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  1. Keep an eye on menu prices, peeps. Name and shame!
  2. ...............and while we are at it, another waste of space: cycle lanes, both sides, Brown Bobby to Pulrose lights. Petition signed.
  3. ......to immigrants from Leicester, I agree.
  4. Well, that's definitely done it then. And there was i naively thinking I was 'kind of' supporting a local bank. Account closure imminent.
  5. I think I'm going to join you - absolutely hopeless service when almost everyone has got things going again.
  6. Gladys, I thought better of you than spreading 'false news': 'There is an urban legend, called an "oft-reprinted assertion" by Douglas Harper, that the modern slang meaning developed from the standard meaning of faggot as "bundle of sticks for burning" with regard to burning at the stake. This is unsubstantiated; the emergence of the slang term in 20th-century American English is unrelated to historical death penalties for homosexuality.' Source: Wikipedia
  7. You need only check the statistics for single parent and or multi-father families among the black community. Haven't you noticed that nearly every double-barreled name you hear nowadays belongs to a coloured person; a reflection of their mutli-familial origins? They nuked the nuclear family decades ago and now they want to the rest of us to do likewise.
  8. If there's any damage to the airframe itself (on either aircraft), add an extra zero to your estimate.
  9. Just to bring the original problem to a conclusion - 1mm spacer did the trick and the cassette is as solid as a rock. Thanks to those that provided constructive comments.
  10. ......and clearly nobody has given a tinker#s whatsit about them for years so no need to virtue signal now. If one doesn't like the decor, eat or drink elsewhere.
  11. ........as opposed, of course, to left-wing, racist, thoroughly decent thugs.
  12. Quite agree. Regular, reliable flights to meet the needs of the Island are rerquired - not left to the 'largesse' of easyjet's schedulers who might deign to provide a service if an extra rotation can be tagged on to their day's flying programme.
  13. Tax, BREXIT - all red herrings. This is just another 'power grab' by the State imposing yet another regulation/restriction where one is neither required nor desirable. Whatever mental affliction is seemingly running rampant among the Parish Council (add this to Harmer's announcement yesterday) is far more dangerous than CV. CV affected a minority of our population - these brain-farts affect us all.
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