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  1. Utah 01


    I use them regularly and have never had a problem with either shipping or delivery here. In terms of tardiness look no further than RM.
  2. It's pretty easy if you think 'weather' and take each chunk at a time. Translation of the METAR and you'll think: of course, obvious - EGNS Ronaldsway 301120Z - Date time group of the observation - 30 September 1120 ZULU time (1220 Local) 20036G47kt - Wind 200 degrees 36 gusting 47 knots 3000 - visibility 3000m RA - Rain (!) OVC 014 - cloud overcast 1400' 14/14 - temperature and dew point Q0991 - atmospheric pressure (for altimeter settings) RERA - recent rain BECMG - becoming 24025KT - wind again 8000 - visiblity 8000m -RA - light rain (+RA = heavy rain) BKN012 - broken cloud 1200' ......so the TAF decode will be a piece of cake.
  3. By way of an example, here's the latest: EGNS 301120Z 20036G47KT 3000 RA BKN007 OVC014 14/14 Q0991 RERA BECMG 24025KT 8000 -RA BKN012 TAF EGNS 300800Z 3009/3018 19030G45KT 8000 RA SCT006 BKN012 TEMPO 3009/3013 19035G52KT 3000 +RA BKN004 BECMG 3012/3015 25026KT 9999 NSW SCT018 Get the sun screen ready for 1300L.
  4. That is totally incorrect statement. He has never advocated that. His case is that (rightly, IMO) that a conflict 6000 miles from the continental USA is of no national interest to the USA but is of interest to certain vested US corporations and politicians. The rights and wrongs, of which there are many, for the unjustified invasion by Russia is another matter but do not overlook the fact that Ukraine is not the completely innocent party in all this.
  5. Clearly, I missed that part of the menu. A la carte, you'll have no change from £50 for 2 main courses.
  6. Eating out has historically (IMHO) been above the going rate: London prices for mediocre output in a geographical backwater. The significantly increased prices (of a very uninteresting menu) at Franklins in Peel (having taken over from Filbeys) has knocked that establishment off my list.
  7. A bit like GPs (before the Bliar/Brown capitulation) used to do home visits and weekend surgeries (because that was an accepted part and parcel of the job), extra curricular activities were accepted by teachers as an (unpaid) adjunct to the job, anticipated by the teacher and expected by the school.
  8. Utah 01

    Firm closing

    Full marks for optimism.
  9. East Quay was closed (probably longer ago than I'm thinking but it doesn't seem that long ago) for pipe renewal that involved ripping up the road and relaying. So another N thousands of pounds are about to disappear under a pneumatic drill. We really do need some heads on spikes. And never mind the quays (which are passable in the right light); it's that slum of a Michael St that needs attention.
  10. Its former glory days had airlines based here running to set timetables when we knew that the flights to X, Y and Z would be operating as per that timetable come hell and high water. With Manx/BRAL, BA, Euromanx, flybe and even manx2, you could almost put money on the flight running unless the weather was really bad or there was a technical problem. With easyjet (especially) and Loganair, certainty of getting on one of their flights is a pipe-dream.
  11. ..and hasn't learnt to shave.
  12. He's got plenty to choose from, both at the airport and the more so at the Parish Council which has more tools (and broken not-fit-for-pupose ones at that) than B&Q.
  13. Utah 01

    TT 2022 ??

    I'm sure the Racket and the Ministry of Truth will supply numbers in due course - but only today I commented to Mrs Utah that the Manx GP seems more busy than I can recall. Perhaps the move to the shorter duration has been the reason?
  14. Firstly I have have found that 90% of 'the stuff' I have had a look to buy from Amazon has been 'Currently not available' with the proviso of no guarantee that it will be restocked. Secondly, a lot of this delay could be down to the well-worn catch-all excuse of 'supply chains'. I ordered a power tool from Amazon on 8 Aug that was given an estimated delivery date of 24 Aug. Nothing happened until it was dispatched on 13 Aug - from somewhere in central France. From there it went to Sabadell (Spain) and then to the Netherlands, across to the UK and finally arrived ahead of the estimated delivery date by 4 days. If some items are having to be dug out from warehouses in goodness knows where, no wonder some of the delivery schedules are bordering on the ridiculous.
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