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  1. What's up, Doc? Don't shoot the messenger - take it up with the Washington Post.
  2. Good. The worm is turning; time for another revolution in the PRC? Meanwhile, latest stats from the US show that CV deaths (always a moveable statistic at the height of the hysteria) are now more prevalent in the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. From the Washington Post, Biden's and the Dems leading fan club so it must be true! https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2022/11/23/vaccinated-people-now-make-up-majority-covid-deaths/
  3. Your claim that the 'rest are at worst gradual inclines' is utter nonsense. It seems apparent that you are a keen and fit cyclist - a minority group that clearly lacks any appreciation of the general fitness of the GMP for whom wheeling the bike out of the garage would induce a coronary. The Netherlands is FLAT (with a few exceptions) and is conducive to cycling for anyone capable of pushing a pedal around. Our conglomeration of hills, shared with most of the UK, is NOT CONDUCIVE to casual cycling. The numbers of lycra-clad Londoners, so keen on pushing their eco-loon agenda, inhabit the inner reaches of the city. Clarrissa finds it an absolute breeze hopping on her Brompton to get from Fulham up to Kensington; she'd be physically sick trying to get up Herne Hill into Croydon. Go out into either north or south London, where the gradients increase, and you'll see a marked decrease in casual cyclists.
  4. Do you mean to say that HLS1 (High Low Speed), to link Port Erin to Ramsey and decrease journey times by several hours, has been shelved?
  5. asitis - Thanks for that - you've just redefined insanity.
  6. Nothing more than an indictment of the level of education, both oral and written, given (or not as the case may be) to our 'yoof' (and that now backdates to 2 generations).
  7. I noted Tesco's 'Pilgrim Choice' cheese had increased 25p since last week. I cannot help but feel that many are profiting quite handsomely under the guise of 'inflation' while others are genuinely suffering.
  8. Baldrick, we need a futile gesture!
  9. On a godforsaken rock in the middle of the sea, perhaps. Try eastern and southeast England especially during spring and summer.
  10. You're flogging a dead horse. Read and inwardly digest Cypman's comprehensive and accurate reply.
  11. It's called an air traffic controller and the name gives the game away; he/she CONTROLS traffic so that only one runway is in use at any one time, be it for 5 minutes or 5 hours but the whole idea is to give the airport operation some flexibility. What procedures do you need? You clear an aircraft to take-off/ land on runway X and if there is an aircraft waiting to take-off/land on runway Y it is told to wait until the CONTROLLER gives it clearance to do otherwise. This 'safety' is an excuse and utter BS. There is no issue, there hasn't ever been an issue apart from the fuckwits that inhabit the tower and the tin-pot experts at that centre of aviation excellence in Douglas.
  12. By having an island based and owned airline. That is the only solution and if it can be done for a steam boat, it can be done for an aircraft or two.
  13. We don't need it - the capacity is already there with no prospect of a requirement for any more.
  14. .....which presumably isn't making any money because: (from the Peel blurb) 'it is not the most versatile and has limited agricultural use' ........so Simon Riggall laughs all the way to the bank. Who needs gas, oil or gold under your property when you can cover it in silicon.
  15. So let me see if I've got this right: Peel Scam Inc puts up £30M to provide 7% of the island's electricity (which is already provided and funded by MUA and, sic, is 7% surplus to requirements) and expects someone (us) to buy it off them - when we don't need it. The benefit to the GMP escapes me. As an aside, wouldn't planning consent be required to plaster 20 football pitches - equivalent with silicon and glass? Furthermore, what is this 'consultation' aiming to achieve? If I wanted to build a conservatory I could have a 'consultation' with the neighbors but armed with the necessary planning permission, could completely disregard any adverse comments or objections. It seems nothing more than a PR exercise, so beloved by the Parish Council. I'd suggest the scam would go something like this: MUA claim that this power (we don't need) is being offered at an all-time bargain price and can't be turned down so, 'we' shall buy it up - but, no, no, no, don't expect any reduction in bills because we can't reduce output to reconcile the 7% reduction we (MUA) no longer need to produce and a commensurate reduction in our gas consumption. This project has 'take the GMP for mugs' (yet again) plastered all over it. I'd also suggest that the envelopes have changed hands and it's a done-deal.
  16. Hear, hear! Whittaker has seen the Parish Council all the way to the bank and can see 'mug' tattooed on every councilors forehead (along with their bank account details).. There must be no public money involved in what is probably another tax-dodging scam.
  17. Solar and Isle of Man does not compute. If Peel Holdings are involved I'd tell them to take a hike and dump their unrecyclable solar panels on the equivalent of 20 football pitches elsewhere. And............what is that land being used for at the moment?
  18. undoubtedly the same Parish Council flunkies who 'advised' the previous comedians going under the guises of 'airport director'.
  19. You're either visual or you're not at 1190' - and there is no terrain to interfere with the approach. Gung ho!? Give me a break - onto 21, any day of the week. No problem with that but it should be within the competence of any professional pilot.
  20. Who needs a radar? It's a 'nice to have' but not a 'must' especially given the miniscule levels of traffic Ronaldsway has to deal with.
  21. The IAP is the ILS26 and you are quite correct, the circling minima east of 03/21 is 1190'. With 1190' being used as the MDA and still IMC then, of course, the missed approach for 26 is initiated. If no circling minima was published I could understand your reticence but, personally, I'd not be very impressed with a pilot who can't handle circling approaches. Let me assure you, with a really strong SW'ly, the likelihood is that the cloud base is well above minima as it was yesterday. Of course, you could be unlucky and have a day when Ronaldsway is experiencing 35kt fog.
  22. Care to share the extract from their FCOM? Is it a performance limitation? A 320 at max landing weight into 35kts would be marginal but a 319?
  23. About what? The vaccine neither prevents you from catching it nor spreading it; it provides you with some protection if you ever (statistically) needed it in the first place - so what does it matter what they think? This 'social conscience' crap was/is precisely that.
  24. You're wrong. ........and are you getting your runways confused? Nothing can land with a 32kt tailwind.
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