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  1. Member of club supports development that will encourage/ support others who share same minority interest is undoubtedly conflict of interest, irrespective of old ladies
  2. Shame one of the local MHKs appears very conflicted by his membership of the sailing club. I note the sailing club gets new premises as part of the scheme. Much of the local feeling is that it would be better on the north beach
  3. Multiple factors. Folk living longer and getting more diseases plus people more likely to see a GP with a symptom than they would have been years ago perhaps due to lack of nuclear family, decline in informal sources of support such as churches etc
  4. The WTE equivalents are of course IOM. The consultation figures are indeed UK in general but GPs here do confirm similar numbers.
  5. In the last 10 years the number of times folk are seeing their GP has risen by about 50%. So, I decade ago the average was 5 times per year, now its almost 7.5 . The number of wte GPs here has been static over that time due to lack of investment in services outside of hospital. It is therefore hardly surprising that the waiting time for appointments has increased.
  6. That's because all our health services are concentrated in the hospital. Consequently people get referred to hospital here for stuff that would be dealt with in the community in other places
  7. Thats because we invest so much in secondary care and on island spend less on primary and community care services than anywhere else in the UK. Hospitals are very expensive places full of very expensive staff, with numbers, especially of senior doctors, expanding well beyond demand increases. You are right, we have the wrong model, spending all this money on secondary healthcare when we should be spending it on health.
  8. Indeed, Linda was moved to Crookall
  9. Wrighty, Bev C did have the title Chief Nurse of the Isle of Man, so it was her that morphed - not the post subsequent to her departure.
  10. Unfortunately demand doesn’t go down much and is likely to continue to increase. The problem is that despite having a strategy to strengthen community services and integrate care we have over the last 2 years further increased the proportion of spending on the hospital. It’s hardly surprising the hospital is struggling when there are no other treatment options for folk. The fact that the department's overspend is less than Nobles overspend shows money being moved from other areas to the hospital. If you want a review, then please let us have someone who knows about health services not KPMG etc etc. The obvious one would be the Kings Fund https://www.kingsfund.org.uk/consultancy-support/policy-advisory
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    DHSC Changes

    About 50 times that
  12. momo65

    DHSC Changes

    Of course you do cost the NHS if you are registered with a GP even if you haven’t seen them. GPs get paid based on number of registered patients irrespective of how often or seldom those patients are seen
  13. The problem is that inequality has been allowed to become much greater. So while there are undoubtedly many who have done better than previous generations, there are some who, for whatever reason, have been left behind. They do need to be protected. However, the way to do this is probably some form of humane means testing to direct assistance to those who most need it. Those of us who have benefited from the way things have panned out can afford to not get those additional benefits. While this may be the richest generation, and its unlikely that the next couple will match it, it is worth pointing out that the systems that led to this were not put in place by the baby boomers, but by the two generations before that. Where we boomers are to blame, is perhaps in not ensuring our grandchildren's generation will be in a better position, and in particular by allowing the shameful inequality to worsen under successive governments.
  14. Of course the answer is it depends.... this will give you all the information https://improvement.nhs.uk/resources/national-tariff-1719/
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