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  1. If you link the NHS app to your existing patient access account it displays the content in the patient access account. As Manx data is not stored in the English NHS & the UK Covid vaccination status is not derived from the GP records but another system the NHS app doesn't display our Covid vaccinations currently
  2. Josem is a right wing libiterian free marketeer who uses a false flag strategy to pretend to be a UK style LibDem, photos with him & Farage, very pro-Brexit & trumpian, and proclaimed that benefits should not be sufficient to live on. On climate change he said "Over the last decade, these intellectual-yet-idiots said “climate change is the greatest threat to global health” & that" scientism has betrayed the trust of the public" Its easy to dismiss him as a caricature but to do so repeats the same mistakes that surrounded the rise of populist politicians. He is clearly a
  3. momo65

    Manx Care

    You want medical information copied to politicians? If the person wants to inform politicians, its their choice to do so themselves, & certainly not copied automatically
  4. I think the hypothetical point I was making is that if a clinical health professional withdrew their services (especially if they had special expertise) in the middle of a health emergency they would likely face sanction by their professional regulator irrespective of the perceived provocation (which might be a defence or mitigation)
  5. In many ways IOMG has the same problem with GPS, opticians, dentists etc who are independent contractors who can, and do, express themselves when they disagree with DHSC management. They however are bound by professional ethical codes of behaviour.
  6. I'm not so sure. Yes has offered to assist but don't recall her saying she would not look for credit for doing so. This is about personal relationships & it's rarely the fault of a single party.
  7. Both sides need to remember that "there's no end to what you can achieve if you let others take the credit l"
  8. No requirement to observe patients for 15 minutes after Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid vaccination says MHR A.
  9. It's not money saving. Practices are not being paid less.
  10. momo65


    Her motivation has been to get family here & she has been vociferously saying this on social media. The student line is the bandwagon shes using as a vehicle
  11. Hes blocked quite a lot of folk, who challenged his ideas, within being abusive in any way I don't remember a candidate in a by-election that polarised opinion the way he seems to have done. He really does seem to be Marmite like.
  12. momo65

    Manx Care

    Yep it is indeed Lansley reborn. Those changes took a decade to unpick into a workable system. A simple commissioning approach from dhsc commissioning the provider Manx Care and other off island tertiary providers would achieve the same, reasonable aims, without the fog of Mandates and shared responsibilities etc
  13. The practice concerned had made considerable efficiency efforts. They have an online service allowing folk to message the doctor directly (not the receptionist). Its reduced waiting time for appointments to most being seen the same day by dealing with the many queries that folk have without them having to find ti e to go and sit in a waiting room. Because there's only one provider that can provide hospital, primary and community systems on the same platform with interoperability?
  14. Recruitment is easier if a reasonable wage can be paid
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