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  1. It's not money saving. Practices are not being paid less.
  2. momo65


    Her motivation has been to get family here & she has been vociferously saying this on social media. The student line is the bandwagon shes using as a vehicle
  3. Hes blocked quite a lot of folk, who challenged his ideas, within being abusive in any way I don't remember a candidate in a by-election that polarised opinion the way he seems to have done. He really does seem to be Marmite like.
  4. momo65

    Manx Care

    Yep it is indeed Lansley reborn. Those changes took a decade to unpick into a workable system. A simple commissioning approach from dhsc commissioning the provider Manx Care and other off island tertiary providers would achieve the same, reasonable aims, without the fog of Mandates and shared responsibilities etc
  5. The practice concerned had made considerable efficiency efforts. They have an online service allowing folk to message the doctor directly (not the receptionist). Its reduced waiting time for appointments to most being seen the same day by dealing with the many queries that folk have without them having to find ti e to go and sit in a waiting room. Because there's only one provider that can provide hospital, primary and community systems on the same platform with interoperability?
  6. Recruitment is easier if a reasonable wage can be paid
  7. And of course it was the medical profession that was in the vanguard of this
  8. Out of interest, for those who support this, who do you expect to carry it out?
  9. Multiple factors. Folk living longer and getting more diseases plus people more likely to see a GP with a symptom than they would have been years ago perhaps due to lack of nuclear family, decline in informal sources of support such as churches etc
  10. The WTE equivalents are of course IOM. The consultation figures are indeed UK in general but GPs here do confirm similar numbers.
  11. In the last 10 years the number of times folk are seeing their GP has risen by about 50%. So, I decade ago the average was 5 times per year, now its almost 7.5 . The number of wte GPs here has been static over that time due to lack of investment in services outside of hospital. It is therefore hardly surprising that the waiting time for appointments has increased.
  12. That's because all our health services are concentrated in the hospital. Consequently people get referred to hospital here for stuff that would be dealt with in the community in other places
  13. Thats because we invest so much in secondary care and on island spend less on primary and community care services than anywhere else in the UK. Hospitals are very expensive places full of very expensive staff, with numbers, especially of senior doctors, expanding well beyond demand increases. You are right, we have the wrong model, spending all this money on secondary healthcare when we should be spending it on health.
  14. Indeed, Linda was moved to Crookall
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