragging their heels over it whilst their customers receive a better service A friend of a friend moved from WiManx to MT, and said the difference was night and day I'm going to stick with WiManx and give them time to sort it, but if its not resolved by April, i'll switch providers
  2. Current VDSL speeds with WiManx are around ADSL speeds anyway, so stick with what you have until WiManx sort out their problems
  3. Intel Core i3 2100T Ultra Low Voltage CPU (35w) Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2V-B3 Motherboard 4GB OCZ Ultra Low Voltage RAM 64GB Crucial M4 SSD Corsair PSU ATI Radeon HD5570 HDMI Samsung Blu Ray Drive Silverstone SG02B-F Evolution SFF Case Currently running OpenElec (Kodi) £250
  4. What strikes me as odd though, is that it was always superb on VDSL, whatever time of day Has there really been a massive surge in new customers / existing customers downloading more? Anything i download has to be scheduled to start from 1am, as its just not worth starting any sooner
  5. Speedtest right now, 8mbps Plenty more work to be done by WiManx. They need to purchase more bandwidth
  6. Just tested my server remotely Download speed 47.18Mbps down and 10mbps up. I'm connected at 62mb though so not sure where 15mb is going. Shouldn't be much contention at this time of day I noticed my router disconnected 3 times last night too aorund 04:30 am
  7. Received this reply from WiManx:- Due to Wi-Manx on- going successes, a high level of new take up and fast adoption of the new velocity plus product we have seen a significant increase in bandwidth demand on our broadband network. Customers are reminded that all internet service provider (ISP) broadband services are contended and therefore the quality and speed of your broadband connection is dependent on the number of users online at any given time. Contention ratios are applied within Manx Telecom Wholesale infrastructure and therefore some elements of broadband service is beyond the control of ISPs. "We continuously monitor and efficiently manage the performance of broadband traffic on our own network to ensure that we provide a sustainable quality broadband service to our customers. Recent increase in traffic has meant that our traffic management system, designed to ensure fairness across all customers, has been triggered at peak times. In these instances priority is given to applications such as browsing, email, streaming, instant messaging, gaming and VOIP. This means that certain applications that use up a lot of bandwidth and would have a negative effect on other customers may run slower at peak times. Example are peer-to-peer file-sharing, large file downloads and newsgroups. Our network is busiest between 4pm and 11pm on weekdays and throughout the weekend, but can be busy at other times too such as school holidays. Wi-Manx has invested significantly in upgraded network capability and capacity to support existing services and the new Velocity Plus service. The latest phase of the network upgrade is in progress and significant additional capacity will come on stream during March and April 2015." Nice of them to be honest that they are throttling bandwidth at "peak times" and it's quite obviously because they don't have enough of it (and this is why it's not happening to Manx Telecom customers). They obviously decided to see how the takeup was on the upgrade and to see how well their current bandwidth from Manx Telecom would do. It's now plain to see it's not enough after all these new subscribers, but at least they are saying they will be increasing bandwidth in March / April time. I am very interested to see if download speeds increase around this time, as it's really no quicker than it was pre upgrade, and certainly a factor slower at peak times. This must be the reason my patch for Elite Dangerous took over 4 hours to download (was only a few meg) as i think it uses a peer to peer system which would have been heavily throttled. I am just downloading a game on Steam at the moment, and getting 2.2MB/s. This is unacceptable to me, when i was getting 4.5MB/s on VDSL. WiManx should be putting the information they sent me on their Support Status page and linking to it on Twitter for anyone who is having issues to know about. I am however, generally still a big fan of WiManx. When you ring up, you get to speak to an actual Network Engineer who know what they are talking about. I still wouldn't shift back to MT
  8. My current Speedtest [/url]">http://http://s1175.photobucket.com/user/sdamaged99/media/Speedtest_zps021cdeb7.png.html'>
  9. Also if using Green drives, they can be reported to the raid controller that the drive has failed when they haven't The drives don't respond quickly enough to a wake up command, causing the raid controller to believe they have failed i run a 24TB RAID6 volume at home with mainly WD Green drives, and next time i will go for Red or Enterprise grade drives
  10. Looking like mainly / only WiManx customers being negatively affected then Make of that what you will. Here is my current NNTP download speed. Be amazed. Yup. My "Up to 80mb" super fast VDSL Plus, is now one eighth of the speed of my previous VDSL @Slim, you with MT or WiManx? Be good if we could build up some hard evidence to give them @twonky, please ring Wimanx and raise a ticket, the more people who complain the louder the voice
  11. You with MT? Most people with issues seem to be with WiManx *Puts tin foil hat on*
  12. Hey man Yeah speedtest is one thing, but what are your actual download speeds like? My speedtest has been up at 58Mb/s yet downloads rarely go above 4.5MB/s
  13. Just checked Steam, and getting 4.6MB/s So, same speed as before upgrade, despite my router now being synced @ 63000 rather than 52000 (and throttled to 40000) In theory should be 50% faster, so around 7MB/s Maybe it will sort itself out....here is to hoping I want to shake the hand of anyone connected at 80000 though and see their download speeds! EDIT - router just disconnected and reconnected at 61,2000 This router never disconnects too...
  14. Internet still slower now than it was on VDSL Not sure how this is supposed to be an "upgrade" Was getting 5.0MB/s on VDSL Getting 1.0MB/s - 2.5MB/s on VDSL Plus
  15. I don't know much about the group he's allegedly involved with, well only what i read and as most info seems to be on pro russian websites, i take it all with a pinch of salt Loads of possible propaganda, like them being a pro nazi group etc Its all a bit weird really If he's just disposing of bombs then fair play to him - not something i would have the balls for
  16. I'm a tad confused. Is he now a Ukranian mercenary, or a volunteer bomb disposal expert? Haven't spoken to the guy in like 15 years but suspected he had mental health problems even back then another strange link :- http://russia-insider.com/de/2015/01/27/2777
  17. Yeah definitely nothing this end, i'm fairly certain of that. No changes made to my network, and tried a firmware upgrade on my Draytek 2860N to no avail Agree with Ans that there is apparently some new new traffic prioritisation been put in place. Spoke to WiManx, no issues reported on their end with the network but they do have support tickets open about the poor speed. I don't think the issue is with them though, and it probably frustrates them if Telecom are dicking about with new equipment and don't tell them about it (or they are not allowed to talk about it) Could i ask if anyone is experiencing this issue, that they please contact their ISP and raise a support ticket. We need to let them know about it cheers
  18. Downloading a 250MB AMD driver this morning. 15KB/s, going to take 28 minutes
  19. Internet barely usable now. What's frustrating as there is quite obviously something going on, but we will never hear about it. WiManx will never tell you, and everyone and their dog knows you would never, ever hear it from MT Raised a ticket with WiManx about it, not holding my breath though.
  20. I'm now connected @ 62/11 and my download speeds are now atrocious, whether http, nntp or https As in like 50KB/s from Microsoft or newsgroups No idea what the hell is going on. Upload speed is awesome @ 1.2MB/s however
  21. The people who i know who are now on VDSL Plus have been hugely underwhelmed These are guys who are only a couple of hundred yards from a DSLAM yet are now getting 45mb instead of the 40 on VDSL The upload speed is ace of course, but it seems like the service was overhyped, and no one is going to get anything near 80mb. My speedtest today was hitting 28mb, with my connection at 62mb / 11mb Tried to download a file using NNTP and was getting 4.5MB/s, the exact same speed i got on my 40mb line It is a tad odd, but maybe just not finished yet?
  22. You've done well there mate if you get close to 80 I currently sync at 62MB, but wonder if this is a limitation of my Draytek 2860 as i know some people seem to have issues with them. I , like you, live only a couple hundred yards from a DSLAM I was expecting close to 80MB when done, so would be a tad disappointed with 62, but happy if i get a full 10MB upload
  23. I rang Manx Telecom and can you guess their reply..... No internet issues reported tonight. Although that is their famously stock reply regardless of current issues However, prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt, but not had a reply from WiManx confirming / denying if there is an issue I'm guessing if the issue is theirs they will have engineers working through the night to fix? Wonder if the VDSL Plus upgrades are a coincidence?
  24. Just noticed my internet speed test is now showing 1MB down instead of the usual 35+ Noticed that my Elite Dangerous patch was running at 0.05MB/s and my friend downloaded his almost instantly Raised a ticket with WiManx, but putting money on MT being the issue Router still synced at full speed though
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