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  1. .......especially if they run out of wax (ouch!)
  2. I had hoped that the argument had been made (and agreed by some on here) that politicians being 'seen to do something' or, in their myopic vision of the problem before them 'doing the right thing' almost, without fail, leads to nothing but muddlled, irrational decision-making that benefits nobody. As I've surmised previously, it's a character trait that must be injected the day A Normalperson becomes A Politician - along with the triggering of the self-preservation, defending the indefensible and the ability to unabashedly lie genes.
  3. Interesting given that the CAA decided to revoke flybe's operating licence only last month. But re-emerge under a new company name and it seems anything is possible. Did you note the ad in last week's Courier for Island-based cabin crew for Loganair?
  4. Absolutely - but how long are you going to stick with testing? We either accept free movement or we don't. One isn't going to have to take (yet!) a test to transit from Devon into Cornwall so why should it be any different to come here?
  5. Well said - got it in one! Life's a risk and COVID is well down the list. If you don't want to run the risk of being in a car accident, then don't drive - or even venture out onto the pavement. If you don't want to run the risk of being in a plane crash, then don't fly. If you don't want to run the risk of drowning, then don't go swimming. The 'risks' are endless and yet, under the banner of 'normality' these risks are accepted by 'the people' and 'the state' as necessary for the continuing function of society and the economy. COVID must be accepted as A N OTHER risk by politicians and
  6. What they haven't said is that you arrive in July, spend the next 3 months locked in isolation on the train chugging from Douglas to Port Erin 5 times a day, and only released again in October! But I'm sure its in the small-print.
  7. Ha bloody ha! Just activate your 2 brain-cells before trying to post something only you find vaguely humorous. In fact, don't bother. If you are incapable of looking outside your Barlow Bunker at the broader ramifications of what has gone on - yes, to YOU - over the past year then give them both the evening off.
  8. ............as evidenced by the face-nappy wearers even in the deepest reaches of the Tesco car park this morning. I genuinely believe that the indoctrination has been so complete that there are individuals out there who believe that COVID is circulating freely in the open air.
  9. But why? Billions have pounds have been spent on the vaccination programme - and if you are suggesting that we still have to walk around like masked untouchables what the hell has this vaccine push all been for? It either works and as many on here have said, we have to live with it and medically cater for it; or it doesn't in which case WE must decide whether the rights and freedoms of the 99% should be sacrificed for the 1%.
  10. This HAS to go. It is the ultimate sign of government coercion but most importantly, your acceptance of that coercion. Why? Because 'they' say so when 'they' have no concrete evidence to support either action but by leaving an edict like tha tin place it means 'they' still retain that element of control to turn on or off at their whim.
  11. Ghod - I hope you're right. This fiasco has gone on for too long already.
  12. Why do in 1 minute what can be strung out, in fine Manx tradition, to last indefinitely? Gladys, are you not au fait with the DOI's 'Manual of How to Turn a Pot-Hole Repair into a Multi-Million Pound Gold-Plated Engineering Wonder-of-the-World with No End Date Specified and Limitless Budget Project'.
  13. .........how about 'in the future' or 'looking ahead'? Anything other than one of the very first entries onto the bullshit-bingo card after it emerge from US corporate-speak lexicon. Of course, it's endemic in the 'political class', unless, of course, you have aspirations in that direction in which case you're half-way there 👍
  14. Not you as well; I expected better😁
  15. Gladys, you're wasting valuable grey-matter on a non-matter.
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