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  1. Murray, and Ewart were Couch appointees
  2. Commissioning at service level ie service specifications, should be done with clinicians, not to them. Commissioning in the wider sense needs clinical input but also needs other inputs, including the public. In theory public health too, but they've rarely actually been of actual use.
  3. I have no loss for you to be sorry about & as I've said I'm not stressed. It seems you are given your desire to keep saying the same thing repeatedly
  4. You are like a broken record. Back to the playground level attempt to belittle. It does not work. I'd agree there's no reason to lash out. That's why I didn't. Indeed it is you who repeatedly try to mock those with different views.
  5. Perhaps unlike you. I can remember what I have written in the last 24 hours. I'm not the one using childish names for vulnerable people.
  6. I'm not upset. I don't think restrictions should be necessary. It should be normal behaviour to avoid giving other people any infectious disease. I rarely use MF so I've hardly been spreading panic - not least because I'm not panicking. The condescension doesn't work any better than your attempts to belittle. It's just failed bullying.
  7. You obviously do that somewhere other than Manx Forums
  8. Funny I assumed you were a sensible pleasant person.
  9. Funny I assume you must drink drive, speed continually and do anything you want then as those are controlled in a free market democracy. Your repeated attempts to belittle by use of terms such as comfort blanket and nappy wearers are a waste of time. Although given the preponderance of disabled people in the vulnerable group the latter sounds very much like targeted harassment.
  10. They are perfectly content to be in full control of their lives. Their concern is that the infect everyone mob are now unsupervised.
  11. Ah, it sounded like a highly unpleasant term for a particular group of vulnerable people.
  12. A teapot in Plato's cave raging at imaginary enemies. No one in IOM is proposing a zero Covid strategy. Its in your mind
  13. Hong Kong shows the virus isn't evolving in any way beneficial to man. The apparent "mildness" of omicron is due mainly to immunity mostly from vaccines.
  14. Unless you can be certain of not needing the hospital or medical care it does.
  15. With 8 in hospital it probably means Covid ward mat open again soon with knock on for other hospital services. That matters to everyone.
  16. But as you now agree FFP3 masks do work plainly your assertion that everything else is useless was wrong too.
  17. Yet an FFP3 mask provides high levels of protection. Solid evidence for that. So they aren't nonsense.
  18. Cerebral anoxia causes fits. Lack of circulation is a cause of cerebral anoxia. Your certainty is not one shared by those who actually deal with such situations
  19. In which case I'm sure he will be happy to repeat the statement
  20. Amazing how brave people can be with other people's lives.
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