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  1. Clearly a case 'long (eternal) COVID' which it stands little chance of shaking off without some pretty radical surgery.
  2. This was known 20 months ago but never stopped the idiotic 'lockdown' mentality, that is still rampant in deranged politicians world-wide, from subjugating the mass of the population to disproportionate restrictions against miniscule risk. It is (slightly) encouraging that our own parish council is displaying a modicum of common sense at present.
  3. As a former aeroflot gold card holder, and there can't be many of those west of the Rhine, I have to say that Aeroflot's cabin crew were always excellent and would be able to give some BA cabin crew some lessons in customer service. Of course, those were on international routes; perhaps the babushkas are allocated to the less glam routes to Novosibirsk and all points east.
  4. No - compliance with idiocy should not be an option and should be questioned if only to expose the mental inadequacies of those making these brainfart decisions. That is precisely why the population has turned into a compliant flock of nappy-wearing sheep.
  5. I don't know if anyone else had the abysmal experience at the nation's aerodrome last night. The LGW flight landed at around 1915; it was a few minutes short 2030 before those that had hold baggage emerged - and it had nothing to do with the CV checkpoint.. No apologies, no reason given - just the usual shite service expected from the Spake circus. WTF is going on down at the Island's contender for white-elephant of the century competition?
  6. COVID insanity is unstoppable; it is now endemic. 'O judgment! thou art fled to brutish beasts, And men have lost their reason.'
  7. For as long as idiots keep testing themselves.
  8. Unless she has any underlying problems her chances of an early demise are vanishingly small - probably on a par with the risk of driving to the vax site. Try to resist the hysteria.
  9. ..............yet you argue vehemently against the same for air routes; perhaps not your preferred mode of travel these days?
  10. This Liverpool farce is up there with the power station scandal. When the costs started to go up, 'we' should have walked away from the project but they saw the Manx bog-dwelling mugs coming a mile off when it was first proposed - lambs to the financial slaughter. The M6 can be reached within an hour of Holyhead and was the obvious option to break the Peel Holdings stranglehold.
  11. Forget degrees - an 'O' level would be a good starting point.
  12. Nobody on the Parish Council would be able to read it, let alone learn from it - especially 'Posty' Crookhall.
  13. I'll have to lie down to try and work that one out.
  14. I'm glad that you have raised this apparent Damascene conversion. Perhaps 180 degrees would be more accurate?
  15. Apparently nothing - along with 99.9% of the rest of the population.
  16. You really are a narrow minded, opinionated know-it all.
  17. If it's about Fauci, more likely under the 'Crime/Corruption section.'
  18. Apparently Delta through to this latest crisis variant, Omicron, have come and gone.
  19. I have no fear of the State watching; it already knows all that it needs to about you and me. What's that old maxim ' democracy is when you know everything about your government; tyranny is when your government knows everything about you' and that day is rapidly approaching, like or not. Whilst it would seem that the majority of your posts support the measures imposed by the government and accept their scientific declarations as gospel, there is a huge amount of unease and disquiet in the scientific community about this entire CV research but dissent on this, along with any debate on climate, is studiously/deliberately ignored by the media. I'll bet you didn't see any coverage of the protest in London yesterday on the evening newscasts: I am making a simple point: the jabs are experimental - period. Their long-term affects are not known - period. There are many papers that suggest that they are actually degrading immune response hence the increasing number of cases in the UK of fully vaccinated admitted to hospital - and dying. Furthermore, there is no reduction in viral load in vaccinated individuals so aside from a short-term protection (4-5 months) from more serious symptoms, the spread of CV has no bearing on whether one is vaccinated or not. Nor do the vaccines 'sterilise' the virus. As far as children are concerned, with a survival rate of 99.995%, the very concept of enforcing vaccination with an experimental drug borders on the criminal. To end on a sobering note: https://stessnews.online/2021/11/17/germany-dr-thomas-jendges-head-of-clinic-commits-suicide-covid-19-vaccine-is-a-genocide/amp/ My greatest concern for all of us is the utter compliance and unquestioning servility that has been displayed by we' the people, over the past 2 years. That is a far greater danger to socities globally in the long term than CV.
  20. I really do despair if your thinking has become that warped in 2 years. Are we now going to start to apportion medical charges based on 'society's' perception of fault? You haven't kept your tetanus jab up to date, you scratch yourself on something in the garden and end up being rushed into hospital with lockjaw - we'll all be pounding on the hospital door saying calling for you to have to pay for your treatment because you tetanus wasn't up to date. As with State coercion, where does this madness end?
  21. Snowman - I have had my jabs and will (probably) have the booster but the indisputable truth is that the long-term affects of this injection are not known. The 'trials' were rushed through in a fraction of the time a 'normal' vaccine would have to undergo trials for nothing more than for political expediency. However (Gladys), I am not not backing the vax; I am simply suggesting that anyone who takes it is taking a step into the unknown as things stand. The fact that the State is so kindly affording us freedoms that hitherto had been inherent is coercion and I ask again where, at the whim of any politician, does that coercion end? The fact that you were finally able to see your mother may have been thanks to the vax but it was also due the The State condescending to allow you to see her in their infinite largesse because you had, and I'll use the word 'succumbed' to their conditional demand - you take the vax and we'll let you see your mother. If you are happy to condone a system that is basically blackmailing its populations in all manner of their lives, to the extent of depriving them of their livlihoods, then we might as well give up . As an aside, I hadn't seen my mother since mid December 2019 thanks to lockdowns and travel restrictions; she died 3 days ago of a non-CV related cause. And for our all-knowing acoustic friend - you spout forth most eloquently, authoritatively (and frequently patronisingly) on the scientific aspects of CV; perhaps, for the record, you'd list your scientific qualifications so that we can all rest easy.
  22. Gladys: neither you, I or any 'expert' has the faintest idea what the long term affects of these RNA shots (they are not vaccines in the original meaning of the term). This is not live culture that is being injected but genetic material that goes to work on the very fabric of our beings; our DNA. This is a huge experiment that has been rushed through largely to save the arses of the political elites around the globe. It might have no long term negative affects on the vast majority; then again, the results 5, 10 or 20 years into the future might CV itself look like a non-event. In any event, you, Gladys, must retain the right to refuse injection. I am shocked at the draconian and authoritarian measures that are being taken on the continent - because where does State control end when it is so easily manipulated by intellectually bankrupt politicians?
  23. You really had no grounds to expect that.
  24. You may find this of interest - I certainly did. In summary: 'This video discusses new surprise discovery (yet to be confirmed by other scientists) that SARS-CoV-2 full length spike protein can enter human cell nuclei and interfere with fixing of broken DNA damage. Authors of the study propose this might have been evolved in order to prevent genetic recombination required to produce antibody variety to successfully attack the virus. If true, and if this could have important implications for potential negative health outcomes and might require reconfiguration of vaccine design.' It's a balanced assessment bu undoubtedly underlines the fact the 'the State' is pumping vaccine into its citizens, and imploring them to keep on doing so, without any idea about the real short-term and long-term affects.
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