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  1. ............exactly what unqualified, amateur parish councilors were told by unqualified, amateur 'experts' and civil servants in 2006 - and accepted the garbage being fed to them hook, line and sinker.
  2. I hope they're using waterproof glue.
  3. It needs an Island-based airline; nothing more, nothing less. It doesn't necessarily need government finance although that would be desirable, but it does need 100% legislative protection from government i terms of route licensing.
  4. There's already a 'hot-air' generation unit on Finch Road.
  5. The Parish Council should decide what is the most beneficial outcome for the entire population in terms of economic well-being. The island has become a unkempt backwater since the finance sector crashed out post 2008 and the VAT 'arrangement' was ceded. Noisy minorities should be allowed to be noisy - then studiously ignored. A minority should hold no sway over the interests of the majority.
  6. Goodbye Mr Hooper - whoever you are.
  7. Paying more would achieve nothing more than encouraging loud-mouthed under-achievers to come forward for election. The debacle at the airport and the great horse-tram farce is being overseen by an innumerate postman which typifies the caliber of the MHKs that 'the people' elected only a few months ago. Perhaps if the Manx electorate was more circumspect about the qualifications and experience of candidates rather than whose uncle or sister they are, and bearing in mind that the 'the great offices of state' would have to be filled within days of the election result from this handful, then there might be a better outcome. I always refer to the numpties in Douglas as 'the Parish Council' because that is fair analogy as to the ability and standard that they all too often display. In fact, likening our deluded national 'government' with all its economically draining trappings of misplaced grandeur, is possibly an insult to many well-run parish councils around the land.
  8. 'as soon as business began to pick up all the car parks were rammed' - OK '...............................and people complained there was nowhere to park'. And? Precisely what is the relationship between demand for car-park space and parking charges; or are you advocating that price is used to control capacity. Otherwise, it's a total non-sequitur.
  9. Why we are not considering a user friendly system with NO payment solutions - like it used to be. This 'place' has lost just about every USP it used to have to differentiate it from the hell-hole across over the past 20 years - and free airport parking used to be one of them.
  10. It is in the overgrown pavements! The footpath 'twixt Peel and St Johns is almost indiscernible for much of its length.
  11. Indeed; the Health industry appears to be holding out as the last bastion of restrictions. Clearly there are some circumstances where precautions might be necessary but at present they can so they will. Someone needs to have a word in the form of a no-argument directive to get on with doing what they are paid to do. As for the mass absenteeism at our banks; I never knew there was so much lead to be swung. Try stopping sick-pay and see what the returns to wok are.
  12. Sequencing VFR traffic - what a headache! Not!
  13. Just jog my memory about the old saying - something along the lines of 'a fool and his money is easily parted' or similar. Don't pay it!
  14. I can think of several more effective cures.
  15. What absolute sensationalist tripe!
  16. Oh, but it was 'the policy' early on and the Parish Council believed it 'was on'. Incredibly, by some freak of chance, light penetrated the dense buffoons we charge to run this Banana State and it was binned. But don't fool yourself, there are still plenty of duvet-dwellers and nappy-wearers who would lock the place down tomorrow given the chance.
  17. You're looking in the mirror again.
  18. Luxury, lad! I regailed a tale here of an evening a week or so before Xmas when it took 55 mins after landing for baggage to arrive from the Easy evening Gatwick.
  19. Indeed, the Government's mouthpiece still pushes out 'stats' at the outbreak of the moan-in line.
  20. ..as has been proven time and time again over the past 2 years.
  21. And now there's this.....and its still a few months to April first. You thought your EV would be ready and charged for your commute in the morning? Wrong!
  22. The article was a lead item in today's DT and the OP, while commendably bringing the topic to our attention, rather understates the import of what has been agreed. EDF, Ocotopus and (from memory) Scottish Power have agreed to implement 'surge pricing'. It will give these providers the ability to charge an as yet undisclosed premium to your bill whenever they deem their is a 'surge' in demand - so FA Cup Final half-time, the nation makes a cup of tea and kerchang! A surge in demand which you'll pay for. The article is here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2022/02/08/smart-meter-overhaul-open-gates-surge-pricing/
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