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  1. So have we gone the 14 days and restrictions lifted?
  2. Wait for the splash headline across the Examiner next week: 'First-Quarter Airport Figures Soar as Chief Minister Declares Success Due to New Radar Irradiating CV'
  3. This is insanity. If there is seriously being considered, whoever is thinking it are not fit for public office and should be removed PDQ.
  4. You win the jackpot - that's what it always should have been; not government by State diktat.
  5. Waffle is oxygen to a politician - stop them waffling and they die.
  6. Yebbut, yebbut - the concept of the irradication of a virus is pure fantasy and shouldn't even enter your admirable thinking. Ideally it should never have been allowed to escape from the Wuhan lab in the first place. Mr Wright, technically we could claim there is no COVID (to the best of our limited knowledge) on the Island but this virus is here to stay - forever and ever. We cannot possibly remain a cut-off economically declining lump of rock and must accept that with CV circulating freely around the planet it will have to come and circulate in the Island's population as with every oth
  7. Gladys, I really did think you were one of the clearer thinkers on here with the facility to rationalise (an ever decreasing ability amongst 99% of the population) and a possessor of that rare commodity - common sense. Therefore, I hope that statement was an aberration; elimination is impossible and anyone who really believes that elimination is even remotely possible needs locking away.
  8. Your starter for 10: name the band. 'If it keeps on rainin', levee's goin' to break If it keeps on rainin', levee's goin' to break When the levee breaks, I'll have no place to stay.'
  9. Boxes will, and continue to be, ticked or the system fails.
  10. I came across this 'organogram' a few months ago and was absolutely gobsmacked that the entire 'leadership' is female. In no way am I arguing that women are better or worst in policy formulation or management in general, but this seems symptomatic of the 'feminisation' of so many of public services. I might loosely make the analogy with families with no father figure as a role model. It is also a rather damning reflection on the caliber of male management in DHSC who either aren't considered suitable for promotion or can't be arsed. In any event, I can't think the senior managemen
  11. Derek, the world's deepest mine is around 2.4 miles deep. To dig deep enough to get to the bottom of the guano accumulated here over the years is beyond current technology.
  12. Quite. The majority of the parish council haven't got a clue how to form or implement policy and that even starts with the ability to think of it in the first place. I'll refer back to my comment of a few days ago; a been-nowhere, seen-nothing, done-nothing (aside from their vast experience gleaned from a lifetime on a Rock in the middle of the Irish Sea) civil service (Ha!) dictate policy to a a been-nowhere, seen-nothing, done-nothing bunch a parish councilors.
  13. .......which sums up concisely how government decisions appear to be formulated.
  14. Good one - if he donned a black cloak there is certainly 'something of the night' about him.
  15. I'm trying to recall what MBE stood for when applied to the little fat-one; isn't it something like Mumbling Bleedin' Eejit?
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