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  1. Don't let facts stand in the way of emotive scare-mongering - after all, it's what's been driving the entire world-wide hysteria for the past 20 months.
  2. Just think of all that glue and thousands of bits of plastic he's wading through - Airfix kits aren't what they used to be.
  3. You cannot be serious! Of all the manifestos that have dropped through the letter-box, hers was the most poorly written, nefarious, vacuous, bullshit-bingo infested diatribes that said absolutely nothing - full of identified problems but not a concrete solution in sight. Boot - talks a good game and has identified the problems both locally and nationally but is probably hissing in the wind against the entrenched Manx CS to get anything done. Perhaps another 5 years sat alongside others who are more 'big picture' orientated rather than fretting over the state of the local loos might be in order. Cowin - again, identities all the problems with 'the system' (and having been well-embedded in it for a lifetime is probably well qualified to comment) but to think he would achieve any better by being 'inside' I would doubt. Harmer - I have no idea about sufficed to say if he has been looking after infrastrucure then he has failed miserably. Crookhall - that post-bag beckons. Lee - I've not seen the man nor received any prospectus from him. Cussons - a possible. He's identified problems to be solved although the 'green' solutions are going to cost us all dear and actually achieve zilch in the great scheme of things - but there a appears to be a thinking-mind in there somewhere. Peel's priorities: no more housing (the ghetto dwellers penetrate no further than Shoprite and contribute nothing to the town), get the sewage facility sorted, demolish the eyesore that is the power station at the end of its generators' lives, a single-shot solution to end the silting of the marina and the parish council must devolve departments and encourage business out of Douglas.
  4. Returning to the original topic re how tatty things are looking - it's not only Douglas. I was at the airport for the first time in nearly 2 years. Aside from the fact the entire building needs a fresh coat of 'whitewash' or whatever colour it is supposed to be, I drove up past the factory towards Ballasalla - weeds were in full bloom in the pavement and both sides of the carriageway. For anyone arriving by air, and hopefully numbers will be increasing (and dramatically so when the parish council sees sense and trashes the ridiculous travel bureaucracy) first impressions count and the impression that stretch of road portrays is a poorly maintained infrastructure = impoverished local authority. That's just what we need to encourage prospective investors and businesses to locate here - not!
  5. ..........what a genius! Next job - WHO.
  6. For the record: Peel Med Centre - just made an appointment for the next available - 27 September! The bonus is that it's this year!
  7. Derek, I suggested this should have been considered when it was 'in the news' a few years back. If this Island is to survive as a self-governing entity it has to seriously start thinking 'outside the box' to use parlance that even our most career-minded CSs would appreciate though not necessarily understand. Fracking, mineral exploitation and whatever happened to the oil and gas exploration off the coasts; high value-added industries must have an attraction to a low-tax environment. Health care - I know we have problems with our own NHS facilities but why can't we attract private sector medicine centres of excellence; for example, there have been dental tourists to former Eastern Bloc nations for decades so why not here? Why not a nuclear generating plant, that could 'export' power to Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales from our central position in the Irish Sea? Of course, regular, reliable air links are essential and that also come down to government. 'So (in a Texan drawl) Howie, how are ma' peeple going to get to this lil 'ol island after we jet in to London from Houston?' 'Well' replies Howie ' that depends on what day of the week and which month you plan on coming. You might be lucky and it's a day Easyjet are kind enough to fly here but expect a day's sight-seeing in London before or after you come - then again there might not be any flights at all and as for a weekend during the summer months well your guess is as good as mine'. Dramatic licence for affect, I know, but conversely it's not far from the truth. This has to come despite the severe intellectual abilities of the parish council and the comfortable trough-feeders of the CS because without 'the next good thing' this rock will be back to herring and spuds within the next decade.
  8. The 'Dicks' in charge are precisely that. They have become items of political virtue signalling and nothing more vis HOC 2 days ago. If 'the Dicks' had declared, as they did initially:'' nah, don't bother with masks - don't really achieve anything - better off without them - just breathing in your own bugs and mucus'' - that would have decimated the 'fear' message. As a reminder - no conspiracy theory, just fact:
  9. This is utter and complete speculation generated by the COVID-for-ever cabal and pushed daily by the brain-dead MSM. There will always be variants of anything in nature: trees, jellyfish, sheep and, shock-horror, viruses. That's the way the system operates. But to bring everything to a standstill or at least go into hiding on the certainty of the next variant coming along, which stands a 50/50 chance of being no more potent than the last, is insanity; a condition that seems to afflicted 'leaders' globally and which New Zealand and Australia are currently afflicted with.
  10. ........and testing to the point of futility. It goes back to the point raised a few days ago in Wrighty's account of the machinations at the 'pinnacle' of Manx healthcare decision-making. In an emergency, rational and thought-out decisions have to be made - but quickly. The niceties ie crossing the i's and dotting the t's can come later after the immediate threat is dealt with.
  11. ............so complete has been Whitehall's psyops that they don't know, and probably don't care, how to undo the untold mental damage that's been done. This 'emergency' needs to be officially ended, in the UK at least.
  12. I think there is because, shock-horror, it would allow the individual to assess their own risk and act accordingly. While an air of mystery/secrecy is kept, it enables the 'oh, you never know where it might strike next!' fear levels to be kept up. I can assure you, if the deaths were occurring in fit, healthy, 30/40 year olds you would never hear the end of it.
  13. You and many others are, rightly and legitimately, repeatedly calling for this information but it is clearly falling on deaf-ears attached to dense skulls.
  14. No, it really isn't. The NHS is broken and not fit for purpose as it has been for decades and exemplified by the latest 'crisis' - and that takes nothing from the hard-work and dedication of it's 30% medical staff. It needs a complete overhaul, if not rebuilding from the ground up. It hasn't been the 'gold standard' since the fifties and there are innumerable examples of viable and functioning systems just across the Channel that could be replicated here if our politicians would put the people they purportedly represent ahead of their self-interest. As for shortage of GPS - that should read Shortage of FULL TIME GPs which is the reality.
  15. Still waiting to see that cheque!
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