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  1. Did you buy up all supplies of cotton wool, too? Get a realistic grip.
  2. This is totally disproportionate and cannot be justified. The introduction of a quasi police state is very easy to induce but leaves a residue that is difficult to wash away. Police checks today - why not police checks in 18 months time, post CV, just to 'keep an eye' on who's going where and when. Was there not several threads a few days ago about the police making up the law as they go along? All that is required is a complicit chief constable and the DDR is here before you know it.
  3. Climate change is going to be the least of our worries.
  4. Because the Parish Council dived in head-first, jerking to the Uk's kneejerk, without thinking through the dire consequences to the Manx economy of shutting it down. We don't have the massive reserves of the UK and while sensible measures to limit the impact of CV should have been introduced eg closing all inbound/outbound transport, the economy should have been allowed to tick-over within reasonable self-distancing and measures taken to suit the Island, not follow the rest of the hyteria.
  5. Thanks for this - a voice of reason in this pandemic hysteria.
  6. What about exercising some brain-cells, using some initiative and common sense instead of waiting for the 'state' to dictate when you can blow your nose or go to the toilet?
  7. You clearly aren't a skier. The more upmarket (Courchevel, Meribel, Val D'Isere) French resorts are/were full of Russians to the extent that its now commonplace to see local signs/adverts appear in French, English and Russian.
  8. You shouldn't be at all uneasy - it is the Manx GOVERNMENT Radio after all.
  9. As always, the devil will be in the detail - or lack thereof.
  10. Only because no airline has had the audacity to go outside the 'groupthink' model. The same goes for hold baggage.
  11. I've advocated (in private) a flat-fare system for a decade. You have to fly to Liverpool in August - £30 (say); you have to fly to your grannie's funeral tomorrow in Liverpool - £30. The revenue will balance out over time. The problem with exponential algorithmic fare increases is that you end up with the farcical situation of paying more for a 20 minute flight to Liverpool or Belfast than an 8 hr flight to the middle east. There is a price point beyond which seats will remain empty on an aircraft because no-one will pay (unless absolutely desperate and that isn't very often); of course, the accountants who run airlines are happy to run an aircraft half-empty of mediocre fares rather than full of mediocre fares.
  12. Excellent attempt to get the thread back on topic - I'm sure there's one about the IOMSP elsewhere. The Island could have it's own airline for relative peanuts compared to the disgusting waste of money this parish council has wasted - on the airport alone! We have a radar that doesn't work; a runway extension (£40M plus) that wasn't needed and actually reduced the margins for making a successful approach, a control tower that 'controls' a dozen flights a day that would have graced an international airport and instead had become a blot on the landscape blot - the list of governmental waste is endless with no culpability. Your idea of cross-subsidy with the ferry services merits consideration. But OMG! We might be talking about a transport strategy, an alien and unintelligible concept in Tynpotwald.
  13. Congratulations and well done! In two-and-a-half lines you have described the affliction that burdens every aspect of our amateur parish councilors and holds back every aspect of 'state' management.
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