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  1. Examiner Headline - 26 September 2021 'Musk Proposal Inadvertently Shredded - CM seeks Suspect at DHSC'
  2. Nah! Don't be silly. That might shatter the climate change cult.
  3. There must be loads of underemployed civil servants who could be given a clipboard (standard issue anyway?) and counter to spend a (civil service) working day on Peel Rd to count the number of cyclists. I'd venture to suggest the result will be pretty close to the square root of Zero. This cycling revolution is not only a fantasy in our planners' imagination (it might be going on in the 'flatlands' of London but not in our land of hills) but also a 'green' box-ticking exercise that achieves nothing else but making the crawl out of Douglas in 'peak' hours even longer than it needs to be. We witness yet another waste of tax-payers money that achieves what aside from assuaging this month's 'must do' project in Road Planner's Monthly? And I write this as a keen cyclist.
  4. 'mooted' - sorry, but just had to (for your own metal well-being, you understand).
  5. Completion Date: 2156 (allowing for Bank Holidays and no Weekend working) Cost Estimate: £3T (£4T for overtime to work Bank Holidays, Weekends working and revolutionising the DOI Incentive scheme - 6 blokes stood watching a mate work instead of the usual 5 with 2 guarding the cab on 'sarnie watch')
  6. ........especially after the Minister for Shredding MBE has been involved.
  7. A genuine question - who is Brian Kelly; what is his qualification for espousing aviation policy on the Island and who does he represent? I've never heard of him.
  8. Just for AC to choke over during lunch - and yet another example of the statistical manipulation pushed out by the 'fear' machine - from DT, so widely loved by the Mirror and Morning Star readers and those that have been gullible enough to actually believe a word from 'the State' since last March here on the forum. And of course, it didn't happen here.
  9. You're still at it! There was absolutely no inference of 'ageism' in the original post, just your fantasist interpretation. Do you distort everything in your world to fit your concept of reality?
  10. ...nor are you going to die by being near someone with CV for a few minutes.
  11. Yes, I covered that possibility - same problem with 2 separate aerials.
  12. A quick one - I've lost all Freeview ITV channels eg More 4, ITV2 this morning (Breary transmitter). I thought it might have been due to a TV software change yesterday but it's affecting all the other TVs in the house - anyone else with a similar loss?
  13. 'We' are now descending rapidly into the realms of people making up rules as they go along without any rhyme or reason - a recipe for disaster.
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