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  1. As I said they could not have had a plan for an infection with these characteristics just sitting there. Nor probably could they have formulated one to cover all eventualities until autumn 2020 at the earliest due to lack of evidence of what they were dealing with. Any plans at that stage would have included the eventuality of varients with worse characteristics (ie delta). So whether a plan at that stage would have changed substantially the actions is up for debate. As a concept I'd agree a plan should have been done then but it would have needed to be so flexible that the outcome may not have changed. What it might have stopped was bizarre all or nothing approach that swang from lockdown to no mitigations in a few short weeks with no change in circumstances to trigger it. Whatever side you take in mitigations v none, that swing was bizarre and almost certainly triggered by election approaching
  2. The problem with that is the plans were based on a different disease (influenza) which is considerably less infectious and killed a lower proportion of cases. There could be no plan for this. The problem was sticking to the wrong plan for too long and not adapting it rapidly based on what was clearly happening in Italy. You can almost hear our DPH saying "but there's no evidence." They closed the border once she went on holiday and just played it by ear. If they had rapidly amended the plan it would have provided a more measured response more rapidly.
  3. Perhaps those alleging genomics is a pseudo-science could tell us their level of scientific education then we could judge where the pseudo- prefix should be afixed?
  4. Its pretty irrelevant what his or other professionals feel about it because the public are vot with their feet & doing LFDs if symptomatic. It would be far better for us to accept that & set up a system that allows people to report their results as it would give a slightly improved set of figures for surveillance. We do surveillance for many diseases including flu
  5. You are quite right. I'm pulling his tail and probably should stop 😀 But no he couldn't stop himself replying 🤣
  6. People who believe they are healthy but may not be. Again its a mark of civilised behaviour to help those more vulnerable.
  7. Because not wanting to die unnecessarily is entirely rational even if you do have one of those underlying conditions that many think means you either don't count or don't matter
  8. That was the point I was making. We are happy you keep away.
  9. Just for clarity. Are you saying that you actively avoid those wearing masks?
  10. Sure of course it should. It's only one study and not especially robust. However its been pretty obvious there's some genetic link. The first few UK Covid deaths were dominated by Asian ethnicity GPs. Whether this is the link or not there's plainly some genetics in play either directly, indirectly or through epigenetic factors
  11. The reason things were very grim in India is quite likely to be explained by the recent discovery of a gene whose presence greatly increases the liklihood of severe disease & death. It's found in about 70% of their population but only 15% of ours.
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