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  1. How about trying free internet first - the Racket must be competing for the title of 'the last skinflints on the planet to charge for internet access'.
  2. Yes, you can wait outside without let or hindrance from the Stasi - and miracle of miracles, the traffic keeps flowing and everyone is happy.
  3. I've just read on an aviation rumor website that flyBe is closing the IOM base again - with Stobart resuming services. As I said, a 'rumour' - anyone else hearing anything, hopefully to refute it.
  4. You cannot be serious, man! But silly me, I'm sure that you forgot to mention the construction of a covered walk-way from the front door to the under-cover pick-up area in the car park.
  5. At 2 sailings a week, less frequency would be difficult, and that reduces to one next month. Whatever economic ties the Island had with NI must dwindling as we type thanks to the excruciating transport links we have. I know of NI businesses that have shut-up-shop here and commuters who have taken themselves, and their money, elsewhere. Ferry (Fastcraft) - 3 hours. Air via Manchester - 4 hours Air via Dublin - 5 hours Yes, there is the Friday and Monday easyjet service but that's of no use to the business community. Isle of Man - 'Freedom to Flourish' - if the Parish Council gave any thought as to how to achieve that.
  6. As this hasn't been raised before I'm guessing I'm the only one affected? Since time immemorial, I have been able to log-in to the free wifi at the airport or sea terminal - last done, without problem on both phone and tablet, about 3 weeks ago while travelling outbound from the Island. Intervening period - phone and tablet working perfectly. Two days ago I tried logging in at the sea terminal with phone; the prompt to sign into wifi came up, attempted to do so and it wouldn't bring up the MT Welcome log-in page - at least 1/2 dozen attempts made and a time out came up every time. Today at the airport I tried to log-in with my tablet - again, nothing. On phone/tablet showed 'connected no internet'. All other wifi working perfectly. Something has happened in the past 3 weeks - and I've not altered any of my kit so suspect MT have played around and put in something Android doesn't like. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Unbelievable - they are flying vermin and an all-round nuisance.
  8. Utah 01

    TT 2018

    Perhaps NBC would like to highlight the 297 who have died while trying to reach the summit of Everest - in half the period of time the TT has been running.
  9. Utah 01

    TT 2018

    'The Royal TT' - now that would be a marketing coup!
  10. Marvelous - could have bought an airline for a fraction of that £124M.
  11. easyjet has come up trumps - but only on Fridays and Mondays. For the rest of the week you can spend 5 hours to travel a straight line distance of 65 miles. Isn't this supposed to be 'the connected age' or are Islands, whose lifeblood depends on 'connections' excluded?
  12. Correct - the direct flight is finished from the second week of June. I know of a number of NI business people who found getting to and from their interests on the island difficult enough with the existing service. Now, I'd not be surprised if they pull out altogether. The Isle of Man - freedom to flourish - if you can get there and don't give a monkey's if you can't.
  13. Is this rumor or has the Island lost another air link? Eastern ratched up the prices, promised services that haven't materialised and taken the 'fat girl' for an absolute fool by promisisng the earth and delivering nothing apart from exorbitant prices. Flybe's supposed merger with Eastern seems about to dissolve. Are flybe themselves going to provide a service? Easyjet's service is welcome but on a Friday and Monday only, it's hardly providing a link for regular business passengers and commuters. And where is the Island's, Easyjet's and Northern Ireland's advertising campaign to promote this new service? If the demise of a daily service to Northern Ireland is true, this epitomizes, yet again, the complete disaster that is air services under 'Open Skies'.
  14. Utah 01

    Manx Driving

    I'm relieved that so many on this thread have highlighted the appalling standard of driving here (and I don't include speed or lack of in this). I was going to raise the matter in a thread of a few weeks ago by Mr Flint and the 'consultation'. Standards are set from day one of 'learning' and if such basic errors such as incorrect positioning when turning right are frequently noted then questions have to be raised about the standard of driving tuition. I would also suggest that on demographic grounds alone, a large percentage of our road users have never had to drive anywhere else than here on the Island. While that general driving inexperience might have got you through 20 years ago, traffic levels have increased considerably. However, standards are standards and they are neither being set or maintained. Instead of the police worrying about somebody exceeding a speed limit by 3mph without any consequence to man nor beast what about stopping a driver to point out that 'is there any reason why you haven't used your indicator for the last 10 turns you've made' or 'would you mind just talking me through how to position the car to turn right and here's a clue, sir/madma, it's not the way you've just done it.'
  15. Why, oh why, do we have to copy the UK? One of the joys of living here used to be that we were a little bit different to the mainland in attitude and still held some common-sense laws on the statute book - alas, no more with a PC civil service dictating policy to the Parish Council. Speed Cameras - just where are these 'speed hot spots' where reckless drivers are causing repeated accidents? Exactly, there are none. On a daily basis 99% of drivers comply with a speed limit or drive at an appropriate speed to suit road conditions. Speed cameras achieve nothing apart from enforcing (a probably questionable) speed limit for 50 yards. The majority in the UK are nothing more than revenue collection points. Speed limits outside built-up areas are not required. There are numerous laws already in force such as 'dangerous driving' or 'driving without due care and attention' that can be levelled against drivers whom the Police consider to be contravening those laws. Those same charges can equally be brought against 35mph drivers holding up a 1/2 mile queue of traffic between Douglas and Peel. The days of 'Traa dy liooar' are long-gone. Believe it or not, some of us have meetings to attend, appointments to keep and flights to catch. Road positioning at junctions, indicating at junctions, general situational awareness - the list of poor standards over here is endless (it's no better on the mainland but we are still a relatively small community and should be able to do something about it). Lets' put some clear, black tarmac between ourselves and the UK again starting with an overhaul of the driving test combined with a revision and enforcement of driving standards combined with a compulsory 'standards check' at 70 and every 5 years thereafter and finishing with a new law that would cover all, speeders and crawlers alike at all times of the day or night and in any weather condition: 'Failure to drive in accordance with the prevailing road conditions'.
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