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  1. Yes, I'm wound up, I never said I wanted to "link up" (classic piece of MF distortion right there). I don't understand why you wrote what you did - it was crude, insulting and unpleasant. If you get your kicks by upsetting people who are trying to do the right thing then I feel sorry for you. "Friends"??? Don't make me laugh.
  2. That's what you should have asked for in the first place. Well, I certainly didn't ask for her contact details, all I wanted to do was a nice thing and send the girl a good photograph and yet the MF illuminati seemed to want, as is their wont, to distort my honest intentions.
  3. On second thoughts...
  4. You evidently have the inside track to this person and yet you continue to post your insulting remarks. Assuming you're not living in a fantasy world, why not give her my contact details so that I can send her a copy of the photograph. Be the bigger man.
  5. Asking first removes spontaneity - the camera changes people. It's only an invasion of privacy if they are somewhere private.
  6. Cheers Alan. Not that difficult with a 500 f4 - you can do it from a discrete distance and avoid having to mingle with the great unwashed - you know, morons like "JumpUp".
  7. Prick. You're not supposed to.
  8. Good to see the usual standard of help is still available on MF. Remembering why I stopped visiting.
  9. Anyone know who this girl is? She appeared to be friendly with one of the marshalls at Parliament Sq and I'd like to send her a copy of the shot. Thanks for any help. CJW_7969 by CJWormwell, on Flickr
  10. HDR = Highly Dubious Reproduction.
  11. I'd guess it could be one of three togs - Pete Hadfield, Bill Callow or Sean Gray.
  12. CJW

    Lens Flair

    That's it for another year... The Party's over 2011/2012 by CJWormwell, on Flickr
  13. CJW

    Lens Flair

    Taken yesterday afternoon in Ramsey. Reflections by CJWormwell, on Flickr
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